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  1. MnP4me

    Global Warming My Azz !!!

    I'm an Arizona lifer here to tell you, be careful what you wish for. Summer heat waves are becoming the new normal. Other seasons we're getting so much rain and snow the former deserts are lush and green, and my yard stays mud under the top couple of dry inches. My wife and I took a drive yesterday into our nearby forest and tree limbs were littering the road from the last snow.
  2. MnP4me

    I've been banned! UPDATED!!

    So that was your comment!!! I read it. Good on ya!
  3. MnP4me

    California cancels "Bullet Train" project

    My wife and I and a group of friends from Arizona visited China in 2017. We toured via their "Bullet Train". The fasted was a non-stop from Beijing to Shanghai, 800 miles in 4 hours. It was utterly amazing, but clearly could not work here. The cost would be astronomical. The Commiefornia project was doomed to failure before it started. No one in their right mind, after visiting China and traveling that system would even consider it for the USA. Our nation is locked into it's highway system. It has developed and evolved into the network we know and take for granted.
  4. MnP4me

    Hey TomJefferson

  5. MnP4me

    This sounds an awful lot like Red Flag laws!

    I watched video of the predawn raid of Roger S tone's home. Watch it and tell me it doesn't give you chills. Floodlights, bullet proof vests, assault rifles, in the dead of night ... all for a senior citizen with no history of violence. That's our partisan FBI and DOJ today. And let's not forget: A woman is to be believed before a man, and he's guilty until proven innocent White men are all evil unless proven gay Whites are all racist, minorities cannot be racist unless hyphenated with the word "white" Christianity and Judaism are evil repressive religions Islam is the religion of peace Liberal "tolerance"=intolerance of anyone you disagree with Conservatives must be prosecuted to the fullest extent Liberals can make the "what difference does it make now?" defense and it's over Need I go on?
  6. MnP4me

    Southwestern art. Help needed

    What comes to mind looking at your picture is a place my wife and I like to stay near Payson, Az., Kohl's Ranch Lodge. Check out the pictures of it online. Their decorator might have some ideas for you.
  7. MnP4me

    One eyed Jack.

    He looks like a happy inside cat to me. We had cats before switching to dogs. 3 on the foot of our bed before we had real kids.
  8. MnP4me

    Good Morning! It's Winter

    Good afternoon ... winter I got my flu shot, same as usual. No flu (hooray), but I'm waiting for me second cold to go away. I hate winter. Wake me when it's over.
  9. MnP4me

    Looking For Home Security Systen Advice?

    I'm checking the glass break sensor off my list now. Losing our old larger "barking" dog this year left us with a smaller run and hide dog. While neighbor dogs barking can be annoying, there's nothing quite like having your own indoors that woofs at appropriate times.
  10. MnP4me

    Looking For Home Security Systen Advice?

    Simply Safe Users: Do you use the Simply Safe glass break sensors or stick with entry sensors for both doors and windows? Their website says one glass break sensor will cover an entire room, We've got a lot of glass. But first and foremost I want what works best. Thanks
  11. MnP4me

    I will not have health insurance in Jan

    Now I get it. I reread your original post. I wasn't aware you weren't going SS and Medicare together @ 65. My simplistic response was based on that assumption. Sorry. I'm at a loss to help now.
  12. MnP4me

    Looking For Home Security Systen Advice?

    Wow, you guys are the best. You hit both the companies I bookmarked on my PC, Simply Safe and Ring. I'm trying not to add another monthly bill to my list. And I figure since I almost always have cell signal wherever I go, a phone alert should do the job. I already have local PD on my contacts list. At home, a siren inside and outside is what I'm thinking of doing. With all doors monitored, a few windows, motion sensors in a couple of places, video doorbell, and I'm thinking a camera in a common area we should be good to go. I like what TJ mentioned Simply Safe could do with different programing for home and away, to drop the motion sensing since both my wife and I get up during the night. The backstory here is that while I've been considering getting a system, and talked to my wife about it once in a while before, yesterday she told me to get one. This was after one of her felonious lunatic druggy nephews rang our doorbell at lunch, and without looking outside I opened the door. She has seemingly endless compassion for them, and I have a gun in my pocket. He rambled to her at the kitchen table while I stood behind him. First he said he had a court appointment in a couple of hours and would like to wait there. During his verbal hallucinations his story morphed into he was going to the courthouse to register to vote. Then he got up, turned to me and asked if I thought he could get his rights back so he could buy a gun. I told him I certainly hope not. (I don't do crazy. I have zero tolerance for it. Never show fear. I have that same gun in my pocket.) He lights up with he's a good guy. I told him I don't think criminals should be allowed guns. I then walked to the front door, opened it and told him his visit was over. Showing a bit of common sense, he left. Replaying the previous half hour, his ramblings followed a path, he had been thrown out again from his mom's house (he's in his 30s). He was going to try to get his rights back. And he wants a gun. I'm thinking he might want a bit of revenge on his family that enables him but should fear him. Only I am armed and he generally stays away from me. He's never come to my home by himself before, only with other family members. He's never mentioned wanting a gun before so this is new. So now it's home security system shopping time.
  13. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck without monthly fees and cloud storage. A hard drive or SD card storage would be perfect. I'd want all the usual sensors, camera, and an alarm. I'd also want it WiFi attached with messages / video sent to my cell phone. My first stop online was to look at Simply Safe, then browsed Costco and Walmart.com options. Anybody got any recommendations? Thanks.
  14. MnP4me

    I will not have health insurance in Jan

    Sounds like you timed it a little too close. I researched all my options and signed up earlier. As others have said once you're on Social Security(65+) Medicare kicks in automatically by default.
  15. I've ridden motorcycles for most of 53 years so far. My wife complains at my driving more and more as I age. I asked her the other day "don't you think I ride a bike better than I drive?" The answer was yes. I weave less and I'm more focused. And I love it. My Sportster tracks like it's on rails compared to either our car or truck. Of course that also means I ride it faster too. Of course I'm the old one compared to my bike, it's only 10 years old.