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  1. That was very well put TJ. Also, when all someone is doing is connecting the dots, if the result is recognizable there's likely a method to the madness being witnessed. A couple of days ago while perusing the days' events online I got knot in my stomach thinking about the possibility of enough unrest and discontent building up in the US that our Damnocrats are able to "cancel" the midterm elections for the "good of the country".
  2. Hmmm, so a bright side of the really bright blasts would be lots of white people dying. Would BLM be cheering if there's no one to hear it?
  3. I started to read it ...but it was too late. I went to bed. Snoozed and I missed it. Life must go on.
  4. According to the "approved" vote count of the last Presidential election you would be correct.
  5. My son came out to a drained tank in his work truck the other day in Washington State.
  6. We don't play those games in Az
  7. That sounds awesome! Whether kid or soldier it sounds like fun. I don't like the cold, but as a kid I still made snow angels and would run full speed into snow drifts and then dig myself out.
  8. I only did the jump from a sloped garage roof once, and without a cape. Even at a young age I knew a cape wouldn't help. Now what was great fun was jumping off a mesa near home. The fall was vertical initially and then sloping sand to the valley below. A cautious bit of flying / falling would result in a cushy slide into the sand. I was a preteen, and it was so amazing I just had to show my mom. She banned me from the area. Years later I took my wife to the exact spot. As adults we both agreed "What was I thinking?"
  9. I read this article today. I just had to share it with you all. Not only is it thought provoking and eye opening, but unfortunately headache inducing and just plain OMG! What Is the Great Reset? - Imprimis (hillsdale.edu) The proponents of this are dedicated, committed, and proud. The plan is full speed ahead, but since it's not on CNN, NBC, Etc. there's nothing to see here. Since this is "Current Events" I figured General Talk is the place for it.
  10. I'm sorry to put a damper on the claims of the imbedded article, but the author claimed:" The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will gain lasting (if not permanent) immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being naturally infected with it even once." I continue to be confident that my jab free natural immunity will be more effective and safer than the jabs, but I've had covid twice so far, and almost exactly 12 months apart. So, either the above claim from the author is false or the Omicron virus is something else entirely. Where does that leave us humans?
  11. Brother, it is as you've stated in another thread, and I agree completely, what the pro vax zombies are doing is pure Evil. Hysteria, inspired of Hell. While the jab may not be what the Bible declares the "mark of the beast", the vax card could be. If it gets to where you can't participate in society, or even get health care without your card then that's it.
  12. A day late here ... but I spoke to the staff at the small testing facility here about my antibody test and the off the chart result >100.00. They said it is likely due to the severity of my individual illness which was much milder than my first round with Covid #1. I had a fever for 3 days this time, and my wife had none. Her antibody count was 82 so the severity level difference makes sense. Meanwhile searching "super immunity" online, which I clearly have at the moment, all pro-Fauci sites including the CDC preach don't get tested. The only avenue to it is Covid then jabs or jabs then Covid resulting in endless infections and the cycle of Covid and jabs continue. I'm gleefully anticipating next year's even milder Covid. Natural immunity and no jabs for me and mine.
  13. Bush, what state are you in? Possibly related ... both times we got Covid were during the holidays = family and friends. Most everybody got sick and those that did tested positive. This year my son was sick and got tested at the hospital = came back negative. He knew that can't be right. He bought a test kit at a pharmacy, and it came back positive.
  14. To be clear, neither I nor my wife have had ANY Covid jabs. I just finished some web surfing on what constitutes "super immunity" and the CDC does not recommend antibody testing or interpreting any of the data you receive. Just get the jabs. And if you still get Covid then you receive the super immunity prize. What a load of crap.
  15. My wife and I both first caught the Covid flavor of the month (positive tests) in January 2021. She has asthma but only I had trouble breathing. We both had fevers but only I had chills. Body aches, headaches, sore throat (cough), loss of taste and smell. As an added bonus I lost the ability to read on day 1. It was just numbers, letters, and spaces on a page, until after 2 naps then reading returned! Wife was OK after 2 weeks. I quit complaining after a month. It was awful, just awful. Round 2 was first week of last month, January 2022. Much less sever for both of us. No loss of taste or smell. Only I had a fever, for first 3 days. More like a "flu" than a biological weapon. My dry cough is nearly gone. We tested for antibodies after both rounds. August 2021 and January 31, 2022. in 2021 I came back with a score of 6.4. At the time the girl drawing the blood said the range was 0 to 10 and the CDC recommending a fresh jab at less than 8. No jabs thank you. Yesterday I registered as >100.00 and tagged as "Values Outside of Reference Range" Could this be the elusive "super immunity" with no jabs involved? I don't know if I should be worried about to many antibodies or if perhaps my touch can now heal the sick. I'm going to check back at the testing site for their interpretation.
