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  1. Bacon is different before it's cut and packaged. The bellies are firm enough to be a little flexible but not floppy. This is dependent on the bellies having the right sodium content and being the correct temperature. If the bellies are not precisely right then they do not cut cleanly, just as you guessed. For example, instead of the slices coming out neatly stacked or shingled they might come out as a pile of chaotic twisted garbage. The bellies are kept in a freezer before being sliced. The room is cold but not freezing. Another difference is that bacon is not greasy/slippery before it is vacuum sealed in plastic.
  2. You can't see what's really going on, so I'll explain it. See how the machine has a circular appearance? That's because it holds a gigantic circular blade which whips around too fast to see.
  3. Then there must be some money changing hands or favors owed. Only reason I can think of.
  4. Important distinction- Nation of Islam is not an Islamic organization. Its beliefs are entirely incompatible with Islam. It's a bizarre cultish racial hate group. Imagine if there was a group of people who were like scientologists but also white supremacists and they called themselves "Christian Nation" while believing that the real Jesus was some random person in Seattle. Would you call them Christians? No, I'm sure you wouldn't.
  5. That's interesting. Here in southeast IA the water sucks, even ignoring that Iowa is one of the worst places ever for atrazine.
  6. I got the smallest "travel" size because space is limited in the kitchen and I wasn't sure what I would get away with. If I drink city water straight from the faucet I get a headache, so only filtered water for me.
  7. I just got a berkey water filter recently, happy so far. As for hot wings, I love them but haven't had any for a long time. I can't even remember who around here sells good ones. I might have to start making them myself.
  8. How did you come up with that combination? It's not something I would have thought to try.
  9. Corona actually is bad there and it wouldn't surprise me if their NHS became overwhelmed.
  10. That meal looks better than any meal I've had in years. I am a believer in the power of masks, but only if used properly. Imo for any kind of close social gathering I wouldn't bother, because one of the key rules is no talking. A basic mask is poor protection against a face-to-face conversation, just like how body armor is poor protection against artillery. For those who are worried about getting sick the only two options are to wear and not touch/remove a good mask (such as n95) or don't let anyone talk near your face.
  11. Chili can be good either way, just don't bother complaining if you eat a lot of beans and then your butthole blasts like a cannon.
  12. Corona can't be stopped because the behavior of idiots is indistinguishable from the behavior of someone intentionally trying to spread disease, and disease-spreading retards outnumber cautious people by at least 100 to 1. More importantly there's no shortage of retards in positions of leadership. I could spend all night typing out examples of extreme incompetence from the slaughterhouse where I work. This coming flu season will be interesting to see.
  13. Quick quibble- is it easy to relocate with the whole Corona thing still going on? I'm not sure it's true that everyone is free to leave, at least not to somewhere nice.
  14. I work in a crowded pork slaughterhouse, one which was hit by coronavirus. The people who didn't wear their masks properly were the people who got sick. People who wear their masks properly aren't getting sick. At this point I have no respect for the myth that masks don't protect from coronavirus, it's just a fact that they do. That being said masks are a massive pita and requiring everyone to wear one everywhere is nonsense. A big fine or jail time is complete madness.
  15. I don't believe there will be a bacon shortage, but if one does happen you should blame the extreme incompetence of the management of meat packing plants. There was no reason for so many plants to close down except for the plant management being full-retard cacksucker losers, which is normal in the industry.
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