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  1. Thanks guys! I will be buying a broken shell extractor asap. What would you recommend as a good ammo for this rifle? When I bought it, I picked up a 500 rounds of milsurp and it ran like a dream. I knew that there was a difference in pressures between the 7.62 milsurp stuff and 308 when I bought it. The CAI cetme is marked 308 on the receiver, yet the dealer (who sold me both gun & ammo) claimed that since it was made from military parts that it would run better with milsurp because of the fluting. Was he right?
  2. Hello all, I was at the range this afternoon, trying to get some trigger time with my CAI Cetme (after its long sojourn at the local gunsmith's fine establishment). I brought some inexpensive Silver Bear 308, and started pounding out rounds. About 45 shots in, I had a failure to feed. My breech was jammed about 1/3 of an inch back from its normal firing position. Worse yet, after a quick round count I realized that it had a LIVE round stuck in limbo. This evening, a friend and I decided to try and disassemble the gun to extract the round. We first removed the butt-stock, and the fire control group in an attempt to prevent an accident discharge. We then proceeded to take a rubber mallet and a brass punch and tap on the bolt carrier from the ejection port. Shortly thereafter we succeeded in getting the bolt assembly to slide reward, thus freeing the jam. Below are pictures I took of the round that was jammed in the firearm... It certainly looks as though the previously fired round separated just below the neck of the shell, and that the following round tried to enter the chamber and impaled the remnants of the previous shell that was stuck in the chamber. My question is twofold. 1) What would cause this king of disintegration of a shell in my firearm? 2) Is my cetme safe to fire now that the round has been removed, or is this a sign a major issues? Thank you in advance for your sage advice
  3. 80 bones for maps that I already own? F-that. Kotick is trying to bleed us dry.
  4. Kotaku DNF demo review ^^^^Sounds like they are going to deliver. :D I'm soooooooo stoked now!
  5. QFT. I would also like to see the return of hardore death-match.
  6. Hi all, By chance, is anyone in these threads a member of the Joplin Rifle and Pistol Club? I'm thinking applying for membership, and wondered if anyone knows anything about it.
  7. I just hope they include more zombie maps!
  8. I'm not sure, to be honest. I've tried both methods, and it always stops at the point pictured above (shot of hammer blows)
  9. That is exactly what I'm afraid of. I know on the old magazine I was able to get it to seat in the magwel by tapping it w/a rubber mallet. I then would have to tap the mag catch to get it to realease the mag. Would doing that with these help is some way?
  10. I doubt it. I bought it years ago, and it has been in my dads closet while I was in college.
  11. Guys, After ordering some HK mags from CTD, I'm still having the same issue. I've take additional pictures to help fully illustrate the problem. As you can see in the image below, the magazine(s) refuse to seat in the magwell. One of the things I've noticed, is that the magazine catch is not aligning properly with its corresponding indentation (not sure whats it's technical name is) on the magazine. I've taken some pics of the magazine when its seated as far into the magwell as I can get it (without the aid of a rubber mallet). Does It look like its seating properly at the top to anyone? I'm afraid that its not. I'm tempted to dremel out the mag catch cutout on magazine. If I enlarge it, the magazine should stay in the magwell, but I'm afraid it would lead to jams... Anyone have any ideas?
  12. It going to reveal how big of a nerd I am, but I have the entire run (so far) of The Walking Dead. It is a fantastic series, very visceral, and If they stick close to the source material, it should be must watch t.v.
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