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  1. If you want to address a staff action, you will do so via PM.
  2. I think the Chevy Chase part was all satire. Where has all the humor gone in this country.
  3. shoot the god awful kid and be done with iy
  4. BBking790

    OH wow

    http://en.ria.ru/mlitary_news/20120317/172234870.html http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Internati...x#axzz1pH9oWNIk And Japan say they will shoot that turkey down if needed This sounds like it will get ugly fast. I think legally thats more reason than needed to fuzz up all their shat real good. Sounds good to me, what about you?
  5. why you hating? You are being warned about stuff that could help to know about. Not only hating, youre also trivializing it. If you were my neighbor, I would definitely not tell you shat was about to hit the fan, if I had the chance. And yeah, you never know when that exec order will come down. Like when FDR confiscated the gold back 1933, April 5th.
  6. Hit the nail on the head Is this a joke? I dont see a joke smiley.
  7. and of course: "The ban sought by environmental groups would not apply to ammunition used by law enforcement and the military."
  8. http://www.sigsauer.com/upFiles/CmsContent...ONS%20G-LAD.pdf For sale, Like new condition. Complete kit. Free shipping. 70$ takes it
  9. in all actuality, this kinda seems like a serious matter
  10. I think you hit the nail on the nose. Time for evryone to get their bucket list
  11. LOL. or Iran, and then we can call em Theyran; but not fast enough
  12. now thats just retarded, the last one of that size made quite a show in 1908 over Siberia. Allegedly. Imagine, if you can, if it hit your state
  13. Don't forget the Catholic's and the Christian's ( inquisitions & crusades )
  14. February 15 2013 :Dancing_Grenade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n5hodafM9Q
  15. Don't wanna be up all night tonight so, One word. Gaza. Needs to be handled bettar Also, they are not a democracy so much as they are an ethnocracy.
  16. Had read that somewhere. Some guy wrote a book about something about the inter governmental realationship between Washington and Tel aviv until that point. Can't remember who though. But I ain't making it up. Swear on my life.
  17. Proxy. Oops, maybe I meant patsy. Maybe I don't know what I mean. You know how I am I AM NOT AN ANTI SEMITE. And take offense at such a vulgar accusation. Are you anti-American when you disagree with our government? Did'nt think so.
  18. So next time I decide to Heckle Amahdinejad when he spouts off at Colombia University i'll get the clink for 10 years? Right on What's happening to this country. Oh yeah, it has been forsaken
  19. Don't forget that some just don't care to learn from our number one rated educational system For some reason I singled out the biggest one, N.Y. Guess I should'nt have done that.
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