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  1. Silvertree

    So happy

    Nice. Congrats!
  2. See Don? That is just the kind of answer I was looking for! I hadn't thought about it I guess.
  3. Other than I would have to change out the gas block to a low profile, is there a downside to putting a mid length handguard on my 16" carbine flattop?
  4. Silvertree

    Flashlight ideas?

    Let us know what you pick. I have been considering one myself.
  5. Silvertree

    What to look for at a Gun Show?

    I take my iPhone with and do spot price comparisons before I buy anything major. I don't mind a few dollars, especially to help someone local but the price has to be fair.
  6. Silvertree

    EOTech Rebate

    Perfect! I was considering a magnifier myself.
  7. Silvertree

    FNG owner/builder

    This is one of the only areas I feel qualified to comment on. After wandering around the Indy 1500 gun checking out all of the grips, I decided I really I do like the Hogue grips.
  8. Silvertree

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    I have posted in the FNG forum, but I thought I would say hi here too. Just got my first Stag AR a couple of weeks ago and I love it!
  9. Silvertree

    Stag Arms

    Thanks guys. I will post a picture or two once I get a few more things done. Not much has changed from the stock pictures right now, but it is coming. There should be a warning label on these things saying "Warning: Hazardous to your checkbook!"
  10. Silvertree

    Handguard question

    Sorry Danny, it is a stock Model 3 right out of the box. 16" Carbine.
  11. Silvertree

    Handguard question

    BTW, I don't have any iron sights on the weapon right now. I plan on putting flip ups on. I am guessing that rail will work lengthwise, but I am pretty new.
  12. Silvertree

    Handguard question

    I just bought my first AR-15, a Stag Arms Model 3. I would like to replace the handguard for some rail space and to switch to a free floating guard. I am thinking of something along this. I have watched an install video and I know I will need a few special tools, but what else, if anything, will I need? Other recommendations? I am guessing I will buy rail covers for the rails I am not using. Normally I would have searched, but this is my first post and I have the OK from the Mrs. to order, so I want to get on it. Thanks!
  13. Silvertree

    Stag Arms

    I just bought my first AR-15 this weekend, and it was because of this post I went with Stag.