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  1. Quick quibble- is it easy to relocate with the whole Corona thing still going on? I'm not sure it's true that everyone is free to leave, at least not to somewhere nice.
  2. I work in a crowded pork slaughterhouse, one which was hit by coronavirus. The people who didn't wear their masks properly were the people who got sick. People who wear their masks properly aren't getting sick. At this point I have no respect for the myth that masks don't protect from coronavirus, it's just a fact that they do. That being said masks are a massive pita and requiring everyone to wear one everywhere is nonsense. A big fine or jail time is complete madness.
  3. I don't believe there will be a bacon shortage, but if one does happen you should blame the extreme incompetence of the management of meat packing plants. There was no reason for so many plants to close down except for the plant management being full-retard cacksucker losers, which is normal in the industry.
  4. I don't understand alcoholism at all, so I don't emotionally feel anything for those who would suffer potentially serious medical problems from alcohol withdrawal if stores closed. My guess is the real reason liquor stores are allowed to operate mid-pandemic is because the govt wants to avoid the inconvenience of lawsuits.
  5. I might as well chime in as the resident coronavirus doomsayer and abrasive atheist. This looks like complete madness. Fining people $500 for going to church in the USA, even when they stay in their car and don't get out, it wasn't that long ago that such a thing was completely unimaginable. Our founding fathers would have responded forcefully to such a violation. Peaceful assembly is rule #1 of our government, or it would be if we had a constitution. However, at the personal level imo going to church now is kinda dumb. Y'all don't need church. Stay home. The typical American christian doesn't care enough about their "faith" to read a bible at home, so maybe it isn't worth people's lives just to dress up nice and go engage in meaningless virtue-signalling.
  6. Wtf did I just see? I had no idea this was a thing! I'm sure I've never seen it around here.
  7. Covid stays dangerous surprisingly long outside the body, this is one of the reasons why it is far more contageous than the flu. As for the intelligence of Americans, let me put it this way. I work in a big place with thousands of employees. In the last 9+ years the number of coworkers I've seen wash their hands properly, or even try, is in the low single digits. Of those people iirc one was an American and the others were black Africans.
  8. I was going to continue ignoring this stupid thread but for some reason tonight I decided nah, let's do this. Comparing early regional covid deaths with global death rates for endemic problems is nonsense. We already passed the point where covid became the #1 top killer in the USA other than abortions. Happened earlier this week. Let me add as a side note that like most of us here I see abortion as unbelievably heinous and vile. Even with our current precautions covid is multiplying something like 10x per two weeks, which means we are just about to see covid pass abortion or all heart problems together as the top killer. This is serious. It is going to become extremely serious. You can't stop it, so wash your hands and keep your face clean. I don't want to see anyone here die to this.
  9. No problems here in small town Iowa. The only thing I've seen run low is pasta and sauce, and those were all back on the shelves today. I've been keeping my freezer full of good meat and cheese since before covid existed, but of course a long power outage would be a serious problem. I won't have any fast food until this whole thing calms down. It's too risky. I feel bad for the good restaurants (real food) that are losing business. I would take the risk to go out and support as many local restaurants as I could but I have a stuffy nose right now so it wouldn't make sense. #1 it's hard to enjoy food with a stuffy nose and #2 if my super-mild sinus problem is actually stealth covid I don't want to make a hundred other people sick.
  10. I work in an actually essential job. My place makes tens of millions of pounds of food each week. The gun&ammo business is not even remotely as essential, and in places the pandemic hits hard they should shut down to prevent covid from spreading in the community and infecting those of us who are more essential. I do not believe in an India or Wuhan-style lockdown, but fact is there are different tiers of importance and this is pretty low. Nobody who is rushing out now to buy their first sheety gun is going to be worth anything with it, it's just a fantasy for low-quality thinkers. The time to get ready was long ago.
  11. I am also on the "economy is super important" side of the argument, but imo you are wildly underestimating the threat. First of all, nobody knows what happened in China but their official numbers are so extremely bullsheet that it's silly. Second, the reason this is serious is not because of the current body count but because of what it will look like months in the future. We are just now, right now, hitting the vertical slope of the exponential growth. Everything before now was just a hint of what might come. What I've heard from medical pros is that around July is expected to be straight-up ugly af. The death rate of covid depends heavily on availability of medical care. If there are a few patients in an area they have big odds of recovery. Once hospitals get completely overwhelmed my guess is we'll see the % of non-survivors multiply several times over. Third, we have no reason to believe that this will "burn itself out" until either a vaccine becomes available or so many people get infected that a majority of people have it or had it. For all you know this disease might become a normal part of life, killing people every year just like the flu (only tens of times worse).
  12. I wouldn't shop there, but imo theres nothing wrong with using gift cards. Go for it.
  13. I used to irrationally look down on decaf, but when I made the switch to only decaf at home it was super liberating. It's totally worth it to be able to just have coffee whenever I want, as much as I want, without any real consequences. Fair warning decaf can still affect your digestion, that is a personal thing. It's not a problem for me, but ymmv.
  14. Out of curiosity, what kind of round counts do they have? I took a quick look at amazon reviews and it looks like people don't believe the newer ones are as good as the older ones.
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