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    Other than shooting, I also enjoy custom knife making, photography, cycling and beer drinking. :)<br /><br />I'm a family man, married with 3 young children. My eldest is still not quite old enough to come shooting, but it wont be long now.

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  1. Thanks for that, but the reason I went for the Larue mount is because it holds the magnifier around the front. This means I can put the mount further forward so I can fit a rear buis on the rail. The proprietary Eotech mount (which is also made by Samson) holds the mag around the middle (same as the DM optics mount) so won't let me do this.
  2. Interesting, I emailed Larue in September and got the following reply from Tyler "The LT602 will not work with the EOTech magnifier. The LT670-EO will not line up with an Eotech on the LT 110 mount. The LT670-EO was designed to line up with the Eotech when both were mounted directly to the rail. We don’t have an Eotech Magnifier mount that will line up with the LT 110 or the 7mm rise versions like the 517." They really need to make their mind's up! I'm going to try and see if I can get on with the absolute co-witness for a while, and if I can't I think I will have to just switch out to a folding front sight or folding gas block sight. Looks like there is a definite gap in the market for a plain 7mm picatinny riser to overcome this problem.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but the only risers I can see on their web page are 1/2", so still going to be too high.
  4. Has anybody bought/used the 5.11 Sabre Jacket? I'm thinking about buying one, just wondered about personal experience.
  5. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies so far. To clarify, it doesn't have to be .250. Any other height will be OK, as long as it's not too high that I can't see the irons through the Eotech. As said, the ADM is pretty much the same as the Larue I already have, and the Yankee Hill would be fine if it had more slots. Not sure I want to go to the bother of having a part machined. It's looking like I may have to learn to live with the absolute co witness, or swap put the FSB to a front flip sight. Thanks again Dan
  6. Yep, that was my concern. I'm really surprised none of the manufactures cater for this. Guess I will just have to get used to absolute co-witness, or junk the A frame front sight in favour of a folder.
  7. Hi Guys I currently run an Eotech XPS-2 and an Eotech Gen 1 3x Magnifier. The XPS is mounted on a Larue LT110, the magnifier on it proprietary mount (made by Samson I believe). Due to the height differences the mag is mounted behind the LT110. I am about to change up the mount to a Larue LT670EO. As this will put the magnifier at the same height as the XPS, I will have to remove the LT110. However this means I will end up with an abosulte co-witness rather than my preferred lower 1/3rd co-witness. To alleviate this I am considering fitting a picatinny riser to mount both the optic and mag on. However, the smallest riser I can find increases the height by 0.5 inch. The LT110 only increases the height by 0.275 inch. So my question is, will a 0.5 inch riser still allow me to see the open sights through the XPS, or will it be too high? Alternatively can anyone recommend a lower riser that will still allow me to fit both optic and magnifier? Cheers Dan
  8. The Nikon M-223 seems to get good reviews as a budget optic.
  9. Well I got to the range last night, and the BHOA and followers are almost working perfectly. The catch is locking the bolt back after the last shot, and the ping-pong paddle (is that the right term?) is releasing it again after inserting a new mag. The only problem I was having is the bolt not fully closing on the last round. It was only open by a little less than 1mm, but it was enough to give me a light strike and FTF. It happened every time so hopefully it's just a case of adjustment. I have already taken a bit off the back of the bolt (per the instructions) so may just need to take a bit more off, or I might need to mod the mags a bit.
  10. Hi Guys Just got round to fitting the CMMG BHOA to my dedicated .22LR. Haven't had a chance to get to the range yet to test it, but cycling rounds though with the charging handle at home seems to indicate that everything is working as it should do. Really glad CMMG developed this, it's the one thing that's been missing from my .22 AR. Just need to decide if I want to get a BAD lever now.
  11. Thanks for that, nice to see it as a complete rifle. It's also helped me make up my mind, definitely going to go with this setup for my next build. Cheers.
  12. Hi Guys Was wondering if anyone has pictures of one of these fitted on a 18" barrel, or even pics of a 12" quad rail fitted on an 18" barrel? Just interested to see what it looks like as I'm thinking of going that way on a 5.56mm build. Cheers Dan
  13. In retrospect I think it probably was the pin rotation that caused the original pins to walk. Obviously the anti walk pins are held captive so cant walk, but do still rotate. Just not sure if this is a problem that I should address (not sure if it can cause any damage to the lower).
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