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  1. airborneinf_c47

    Iran intends to put a man into space by 2019

    suicide mission, I agree
  2. airborneinf_c47

    Some info on the oil spill

  3. airborneinf_c47

    Should this bother me?

    scares the hell outta me
  4. airborneinf_c47

    Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox

    They're gonna lose the power this november, I assure you
  5. airborneinf_c47

    Ok Free States

    Stay the hell out of MN as well
  6. airborneinf_c47

    Soldier tied to leaks

    Yea, just a distraction imo
  7. airborneinf_c47

    $1 million bounty on sheriff's head

    They need to just legalize the goddam drugs. As long as the money keeps gettin funneled down there, they're gonna keep killin to get it
  8. airborneinf_c47

    Illegal immigrant kills Nun

    I feel sick when I read this type of shat
  9. airborneinf_c47

    Poop Powered Car

    I'd say closer to 95%
  10. airborneinf_c47

    Military Quote of the Day

    That is soo true
  11. airborneinf_c47

    Fighter planes

    Yea, me too
  12. airborneinf_c47

    Took some hi-def photos of my gun

  13. airborneinf_c47

    Saw these guys on my way to work yesterday

    Be some good eatin for sure
  14. airborneinf_c47

    Judge Joe Brown knows his photography

  15. airborneinf_c47

    Canon's $40 Super-Macro lens

    My camera doesn't do half as much for $400