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  1. Loaded up some 10mms with 180 gr. Hornady hollow points. Now I'm working on some 6.8 SPCs with 115 Nosler CC hps. I'll send one up to rexwagon so he can have a matched pair.
  2. Loaded up 50 .40 S&W rounds that I shot up today. Now I'm tumbling 200 .40 cases for sizing and priming. I load 5.5 grains of SR7625 behind Berry's 155 HBRN. (I know I'll eventually have to switch to a new powder after my stash of 7625 runs out.)
  3. I've been loading .223 and 6.8 SPC into new brass that I have stockpiled like a madman for when ISIS comes to kill me.
  4. Loading some more 69 gr. 223s right now. Got a dozen Berry's 9mm 124 gr. HBRN from the rep at the NRA annual meeting after I told him I get better accuracy with Rainiers.
  5. I'm not at the bench but I do have 10,000 Federal small pistol match primers arriving today at $27.75/1000. They've pretty much been unobtainable especially the match primers at that price. Found them on Bullets.com. $10 shipping and $20 hazmat.
  6. Loaded 50 10mms the other day and sized/primed 300 9mms. Will be doing 50 more.223s later today plus there's a gun show in town so I'll be out there to see all my friends.
  7. Sadly I had to move out half of my reloading supplies out of the loading room so the plumbers can come tomorrow and replace some rotten drain pipes in the crawl space. When they're done I will have to load up a bunch of .40 S&W.
  8. Working on 50 .223s right now. Nosler 77 grain Custom Comp. 21.5 grains of Varget.
  9. I've been loading 27.0 grains of H322 behind a Nosler Custom Comp. 115 grain bullet. Stag 1-11 twist.
  10. Loaded up some 6.8 SPC earlier this week after a trip to the range. Now enroute downstairs to replenish my supply of 9mm 147 gr loads after a range session yesterday.
  11. Loading 21.0 grs of H322. Shooting them out of a Stag 16" barrel 1/9 twist.
  12. Just loaded up 50 more .223 69 grain Noslers with H322 and sized & primed 50 more pieces of 10mm brass for loading later.
  13. Sized and primed 50 more 10mm cases. (New venture for me since I recently got a Glock 29) Then I immediately broke the primer feed on my RCBS universal priming tool so now I have to wait till I get a replacement primer feed from RCBS.
  14. 50 more rounds of 6.8 Rem. SPC loaded. Primers seated easily and they fit in the chamber gauge with ease.
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