  16. You're right of course about their power tripping. We know the end game is domination and destruction for America. Guess I should have worded it differently. If the next round is less severe it will offer a "clear view behind the curtain" of their charade like in the Wizard of Oz. No jabs for me and mine though. I'd rather be a guinea pig surviving Covid than surviving the so-called vaccine, that doesn't prevent the catching or spreading of the virus. My wife and I took our antibody tests today and should get results tomorrow. I know of another "survivor" of 2 rounds of Covid that got tested and maxed out on the antibody chart - super immunity! If I get a high score too, I'm going to visit my primary care doctor and ask him why I STILL need the jabs. I'll be sure to post my score when I get it, perhaps a new thread for super immunity survivors. Note: I replied in the current or previous survivors thread.
  17. It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow since I got the latest version of Covid. Only the cough remained after the first week. I still take cough syrup at night, but this round is much less severe than last year's. If the next round drops to 1/2 the severity of this one, then it's game over for the Covid hysteria.
  18. It seems to be January is Covid month at my house. My wife and I caught it again this week. Assuming it's Omicron but this still ranks as bad as any "flu" I've ever had. This severity of illness is why I started getting the "regular" flu shots. Yearly regular flu shots ended flu experiences. Clearly, the Covid vaccines are at best a failure. They stop nothing but economies and freedom. This go around with Covid there's no loss of taste or smell and the fever only lasted 3 days. But I've got a facetime appointment with my doctor's office later today to address plugged ear, mucus overload, cough, and aches. Last year I got antibiotics and steroids for recovery. Here's wishing all speedy recoveries.
  19. Sorry to put a damper on what I hoped would be a positive spin in this thread. I highlighted the sentence above and can personally confirm the acquired immunity isn't permanent, covering all mutating forms of Covid. Our local hospital said their testing can't report which variety of Covid I have since there is only one lab in the US which can break it down by variant. Who else finds that odd??? I have refused the jabs here in the US. I got Covid in the 1st week of January 2021. It was ugly but I gained verifiable immunity. Now in 2022 I tested Covid positive again in the 2nd week of January. So much for yearly family get togethers. It's not as bad but still awful. Locally it's sweeping through both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Once recovered I'll take the antibody test again for my new statistics. Still no jabs for me.
  20. Maybe I've missed them, but where are the Covid survivor stories on here? My wife and I are in our 60s, prime targets for Covid. We had it back in January 2021. My wife is asthmatic and still had milder symptoms than I did. I've had colds and flu before, even pneumonia, but Covid-19 shared only one symptom with them, a fever. I do not wear tinfoil hats, only ball caps, but this felt more like a weapon than any illness. Day 1 was chills and fever. But day 2 was the inability to read text. What's that about? After 2 naps I could read again! By day 3 the air smelled like dust, inside, outside, rain or shine. Then the taste buds went. I was left with two tastes, salty(nasty, ugly!), and sweet. I survived on OJ, blueberry, and strawberry smoothies for a couple of weeks. I was left with zero energy, even taking daily naps, and overall it took a month before I was functioning normally. For a weapon this would definately put the hurt on an enemy. It cost the US our society and freedoms. Both my wife and I recently took antibody test which prove we have natural immunity. No jabs for us.
  21. Now this is actually concerning. KamalHairs should be drug tested. With all her crazed laughter attacks it can't be just weed. I'm thinking perhaps mescaline. Or she's just batsheet crazy. The public needs to know.
  22. MnP4me

    Hey MnP4me

    Most profuse apologies guys for my late check in. And thank you all for the well wishes. These birthdays just keep coming, 68 so far
  23. It's been years since anyone asked me if I had a pocket knife they could borrow. That's probably because my answer was always the same. "No, but I can put holes in something if that will help".
  24. I'm currently between a rock and a hard place as they say, when it comes to getting anything shipped to me. I have no "mailbox" at my residence. Instead I have a USPS PO Box which is not cheap. So anything doing the UPS to USPS switcharoo will be sent back and I have no recourse. So I verify whether that is the shippers plan. If it is, then I request they either ship "UPS Ground" at my cost or I don't buy it. Somewhere in my computer are the specifications for approved mailbox installation. it's on my dreaded to do list somewhere below clean out the garage.
  25. Alaska, huh? . . . it's the damn sled dogs! Seriously though, we use only "UPS Ground" with no USPS involvement.
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