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  1. I watched the Glock SHOT MOS announcement yesterday.They said the 34,35,and41 were already shipping with our beloved 10mm 40 "soon",whatever that means.Gonna wait till the first adopters get theirs;I'm not going to pay extra to be the first on my block.
  2. I respectfully disagree with the sales estimates.I would get one when you can because as flighty as SIGS accountants are,I would look at a cancellation at the first drop in numbers.I would like the DA/SA also.
  3. I am looking forward to the Glock40,the SIG P220 in 10mm,and wishing for an HK45 in 10mm.
  4. Colt secured full financing so bankruptcy is out. No one in my area buys into the Colt mystique anymore and most build their own so paying a premium for the pony is definitely not on the agenda.I would be buying up lowers at discounted prices though in anticipation of stupid politicians.And 30 round mags.
  5. Local 376 signed a 2 year agreement in April of 2012;I don't know the current status,after April of this year.
  6. I disagree.Colt lost the M4 contract because they were coming in at $1243/unit as opposed to Remington and FN who were at about $650/unit. Colt was living off government contracts and beholden to the UAW. Their only hope is a government bailout(don't hold your breath) or folding and restructuring in a non union state.
  7. "We have four guns in the house. We are now going to have zero. I hate guns,” Knight said." Time to dump the girlfriend even if he is a moron.
  8. I always went to Gun Gallery on Beach;great crew there.
  9. All my USGI mags have red springs from SAW and the latest Magpul followers downloaded to 28 rounds.FWIW
  10. Yeah,I bought 2 so I need to sell 1 to finance something else.
  11. Socom because I have a new one I want to sell.
  12. When I listen to the CDC guy I am reminded of someone.
  13. So right now if you could only buy ammo or mags,which would it be?
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