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  1. I know I don't post a lot (spend more time on a local board in my area) and I'm still waiting on making my 1st AR build. I do have my LRB lower in hand though. As an AR newbie I am not looking at building a $2k AR but would like to build an affordable 20" HBAR/bull type of target rifle. I have been taking my time going back and forth looking at all the uppers available. Red-X Arms is still on my list for consideration along with DelTon and a few others. As far as Red-X goes I still have not been able to knock it off of my list because of it's price and the fact that the only negatives I hear about it are from those that haven't owned one. I do appreciate all the experience from the commenters and they post their comments based upong their experience (both first and second hand) with guns they have had in hand and lived with. If I were to purchase one and post my review it would understandably be met with some skepticism since I don't post often and I haven't espablished an 'expert's' reputation. All that being said, I am surprised that Red-X Arms has not done more to promote its product by offering a demo model to a respected reviewer on this board or to a publication. Obviously a better guarantee would go a long way towards improving consumer/potential buyer confidence. One of these days I will make my decision..............................
  2. Would still like to hear followups to those that have made Red-X or Blackthorn purchases.
  3. Can you share any pictures of your final product? Thanks
  4. Can anyone share pictures of their recent Blackthorne or Red-X purchases?
  5. They appear to have very good prices ..... would like to hear from recent customers.
  6. Has anyone used M & A for their AR kits / upper assemblies?
  7. very good Neil - you should highlight that in the kit descriptions. It is a good selling point. Thanks
  8. I haven't used it yet but did get some of their 55gr FMJBT product since I have read good reviews of it. I intend to get the 62gr FMJBT for the same reason.
  9. I recall that the Blackthorne 72hour return policy is a big turnoff (which I agree with) but I hadn't thought about it with Red-X. If our Red-X member doesn't mind I am posting their return policywhich definitely sets them apart from Blackthorn. Return Policy In the rare instance there is a problem with your order we warrant all the products we sell for defects for 60 days from the purchase date. Meaning if your product is defective within 60 days fom the purchase date we will take the following steps in the order listed below. 1. You have not done anything listed under "Important Info On Warranty" section below 2. You are the ORIGINAL PURCHASER. 3. You must have your original receipt with a printed date and description of your item. 4. We will replace item free of charge once the original item has been returned. 5. If a replacement in not available we will refund your purchase price once the original item is returned. Important Info On Warranty: Warranty is valid for normal use and wear on parts. Read below for additional info on this policy. Mis-use of the firearm or parts will void warranty. Please use the item as it was designed for. In no way we will accept any rifles or parts for return that have been modified by the buyer or any party involed with the buyer, including but not limited to, gunsmiths. DO NOT modify, grind, sand, mill, file, buff, or cut your parts in any way. It will void your warranty. Above all modifying parts is VERY DANGEROUS! Only the use of SAAMI Ammunition is recomended and will be covered under the warranty. The use of reloaded ammunition will void warranty. Also the use of Israeli, Korean, Chinese, Potugese, PMP, South African Produced Surplus, Wolf, Norinco, Any Steel Cased, Lacquer Coated ammunition voids warranty. The use of the ammunition have been known to cause a range of problems and damage to the rifle/parts. They also may be unsafe to yourself and cause harm to you or others. It is recommended that a qualified gunsmith performs work on your rifle/parts. Assembling a rifle from scratch is complex and if not done correctly you may harm the rifle/parts and more importantly you may injure yourself. If you incorrectly install parts or assembly your rifle incorrectly causing damage RED X ARMS will void warranty and void all claims related to it. Please do not wait to inspect your items. As soon as you get the order please inspect them. Shipping costs are non refundable. Buyer is responsible for safe transport back to RED X ARMS facility. This warranty applies to items purchased online and in person. Buyers remorse is not a valid return reason and will not be honored. Please know what you are buying and that you want to buy the item BEFORE you purchase it
  10. How is your Blackthorne holding up? Have you been improving on those group sizes?
  11. Hi Neil - It's been a little while since I visited your site and did notice your selection is expanding. I appreciate your proactive approach in defending and promoting your company at the same time. Word of mouth can go a long way in making or breaking a business as well as good/bad customer serivice. As some of the members have pointed out - having an unbiased party put your product through some real world testing will go a long way towards building a good rep and a good product resume. I'm hoping to make my AR purchase this year and will definitely keep your prodcut on my short list. Your 20" bull looks like a nice package. It would be nice if you included the cost of a fluting option.
  12. A very good thread with lots of input. Even better that Neil from Red-X came on to clarify things. That's how you build a reuptation and working relationship with potential future customers. Obviously a reputation and trust take time to earn and build but the posting from Tommy Svobodny was a good start. I'm looking forward to the pics of his builds. If Neil is reads this thread again - I'm wondering if they will offer 20" and 24" barrel kit options in the future? The last time I visited your site all the kits were 16" (unless I missed something). Thanks to all for the input. Any other purchasers of Blackthorn or Red-X kits out there that want to share their recent experience?
  13. And what was your scope choice? Any disappointments?
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