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  1. I'm currently between a rock and a hard place as they say, when it comes to getting anything shipped to me. I have no "mailbox" at my residence. Instead I have a USPS PO Box which is not cheap. So anything doing the UPS to USPS switcharoo will be sent back and I have no recourse. So I verify whether that is the shippers plan. If it is, then I request they either ship "UPS Ground" at my cost or I don't buy it. Somewhere in my computer are the specifications for approved mailbox installation. it's on my dreaded to do list somewhere below clean out the garage.
  2. Alaska, huh? . . . it's the damn sled dogs! Seriously though, we use only "UPS Ground" with no USPS involvement.
  3. This thread brought back fond memories of one of my favorite adrenaline rushes from my teenage years. I grew up near one of Arizona's Sky Islands, Mount Graham. The valley floor is 3,000ft. The mountain's peak is 10,700ft. It's so tall it makes it's own weather. As a teen in the summer It might be hot and dry at the desert floor and yet the mountain would have a wild raging thunder storm going. Soooo, at night in the dark if it looked thunderously wild enough I would head up there in my 55 Chevy Belair. The goal was to advance up the road until the storm made it impassable or the lightning flashes were just too blinding. My safety gear consisted of a custom chrome steering wheel with thick rubber grip(non conducting). My most memorable, was one night the blinding flash and thunder clap were simultaneous as I rounded a turn and slammed on the brakes due to a blazing Century Plant in the middle of my lane. The lightning strike had ignited it, blown it free from it's roots and launched it into the roadway. Woohoo. At that point I turned around and headed for home . . . victorious!
  4. Well John, if you remember tinnitus is one of my battles too. It's only one ear, but the volume of it can only be totally overcome with barely legal pipes on my Harley and travelling over 60mph. Occasionally while riding I'll turn and tell my wife sitting behind me "I can't hear my tinnitus". She's shocked at the volume required to overcome it. A guy I know says his particular hearing aids have "reduced" his tinnitus. He gave me the name of his provider. I'm really really skeptical but if my insurance covers it I might give it a try. I'll let you know if I talk myself into wasting my time on it. The only thing that helps is masking the noise, either with loud noise which is probably causing more damage, or "white noise". I use a humidifier at night, which masks it somewhat and makes our Arizona air more moist. I'm sorry to say that I've never read of any verified "cure". With all the people suffering from it there should more funding for government studies, unless maybe democrats don't get tinnitus.
  5. I forgot the occasion for the video online of President Biden offering recognition of some sort to a pre-teen girl WITH HER MOM standing right by her in large group of people. Creepy Joe was literally petting the child, mostly head and shoulders. He would not take his hands off her. If I'd been her parent I'd have ripped my child away and ran from the room to safety. But then again, the children Michael Jackson molested had parents too, and some were well compensated.
  6. Gina Carano’s Cara Dune ‘Mandalorian’ Figure Canceled by Hasbro (yahoo.com) Cara Dune Hasbro character from The Mandalorian is now a collector's item. Buy 'em if you can find 'em. As a plus Gina Carano is a conservative. She got cancelled for it.
  7. THAT is pit of despair (Princess Bride Movie) and we're livin' in it.
  8. My wife retired from teaching in 2019 @ 62 years of age. She loved teaching but the stress of working under the load of PC woke liberalism was just too much. She was so stressed I kept encouraging her to bail until she did. We both have our retirements, SSA, and a lot less stress. I do wish ammo was more readily available and didn't have a 500% markup.
  9. There can be a bright side to this no glasses requirement. My DL and passport both do look like me and my wife's look like her too. However when we're wearing our no line tri-focal, thin lens, crack and scratch resistant, self darkening glasses, all our family photos look like gramma and grampa in disguise. It's always after the fact, but we'll see the pictures, and one or both of us will say "why didn't we take off our glasses?" Am I the only one?
  10. MnP4me

    Hey Nwatson99

    Happy birthday Neil! And many more!
  11. Since Elon Musk is a free speech, open internet, proponent of capitalism I'm hoping he might offer a monetary assist creating a new internet browsing service to offset the current blacklisting. Fingers are crossed.
  12. YMMV, but this brings to mind why I got my CC permit in AZ as soon as they became available. I'm always armed, but only people that know me personally are aware of that. That's just how I roll. When I'm in a store and see somebody with high capacity full size handgun hanging off their side I only see a target, the first person to get shot, or . . . maybe the bad guy. I don't want to be either one.
  13. One of our kids moved to Washington state. We can fly there in 2.5 hours, so I will never do the drive. Plus I love the acceleration of takeoff! I'm a no social media guy too. I even erase my license plates on pictures I post.
  14. Sounds more like a Warlock than a Warnock. He probably changed the spelling of his name. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Definition of warlock 1: a man practicing the black arts : SORCERER— compare WITCH 2: CONJURER Yup, that would be it.
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