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  1. Hammurabi

    The U.S. is Overrun

  2. Hammurabi

    The U.S. is Overrun

    Ok serious answer time. I have started seeing A LOT of anti-Jewish hate as well as an obvious increase in casual racism towards "dindus" in the last maybe year and a half. This is an actual problem, because it's a very loud minority.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. Cheap parts can let you down. Of course practically any company can have occasional problems, but I can't help but notice that a couple of companies seem to be super common in the photos of weapon problems I see on facebook.
  4. Hammurabi

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    There are no handguns on this planet which are great for bears, so it's up to everyone as an individual to figure things out for themselves. The statement in the OP that a 357 is good enough or you shouldn't own a gun is so completely 'tarded that it's painful to read.
  5. Hammurabi

    ISO carbine sights

    Imo just use rds or normal sights and be sure to have a light on the rifle 'cuz iron sights suck in darkness. Don't look for ways to spend more money for no reason when you could get good instead.
  6. Hammurabi

    First Build - No Step On Snek Rifle; Advice?

    A snek lower is cool for a fun rifle. I honestly love it. For a serious rifle meant to be sensible and reliable, this entire project is wrong. Buy a complete g2g rifle from a proven maker, one no cheaper than colt, and then don't screw with it except to throw on a light and maybe try a different grip. Pretty much everyone prefers variable power scopes (like 1-4 or 6) over a red dot + magnifier, and a cheap red dot isn't good enough for a serious rifle. The binary trigger has no place on your rifle. It's a range toy, period. The only lawful reason to shoot a person is to stop their actions, the only shots that assure this outcome are highly accurate shots, and the binary trigger does nothing to help you be accurate more quickly. That is the job of your shot timer and your instructor.
  7. Hammurabi

    Do You Believe in UFOs? The dumbest question EVER asked!!

    I don't really think about it much because such a big subject needs big evidence. If aliens visit earth, it would make sense that either #1 they're gonna wipe us out for how badly we are ruining this planet or #2 they are in some way responsible for how badly this planet is getting fubared.
  8. Hammurabi

    Weapon light

    At that price point I would either get more money or stick a surefire g2x on a good ring mount. I've heard too many people express dissatisfaction with inforce, obviously no disrespect meant to those who have had good experiences.
  9. Hammurabi

    Chicago Survival Kit.......

    I assume that is pizza? I've never seen pizza that looks like that before. It's probably better than what we've got around here, at least.
  10. Hammurabi

    Magpul Mag Info.......

    I've stopped caring about magazines other than the current generation of pmags for 223/556. There's no need to try to be a special snowflake and play around with all the other choices on the market; just grab pmags and be done with it.
  11. Hammurabi

    Two Dummys; twins? Or the same person?

    Right now he's in the spotlight as a presidential candidate, so for example we can ask which other candidate has something like the Violence Against Women Act on their resume. Any of them? There certainly aren't any who have two terms as Vice pres. I know not many here are happy that he had that opportunity, but you know he must be far better informed about how the world works than mayor Pete or Kamala Harris.
  12. Hammurabi

    Two Dummys; twins? Or the same person?

    'Cuz this is general talk and not the funnies, imo Joe Biden stands out among his peers for possessing a higher level of competence and integrity. If y'all don't like him, then you should be thankful that it wasn't a different democrat doing his job all these years. If you wouldn't vote for him, then you shouldn't vote for any democrat.
  13. Hammurabi

    Social Media PSA...

    I had to google it
  14. Hammurabi

    Flashhider Why?

    Shooting a bare muzzle is imo simply unpleasant. Brakes of course don't fix this. Flash hiders and "linear compensators" do.
  15. Hammurabi

    Ohhhhh Harley Rider.....Taught one a lesson today.

    Motorcycles are cool as hell. If I ever bought one I would probably have a 99% chance of dying in the first month from unnecessary stupidity.