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  1. But we have to stop 'terrorism!!!' NSA watching people playing World of Warcraft could have stopped nine-eleven!!
  2. Well that only took 50 years.
  3. Va-jay-jay was there, too. Keeping tabs on the puppet.
  4. In other news, water is wet and we get the government uh-mericans deserve.
  5. Hartford Cabelas looks like your picture on the rifle ammo side, but not so nice in the pistol area.
  6. It has nothing to do with cowardice, it is simply communists doing everything they can to weaken the United States. And that's it.
  7. Any time you see the words "constitutional scholar" you can be assured that they are communist scum who are past due for the 'swings'.
  8. The right to refuse service died with the civil rights legislation.
  9. Just like all the other sodomites and socialist blacks who make news with their claims of "ism's." The stories are as false as their religion.
  10. They are going to need a robot pack mule to carry all the gear the homo and female grunts can't.
  11. Caleb, what did you do that was the defining moment of injury?
  12. I enjoy seeing the postings that still have January 2013 prices. $50 for a Glock magazine?
  13. Residents always have an excuse when this shat happens in Texas.
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