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  1. Arizona lacks only one thing I miss, an ocean. If you hate both intense heat AND cold this is the place. It can break 100 degrees where I live, but won't reach 110plus like Phoenix. And in less than an hour I can be in Ponderosa Pine forests at 7 to 8 thousand feet with cool air and icy streams. In the winter I seldom see snow unless I drive to find it. On the one day we had some last year I drove my wife's new AWD SUV around to do some drifting. I only did it once 'cause I'm too old for reckless driving tickets.
  2. Now that was quite funny. I like it, and hope the truck didn't suffer any harm from the trash thrown in front of it. If that kind of violence spreads to my Red State I will likely keep my AR loaded in my vehicle.
  3. Good post Retcop. Horned Toads are cute little guys. We've got more serious lizards here too, Gila Monsters. Big, fat, orange and black. They are slow, but they don't have to run. Without fangs they will latch on and grind their poison in. In the wild to show what they are capable of I've put a stick in front of them and when they bite it you can lift and carry them. They don't let go. I then put the stick/lizard down and go my way. I never did hang around to wait for one to release the stick.
  4. MnP4me

    Hey MnP4me

    Thanks you much guys! It was a good one. Lotsa food too.
  5. Arizona reporting in here...different climate... How about cotton tail rabbits? We have at least one a day, sometimes 3. Our yard is fenced allowing nothing larger than a rabbit in. They love the grass. Our dog will chase them slowly and they look annoyed when we have to let him out to do his business. We also have food and water out for birds and the rabbits = quail, cactus wrens, thrashers, cardinals, sparrows, finches, and doves. But no frogs.
  6. I checked my attic. 1969 Childcraft Encyclopedia14 volumes (slightly tatttered) Next to it I also have: "The World War Through The Stereoscope" (WWI) and 2 Stereo Stereoscopes) from my grandparents.
  7. That video Longhair posted was awesome. Yuri Bezmenov explained the leftist "useful idiots" better than I could. My summation would be "zombies". The truth doesn't faze them. I've described it as "end times" Biblical blindness of those that are deceived. But he described it as the application Soviet Marxists principles of subversion = same, same. Since Bezmenov died in 1993, the plan he exposed to us didn't include the level of economic and military dominance that China would achieve plus it's COVID-19. If he were alive today I wonder what he would say , perhaps "why didn't you listen?" That ex-KGB was an American Patriot. I now haz that video. That bit of history will live on.
  8. I may still have an old old set in my attic. I hope it's still complete. I oughta check.
  9. While I'm not online here too often, this is the forum I frequent most. It's a good group of patriotic Americans and some great insight, news, and opinions that I could easily miss in my web surfing of current events. And, if I find something I think might be a good contribution here I'll post it up. Also, since I retired I've acquired a new hobby. For instance, last night I was skiing behind a 15 foot shark, armed with an SMG, tactical shotgun, AR15, and Sniper rifle. It's a game called Fortnite. I play it online with my son in WA, son-in-law in AZ, and the grandkids. Sorta like hi-tech family time whether across town, across the country, or around the world.
  10. Now there ya go lopping off a leg from my chair and I fell on the floor. I'm still hoping for 4 more years of Trump and then 4 from Cruz or Paul to maybe right the ship.
  11. Wish2no, my wife's OK. She doubts me sometimes Alpo's wife has problems, sorry to here it brother.
  12. I've always used a "master" password file so I and more importantly my wife only NEEDS that one password. That way if I croak unexpectedly or go instantly senile all she needs is that one note.
  13. Thank you so much for this synopsis. Joe seemed too distracted by his beard at the beginning and I clicked out. I certainly agree with points 1, 2, and 3 as far as the demoncrat party goes. 4 = we are the friendlies, right?
  14. Retired IT guy here. I keep all passwords and relevant information in a passworded file. The password for it is NOT stored on my computer, but rather on paper covertly like my loaded guns. My home router is passworded. My browsers have their security enabled too. I don't let websites store password data, but we do shop and bank online. Those places have been hacked before, but not my home. I let Windows 10 handle the anti-virus duties. I also do redundant backups of data and operating systems just in case. I've never paid for protection, but I truly sympathize with those who aren't retired computer geeks.
  15. My wife says I'm a pessimist but I prefer the term realist. Now that we're on year 4 of the assault on Trump and the left is getting more and more desperate, their gloves have come off. They now have no regard at all for collateral damage. To quote our previous President's pastor: Jeremiah Wright- god dam America. Well God didn't come through for them, so the left has committed themselves to accomplishing it on their own. COVID-19 was just another useful tool. It's usefulness passed when Americans started shaking off their chains ( You go Elon Musk!). November is coming up fast. Trump's hasn't tapped out, and Biden is an Empty Suit. What will it take to topple the USA, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Democracy, and Trump? Next up: How about a dinner size plate of Race Riots? That might do the trick. Funny isn't it (sick funny that is) that we still can't go out to eat or get our hair cut but you CAN riot it the street, loot, and kill … plus ANTIFA masks are now all the rage for raging! I just can't shake the thought that the chaos will go on, maybe intensify the closer we get to voting day, which may or may not come. Like I said, I'm a realist.
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