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  1. We may not got another chance so please pass this around. http://www.change.org/petitions/michigan-a...n-on-mcl-750224
  2. Well I am trying do the impossible and create a "do all rifle." I think I am gonna keep the heavy weight barrel, I really like the idea of a easier to carry rifle.
  3. The more I think about it maybe it was a fortunate accident on one of our parts. Opinions? Is the bull profile worth the weight? This is a nice looking barrel.
  4. Is that the standard or heavy weight barrel? Length?
  5. I was just wondering if anyone else got the same type of barrel when they ordered fluting?
  6. I got my second barrel today. It was supposed to be a 20" heavy barrel in .308 with spiral fluting in front of gas block. I recieved a 19.5" .308 barrel that is heavey before the gas port, takes a .750 gas block then is standard wieght after that. Is this normal? I expected a full heavy barrel and .936 gas block with fluting after the gas port. I would have never paid an extra $75 to flute a standard portion of a barrel. I will probably be calling next week.
  7. I posted some pics on the 5.56 BHW group buy thread. I was pleased for a 16" barrel with almost no break in. Take a look and you may be more interested in the BHW barrels.
  8. I just loked in my sierra book, it states max is 41.7gr with a velocity of 2500fps. Looks like I need a new book. What velocity does hodgdon state for 45.0grs?
  9. That is actually high end in my Sierra book. Maybe I can bump it up then! what does Hodgdon have as the max for the 175gr SMK?
  10. 18" standard weight with mid length gas system. DPMS upper (A2 Height) DPMS free float handguard (waiting for a TRX in FDE)
  11. I posted a group a I shot with my new 18" last week on the group buy thread. It was my first time out but I am pleased. 175gr SMK 42.0 Varget FGGM Primer LC brass
  12. I called and spoke with Gale last week, I ordered another barrel. It's a 20" .308 heavy.
  13. I got out to the range for a few yesterday and I was able to run about 20rds through it. I tried a few loads and I found one that seem promising! 3 shots off of bipod and bean bag at 100 yrds: P.S. that is a dime
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