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  1. I've ridden motorcycles for most of 53 years so far. My wife complains at my driving more and more as I age. I asked her the other day "don't you think I ride a bike better than I drive?" The answer was yes. I weave less and I'm more focused. And I love it. My Sportster tracks like it's on rails compared to either our car or truck. Of course that also means I ride it faster too. Of course I'm the old one compared to my bike, it's only 10 years old.
  2. MnP4me

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all I'm still finishing off Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with my coffee here.
  3. MnP4me

    Tomorrow is the day!

    That us exactly correct! That's the same thing I did. I worked 1 month past 62. You've won! Whether it's a month, a decade, or 2 or 3. You made it! Congratulations!
  4. If I was ridiculously rich I'd rather have that plane than a Ferrari, Lambo, Etc. No Speed Limits ............................................
  5. MnP4me

    Today's Pigeon Shoot (seriously pic heavy)

    Very cool photos. This reminds me of one of my favorite places to spend a day every once in a while, the Pima Air Museum in Tucson. I love wandering through that place. It is HUGE, several miles of walking, indoors and out to see it all. They even have a Piper Cub like my dad owned, hanging from the ceiling in one hanger. Lots of war birds of all vintages, and one of my favorites, the SR71. There's even an entire hanger dedicated to the B17 and the crews that flew them.
  6. It's a lot closer to gun metal color as it should be for a gun forum.
  7. MnP4me

    Am I out of Line ?

    That's a good list. I'm still lacking a "precision rifle" and I just never ended up with a high capacity handgun. It could still happen. Does having multiples of some other categories make up for that ? I assume most other members do as I do and have multiple loadings for each caliber. Like FMJ and hollow points for handguns. For my AR I've got FMJ, SP and steel cores. Like standard and metric sockets, I try to have the right tool for whatever need might arise.
  8. MnP4me

    Am I out of Line ?

    John, I think you're head and heart are in the right place. Some people are irrationally afraid of guns. Others like a friend or mine who'd never owned a gun, just bought a handgun for home defense at close to 70 years old. He caught the bug from me. He knows I'm always armed and look at it as a common sense tool of preparedness, the same as a spare tire or cell phone. It's another step altogether to own a defensive rifle or shotgun. You have to consider the possibility of needing more firepower than a handgun can provide. Then you move on to what constitutes your own appropriate level of preparedness, and of course what you can afford.
  9. MnP4me

    Cool little GIF.

    It's good to see someone enjoying their job.
  10. MnP4me

    Daredevil Season 3

    I was one of several people that actually liked the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, also starring his future and former wife. However I've avoided consuming ongoing quantities of the TV series. If a blind guy is going to be a superhero vigilante he might as well use guns.
  11. MnP4me

    AR15Armory is Back Online!

    Congratulations to all who did whatever it was for whatever reason it was required, to return the forums here to functionality. Did the original gun metal grey color scheme get too pricey? Did aliens eat the original forum's ? Did the forum get hacked by George Soros minions? I forgot what day it was that I gave up trying to get logged in . . . but it worked today.
  12. MnP4me

    'Teen Vogue' Runs Pro-Anarchism Screed

    Kinda like the fascist organization antifa. All or them need to win an appropriately stupid prize for stupid people. If only I owned a stockyard ... a truckload of manure properly applied would be a start.
  13. MnP4me

    Met Jerry Miculek today at the gun show.

    Someone with that much skill and talent it soooo much more impressive than the Hollywood elitists think THEY are.
  14. MnP4me

    Pensions and Social Security Benefits

    I feel for you guys. I've been there and done that ... recently. Apparently not being a veteran reduces some complexities in SS and Medicare. That's certainly not how America should treat those that served. I both retired and filed for SS at 62. Then approaching 65, I spent 5 of the 6 months prior going over Medicare options and signed up. There are increasing penalties for being late to Medicare that you'll pay forever, so watch the deadline. Since I'm carrying over my private health plan for it's Rx, Medicare said I must provide proof of "credible coverage" to not pay a penalty if I ever switch to a supplement plan D later. I had to call and verify I could be provided with a copy of coverage from my former employer's HR Dept. Do your homework, try and cover all the bases and gotchas. Taking SS early has one advantage of breaking up the headache of doing that and Medicare simultaneously.
  15. MnP4me


    I'd be very interested to know if anyone has found a supplement plan that doesn't have the "hole" in the middle, resulting in no coverage during some portion of every year. I couldn't find one, and it sounds like TJ could be in a similar situation to me. I've got two expensive prescriptions, one extremely so with no generic available. I pay $250 a month to keep my private coverage for it's Rx plan. Even a 2 month "hole" in a supplement plan would leave me paying more than I do now.