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  1. Way to bump this years after the OP
  2. I know, that's what I was inferring. Sigs are mechanically designed to be decocked. Single action guns, not so much.
  3. Are you saying you are fine with thumbing down a hammer on a single action (ala 1911) but are worried about decocking (ala Sig)?
  4. If you're looking for cheaper stuff, check put Rio bulk packs.
  5. I'm not a fan of the paper ended shells. Regardless of how it's marked, it's NOT LE ammo. I've also noticed them to be a bit long, which caused feeding/ejection issues in some of the 2 3/4" only guns.
  6. Me either. They get painful to shoot after awhile, and cheek weld is nonexistent. Triangle and Poly side folders are a much better option.
  7. You can speed up AK sights fairly easy. Just take a round file to open up the rear sight cut, and ideally, pick up an XS front sight. The budget route for the front sight is to put a dab of white paint on the top.
  8. AIM just got in Yugo Toks for $199 Find them here.
  9. Serial is 190,xxx Seems far too low to be a 4th or 5th model, but it has a 3rd pin above the trigger, which I don't believe the 3rd model had. The ramped front sight doesn't match up to anything I've seen.
  10. It's a Smith, it's marked that much in a couple of placed It's .38 S&W
  11. Was the card you added to the rig SOE or 3GG?
  12. Speed Bead was my first thought. It should co-witness. They do so with a bead sight, I don't see why they wouldn't with rifle sights. Other option would be to drill/tap the reciever and put some sort of short rail on it. I don't get the feeling that's a path you'd want to go down; I wouldn't go down it myself.
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