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  1. I ve bought 3 in a month and kind of felt bad at first. But hey my kids will be using them eventually so that is always a plus. Can never have to many guns... unless you don't have any ammo
  2. There are a lot of haters out there but if you check nutnfancy on youtube he gives a great review on it. Love the glock too but your right the grip angle does force you to aim high. Good for me because I normally aim low so give me a glock and I'll shoot bulleyes all day. FNP is a nice piece of work though. Reliable too.
  3. Depends on how bad you want it. I would take it up to about $850 and not go any higher.
  4. Have a sig p229 22 conversion kit and man that thing is accurate. Don't get a Sig misquito though. Those things are total garbage. My ruger 22/45 also gets some range time but I find it can jam quite frequently with crappy ammo. Still a good gun though.
  5. Awesome buy. Love my little ruger. Definitely the best way to introduce proper pistol shooting technique. My wife had the same problem even on 9mm. She was scared of the recoil and kept closing her eyes before the shot. Had to start her on a 22 to get her over it. I will always start a beginner on a 22 now.
  6. Stay away from mag companies you've never heard of. High cap mags from no name companies are generally garbage and meant to be bought up by the cheap tactical guy. They will probably just end up frustrating you and be less then adequate. Stick to original glock mags. You can find the 30 rounders out there.
  7. Hey it is what you wanted orginally. You'll always look back and wonder. I personally won't buy an XD when I was at the range and saw two separate 9mm versions jam every other round. It was cold weather but my glock 22 was functioning flawlessly.
  8. Now if they could just make the 6.8 reasonably priced we might be in business. I just can't afford to shoot it for the amount of rounds I put down range in a year. I would be broke.
  9. Fenix lights rock. I own two and they are great for the money. Hold up well and are top notch. Also look at FiveSevens they are great lights for the money too
  10. Just wondering how many out there have handled and shot both the AK 47 and the VZ 58 (semi auto version) made from CZ. What are you takes on how the two types of firearms compare. I do realize that there are many models of AKs out there but I am just trying to generalize.
  11. Looks like flower art. I use Winchester Rangers. You can definitely find them around and very reliable in my opinion.
  12. I agree 120%. Glocks aren't meant to be pretty guns but I will tell you what they have done every time I pull the trigger... go bang. Like I have said before. There a tool like any hammer in your toolbox. Not for aesthetics but for reliability and function.
  13. All Mec-Gar magazines have functioned flawlessly. Depending on the gun I would think this is a viable option. Especially when you consider the price of some sig mags. Mec-Gar is roughly 60% the price. Great savings. I would say buy two and test them out first.
  14. Beautiful pistol. Congrats. You probably added more in value by getting the job done.
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