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  1. I had plans to build a SBR originally but ended up buying a Tavor. So, I decided to use what I had and build a 14.5" carbine. Parts used- Colt 14.5" socom barrel PSA upper and lower BCM bcg and mod 4 ch YHM low profile gas block and tube DD lpk with JP trigger and hammer springs DPMS buffer tube, spring and castle nut Spikes ST-T2 buffer GG&G endplate Magpul Miad and CTR and aluminum trigger guard Samson 7" evolution ex Lantac Dragon (pinned) A.R.M.S. 40l rear sight Aimpoint Pro with BoBro mount I ended out switching out the ACS-L stock for the CTR
  2. pistol pete

    finished my second build, dog approved too!

    The Tavor is my first bullpup. So i cant really compare it to others. I really do like it though. The size, and manueverablity of it and the way it balances is very nice. I do plan on picking up the 9mm conversion kit for it at some point in time as well.
  3. pistol pete

    finished my second build, dog approved too!

    Thanks again everyone. Here is a picture of it next to the Tavor.
  4. pistol pete

    finished my second build, dog approved too!

    I will get a picture with the tavor tomorrow.
  5. pistol pete

    finished my second build, dog approved too!

    Thanks, the 14.5" really does feel a whole lot lighter and more balanced then my 16". Also the dog is still a pup. He's a little over a year now but still has another year to go to fill out. You always need a black dog to go with the BRD!
  6. pistol pete

    finished my second build, dog approved too!

    Thanks fellas. He is actually a great dane / english mastiff mix.
  7. Will do, it will probably be a few more weeks till i get everything gathered up and put together.
  8. Well as I am gather up my parts I am sort of stuck on this decision. I have it narrowed down to either the FSC556, the Rainier Arms XTC, or the Lantac Dragon which is new but looks very promising. Since its pretty much gonna be permanently on the rifle its making this a little more difficult to choose. I would like to keep the length as short as possible, but would also like to have the control needed for follow ups as well.
  9. I have a Diamondhead VRS-T 10.25" rail that has never been used. It is a little longer then I need and I can't use it for my next build. I am asking $135 for it.
  10. After much, much more over thinking I have decided to try out the BCM MOD1.
  11. I do have the BC on my 16" rifle. It does do the job pretty well i would say. I had thought about getting the 1.5 for this next build, however seeing as its going to be permanent i want to be sure i make the right choice. I had also considered the BCM mod 1 as well. I dont have to much experience with anything other then the BC and the A2. I am pretty sure i am just over thinking all of this. I definitely dont want to be that guy at the range with an obnoxious comp. either.
  12. pistol pete

    Recommended BUIS

    Magpul also has a new set that is all metal. I dont know if they have come out yet or not. I haven't used the polymer ones either so I can't comment on those. I prefer the Troys as well.
  13. pistol pete

    buffer spring sizes

    Alright, i will give it a try once its all put together. If worse comes to worse i will swap out the spring in the mid length and put it in the carbine.
  14. pistol pete

    buffer spring sizes

    Alright, i am gathering up parts for a build and my carbine buffer spring came in (Its a DPMS spring). Now, on my 16" middy that i have, there is a spikes buffer spring in that. I was swapping a few parts out on the 16" and had the springs laying out. The DPMS spring has two more coils on it then the spikes. Are the extra couple coils going to make a big difference? I am planning on using it for a carbine build so i am unsure if its gonna slow everything down too much to give me problems. I cant really swap it out with my mid-length and see if it functions correctly since its a different gas system. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  15. pistol pete

    buffer spring sizes

    I have a full auto bcg and a spikes t2 buffer for the build. Its the same that I have in the mid-length and I haven't had a single problem with that setup at all. I do understand it needs to be slowed down a bit more, but I wasn't sure if those extra coils would be too much.
  16. I have a DD 10.3" bbl. Never used. Looking to trade for a 14.5" bbl or sell for $250. It has been dimpled for lowprofile gas block.
  17. Thanks,he saved me a little on the shipping but not the gas though.
  18. Actually Nwatson, a friend of mine decided to buy it. Sorry gents
  19. Yes i do have a few pictures of the bbl.
  20. Well the Easter bunny came early and dropped off an Aimpoint Pro today. After I had mounted it on my rifle I was thinking is it possible to have a low mount with the Troy micro sights and still be able to co-witness? For the most part I am wondering about this for an upcoming SBR build.
  21. pistol pete

    question about low mount and mirco BUIS

    yes, sort of. if the mount was a low mount meant for upper 1/3 with standard sights. but since the micros are meant for a rail system such as the Vltor cas-v or something similar i would think that the difference in height between the standard flat top and a raised one would be about a 1/3 difference, or at least close to it.
  22. Never been used. mounted on my rifle and been sitting in the closet for the past 6 months. I have all the papers that came with scope and mount including a blank warranty card. The scope is in the mount and will be selling both for $450 or any reasonable offer. Please feel free to pm or email me. I am pretty open to payment methods so let me know what is best.
  23. I believe its about 1.1x there is a magnification setting for 1.5x so it definitely isn't 1.5-4x. if you want i can take a pic of it on 1x and 1.5x to show the difference.