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  1. Gun is gone. It was traded to Bob Beck from EOL TV for a new NF NXS 3.5-15x50. Thanks everyone for looking.
  2. Thank's to all. But I traded the gun for a new NF NXS 3.5-15x50 Velocity 1000 ret, ZS, HS turrets. Gun's gone. Thanks for looking
  3. Yea it's crazy. I turned down $3,000 after Sandy Hook, just because I don't wanna take advantage of someone. I'm amazed someone hasn't jumped on this the 1st day. Obviously RRA shot it 10 times before shipping, I found 10 brass in a bag in the box, and a 3 shot group at 100yds. It shot a .579" with Rem 115gr SMK's. If it doesn't sale next day or so, I'm gonna group it to 500yds, to see if it outshoots my other 68's. This will be the last AR15 I sale, and I don't care for the AR10's for the weight. This gun belongs to a Whitetail/ Hog/Varmint hunter. That BABC Battlecomp is the best comp I've ever ran on a 68. I have it on my DD, and it's like a .223. Very sweet gun. If anyone wants more pics, I just took some on my phone, I could txt em to ya
  4. BTT 1 Last time. $1125 gets it. If you want it with factory handguard, and flash hider, I'll take $975. Email snkfox@gmail.com, and lmk you saw it here. If this doesn't sale I'm putting the scope on the CC. I can put you in contact with several happy buyers. I will also say that if someone wants it with a set of NIB Talley Tactical 30mm rings ($169) I bought for this gun, I'll throw them in as well for $1225. That's over 2K invested. Only gouging going on here is to me. But I need a new Bushnell HDMR G2 3.5-21x50, or NF NXS 5.5-22/3.5-15 ZS HS, Leupy Mk4 LRT 6.5-20. If you have a new optic listed, email me too, I'll trade, and do partial trade on a Vortex6-24 PST FFP, or SFP, and the new HS-T 4-16 SFP. USO, SB, Premier, optics also accepted. snkfox@gmail.com
  5. I have a decked out one with Shilen .920" brrl, Boyds LH thumbhole, Volq trigger group, big latch mag release, been polished to mirror finish, and shot 3 10 shot groups at 100 well under an inch with all. Only thing is I have over 1K in it. Also has DNZ mt on it.
  6. Yea their still accurate as heck. Now cryogenically treated barrels. Varmint A4 from 2009 and one from 2013, no difference in accuracy.
  7. Yea and I forgot to mention ammo as well, and an Xtreme shooting Match trigger ($249). I'm losin my butt. 1. Gun $930 + Tax (Local FFL) 2. DD Omega FF Rail $269 ( Midway USA) + s&h 3. Magpul CTR Milspec upgrade ($75 stock $58 tube and buffer) 4. KNS Antirotational pins ($25) KNS Push button pins w/ sling adapt. ($36) 5. Battlecopm BABC $210 +s&h 6. ASAP sling adapt. ($28) 7. Ammo $25 (1 box) 8. 30rd Pmag ($14.95) 9. To lapp upper rec for a perfect brrl fit and dimple brrl for gb, and use supplied parts for build ($100) Over $1800 invested and almost 2 years, and I'm still not listing KNS bolt pin instead of cotter pin 10. It's no problem if it doesn't sale, credit card just came in, lol. So my 260 is here, and paid for. If it's not moved in a week I may keep or trade on Snipershide for a new 223 5R 20", bedded, and with 3-12 Nikon Monarch scope, ceracoated in OD green Leupy rings, and bipod. I've had so many trade offers, I just wanted to sale, and buy a Bushnell 3.5-21 HDMR G2 50mm. I've been offered $1175, and I may just take it, if it don't move on here. So if you have an offer, just email it to me, and I may just take it in the next few days. I haven't saw a better price on an RRA 68 anywhere else, and everyone is trying to split it up. Oh BTW if you buy for the $1275, I'll throw in a set of Talley Tactical 30mm rings in High still unopened that I paid $169 for. Just the right height for an AR15. I can sale the parts and make more on it, as I been offered $800 for the upper, (with factory fh) and I still have a decked out deticated 6.8 lower to put back, with a 2-4.5lb adj trigger. 1 WEEK IT GOES BACK IN THE SAFE, SO GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  8. Does have a delta ring, but it's an Omega Rail. Free floated 100%. That's why the Omega X rail came out, for people who wanna remove delta ring. Google or call DD, they will tell ya all about the Omega rail.
