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  1. eotech is freaking amazing within like 50yds or cqc in my opinion. not the best for medium distance. you shouldn't be disappointed. has 20 brightness settings. battery lasts for years if you forget to turn it off.
  2. steel case ammo is good to practice with but when the shat hits the fan brass is the ammo you want.
  3. st. francisville illinois AKA southern illinois. .25 inches of snow
  4. i have more respect for guns than that. i would get a pos used nornico 1887 winchester replica. it's like $150-$200. i couldn't do that to an original.
  5. on my bobber im building i'm wanting to use a 1887 winchester 12ga as the shifter/clutch. use the cut stock to shift and the cocking handle as the clutch. can i cut the barrel below 18in weld the end the the shifter and the receiver will be all machined inside for the clutch cable and be legal?
  6. http://www.concealcarry.org/illinois-carry/ is says in a inclosed container. is inclosed completely closed, mostly closed... i just read it also says "or other container" what would you cops do if you seen someone carry a shotgun the way i posted above?
  7. this is a street motorcycle btw.
  8. in illinois the gun has to be in a separate compartment than the ammo and unloaded and you have to have your foid card on you while transportating it. it seems like it would be legal if you did as i posted above!? illinois is not a open carry state but the gun, "long gun" would not be on the person, it would be secured to the motorcycle. open carry is if the person is carrying it i believe.
  9. i have been hearing mixed answers about this so i figured i would ask here. can you open carry a 18in barrel shotgun on a motorcycle? most of it sticking out of the saddle but it be locked in there and a trigger lock on it, unloaded and the owner be perfectly legal to own it. is it ok?
  10. no worries man. who the hell would vote for it. nothing like the taste of a 20lb flathead catfish on the grill in olivd oil and everglades seasoning...mmmmmmmmm.
  11. i've been with volks front for about 5 yrs and we use it pretty commonly. it's just a diff version of the swastika.
  12. the dude sounds pretty cheap to not pay $75. for the trouble to get firefighters up, gas, equipment, hours, risking their lives, $75 seems like a good price. i hope they use this guy as an example of what not to do. he knew the risk and he got what he deserved ja. it's like driving with no insurance and getting pulled over and then saying you'll pay now, just doesn't work like that.
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