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  1. Hammurabi

    .223 ammo deal

    I wouldn't shop there, but imo theres nothing wrong with using gift cards. Go for it.
  2. Hammurabi

    Bison Union Coffee- - - Wyoming

    I used to irrationally look down on decaf, but when I made the switch to only decaf at home it was super liberating. It's totally worth it to be able to just have coffee whenever I want, as much as I want, without any real consequences. Fair warning decaf can still affect your digestion, that is a personal thing. It's not a problem for me, but ymmv.
  3. Out of curiosity, what kind of round counts do they have? I took a quick look at amazon reviews and it looks like people don't believe the newer ones are as good as the older ones.
  4. Hammurabi

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    I tried a meat-only diet for a short while just for the lols. It was fun, but there's no way I could reasonably afford to eat like that all the time. The big reason diet is complicated is because there are pretty much no nutritious foods which aren't potentially problematic. Everything wants to kill you. Every individual must learn what they do or don't need to avoid.
  5. Hammurabi

    OK I NOW Know what's wrong with MANY of You

    Interesting how the states with the worst candy preferences are the states with the biggest drug problems, or which are crappy in general. Haha I'm such a hater lol. But srs how much prescription drugs does it take for everyone to agree that Swedish fish is good Halloween candy.
  6. Hammurabi

    Benchie 'Adamas' is a 'world-class' auto.

    It looks super cool, so I have to ask: what makes it so good? Haha I shouldn't be asking questions that might lead to me spending money. It has been too long since my last knife purchase.
  7. Hammurabi

    Let's talk USGI 5.56 Magazines

    I have some Okay magazines that are incredibly difficult to stuff into a rifle compared to my other usgi mags, so they're not at the top of my list. Brownells has been good for me, but I only own a bit more than a dozen so small sample size. D&H are super popular, but I'm sure there must be a reason why they're so affordable. C products seem to not get a lot of love. Honestly I would probably sell my usgi mags if it weren't for the constant threat of politicians wanting to fubar everything. Current pmags are pretty much the closest thing I have to religion.
  8. Hammurabi

    Interesting conversation in with a man this weekend

    It's not a functional church, and I don't consider anyone a christian if they're willing to be passive bystanders to injustice.
  9. Hammurabi

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    It's a bunch of mods to a glock that some guy likes for edc. Some other people also like it so it became available for sale from the place that does the slide cuts and such. That's basically the whole story.
  10. Hammurabi

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    I don't have the emotion to waste on internet drama, but I'll admit I'm curious what set this off. The only attitude I have ever seen from any roland special owner is that it is just something to maybe consider if you're already heavily invested in training & practice and want that extra "1%" of success.
  11. Hammurabi

    The U.S. is Overrun

  12. Hammurabi

    The U.S. is Overrun

    Ok serious answer time. I have started seeing A LOT of anti-Jewish hate as well as an obvious increase in casual racism towards "dindus" in the last maybe year and a half. This is an actual problem, because it's a very loud minority.
  13. Maybe, maybe not. Cheap parts can let you down. Of course practically any company can have occasional problems, but I can't help but notice that a couple of companies seem to be super common in the photos of weapon problems I see on facebook.
  14. Hammurabi

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    There are no handguns on this planet which are great for bears, so it's up to everyone as an individual to figure things out for themselves. The statement in the OP that a 357 is good enough or you shouldn't own a gun is so completely 'tarded that it's painful to read.
  15. Hammurabi

    ISO carbine sights

    Imo just use rds or normal sights and be sure to have a light on the rifle 'cuz iron sights suck in darkness. Don't look for ways to spend more money for no reason when you could get good instead.