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  1. brzusa.1911

    Glock 29SF Help

    Yes, it is very little. I guess if it shoots well (it is a Glock for Pete's sake), it shouldn't be a problem. Have you shoot yours yet? I am planning on shooting this weekend, can't wait man! I've never shoot a 10mm before I am pretty excited!!!
  2. brzusa.1911

    Glock 29SF Help

    I just purchased a g29sf and noticed the front of recoil guide (tip the goes out of the slide) does not seat flush against the side when the gun is assembled. I can see a little bit of the spring between the the slide and the recoil spring guide. If you have one can you check and post if yours seat flush? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys very much appreciated!
  4. Which one Would you choose for carrying outdoors?
  5. Which one do you prefer do have on your HD gun and why?
  6. brzusa.1911

    New on 10mm

    Thanks all. As far as the outdoors 200gr, should I go HP or RN? The area I am going is on the North East Coast, PA - biggest 4 legged predator could probably be a black bear. Suggestions?
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to 10mm never fired one and just bought a G29SF. The gun's primary use is for camping/outdoors. I also want to have it loaded with HD ammo in the safe, just in case SHTF! Right now I am thinking, based o research, to have 155gr XTP Hornady for HD and 200gr for the outdoors. What do you suggest?