  9. Yes it is a FF rail. It's the Omega rail. Delta ring has nothing to do with set up. And I can promise it will shoot as good or better than my other RRA's. It's the closest in accuracy to the Wilson Combat, to 500, and smokes the Barrett, Rouge Hunter Noveske, and DD 6.8. It's a 16" brrl, weighs in at 6.5 lbs. I tote mine all day everyday during whitetail season, and the 85gr 68 by SSA put's a darn good hurting on coyotes, and varmints. I have 18, and 20" 68's and the 18" WC shoots the 120's 50fps faster. The barrel has been dimpled by RRA, and the lower gb put on. But I'm like Bill Wilson, in an AR15, gimme a 68 anytime. 3050fps from a 16" tube and 85gr factory SSA's, make a good combo. Again it is Freefloated, nothing touches anything but the brrl nut. The Omega is my all time favorite FF rail. $1250 gets it.
  10. Maybe I need to ask more for my RRA 6.8SPCII?
  11. I have a NIB RRA AR15 in 6.8SPCII. I ordered it when RRA offered DD rails, and other accessories. Gun comes equipped with the following. 1. Daniel Defense Omega FF Rail/Rail covers 2. Battlecomp BABC Compensator 3. Magpul Milspec CTR stock kit, and Milspec tube. 4. KNS antirotation pin kit 5. Magpul ASAP sling adapter 6. New in wrapper 30rd Pmag I am listing it at $1400, but if you wanna cut to the chase, BOTTOM DOLLAR IS $1275! Don't like to haggle,lol. If no sale in a week, it's going back in the safe. I have 2 more RRA's in 6.8SPC set up almost exactly the same, but need money for a build from Jon Beanland. With the one that I hunt with most, I have taken whitetail to 426yds with the 120gr SST, and it shoots the 85's over 3000fps. This gun is also for sale in my local Iwana. This is another one of my RRA's I took for a friend when I thought about selling it about 6 mos ago Almost exactly the same, but this one has a NB trigger group, bipod, optic, etc. That's the one that has taken a small buck at 426 yds, and on doe day, a slick head at 411yds. Only Serious buyers! I have almost 2 yrs of wait time and $1800 invested in this gun. Comes in blue lock box, 1 Pmag, and for $1400, it's SHIPPED to your FFL. Know the Laws. No Ca. or other restricted states allowed. I work Construction, so I'm not on here much, so if you want it, provide a USPS Certified Money Order or Check. Gun will ship as soon as cash is in hand. To reach me faster email @ snkfox@gmail.com I always have my phone on me.
  12. Be careful. Seling a gun for someone else is a big no no.
  13. As said in 1st post. Make offer on thumbhole stock, and I will post pics of brrl, and hogue stock as well, but if you wana see them right now, just look at midwayusa or online, for a pic of the hogue om stock for fact contour brrl. If I get an offer good enough to buy another stock that's not thumbhole, then I will sale. TH stock? $175? ? Make an offer
  14. Sorry it took so long. Its a Fajen stock I believe LH thumbhole. All I remember is I paid the dealer price from Midway which was $200. May be a Boyds, don't shoot it much, I found a NEW Japan made KT15x Weaver still in the wrapped box in my gun vault, which is gloss, and has paralax adjustments down to 35ft. I mounted it, using friction tape (so no marks) and it shot 1 hole at 50yds, and I put it back in the vault. It also has Volq. trigger/sear, bolt, buffer, mag release. I just am not used to a thumbhole stock, and just got rid of a HSP thumbhole stock for a Manners on a 5R Rem. BTW, brrl is the factory, with the flip up rear sight, in ss, and the thumbhole is for the .920's and hogue is for factory brrl.
  15. I can't get my digi cam to work anymore, and my phone pics are terrible, but I will have a digicam sometime today if I have to buy a el cheapo. I will have pics up, the Boyds is for .920, and the Houge is for factory, just like the barrel. I also have the factory beech wood stock, if I can find which box it's in. FYI the gun is in the Boyds, and I've fired 1 10 rd mag since, beautiful stock, just hate thumbhole.
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