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  1. Raptor49er

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armorry, from Southern California. Where it is hot as hell Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. You can have a matched upper and lower if that is what you want. I have three AR's spikes lower/Del-ton upper, a complete Palmetto Stare upper/lower and an Anderson lower/ Palmetto State upper. Fit is good on all. If you find that yours may have a little wiggle and that bothers you then get an accurate wedge. Post pics when your build is complete. Welcome aboard.
  3. PSA has some great holiday sales on stripped lowers every now and then for under $50.00.
  4. Raptor49er

    Palmeto State Armory?

    Are you talking about that pictured carry handle?
  5. Raptor49er

    New Guy on The Block

    Welcome to the Armory Panther, Need some clarification on your rifle, is it running a Carbine, mudlength or Rifle length gas system?. Does it have the Front sight post I ask because if you want to mount a free float rail, it will have to be unpinned and removed. If the handguard(s) you have now are the two piece, then the Delta ring will need to be removed as well in order to mount a Free Float rail. You can find Handguards at; http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Samson_Evolution_Rail_p/sam-evo-rail.htm I put this link in because this is a great rail at a great price. Bravo Company USA Del-Ton Let us know what you have so we can give the right input.
  6. Raptor49er

    Good Morning!

    Good morning everyone, You all have a wonderful Sunday
  7. Raptor49er

    a question for all of you

    You'd have to say yes, If you had the opportunity to save AMERICAN lives, dispatch the mooslim heathens without prejudice. They do not value our lives, let's reciprocate in kind.
  8. Raptor49er

    Hey Pepper

    Happy Birthday Pepper. Enjoy your day. Hope you're off duty tomorrow so you can enjoy the holiday.
  9. Raptor49er

    Robin Williams dead apparent suicide

    He will be missed. May he be at peace now.
  10. Raptor49er

    Rainbow flag flies with Old Glory

  11. Raptor49er

    Happy Easter EVERYONE!

    Happy Easter brothers!
  12. Raptor49er

    Could this be construed as brandishing

    Lt. I'm glad the outcome was you coming out of that situation safe. I'm sure that dipshat will think twice about pulling something like this again. Thank God for CCW and those of you that carry daily.
  13. Raptor49er

    30 new products almost as good as the real thing

    Damn you Virg! I thought they were going to be gun related products....
  14. Raptor49er

    My Dad passed away...

    TG, My deepest condolences. Prayers sent to you and your family.
  15. Raptor49er

    My First Armory Lower Build

    Very well done Sole, it looks real good.