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  1. Like many others I have gone through many holsters and different guns need different holsters. I do have three holsters from PJ holsters they are simple kydex IWB holster that work well and add almost no bulk . With a good stiff belt it holds the gun right where I want it. I have one for a Kahr CW9 and I almost forget the gun is there. I use one for a Sig and one for a Kimber Pro carry. As of now these are the only holsters I use to carry with. I am sure that many others make this type of holster but PJ gets them to you in about two weeks and the one customer service issue I had was handled with an apology and a whole new holster in a week’s time. Carrying with these feels like just tucking the gun in your belt. www.pjholsters.com
  2. I love the looks of the Solo. My LGS had a CDP model with the laser grips in the case and it was so pretty but like $1200.00. A guy bought it went strait to the range and was shooting next to me. He was having a hard time as the laser was not sighted. He let me shoot it and I was impressed to say the least it shot great and recoil was no big deal. I know the stainless one is around $700 - $800. I wanted one bad but settled for a Kahr CW9. The Kahr is nice and gives me the ultra small 9mm I wanted for summer carry but it is no SOLO. Have fun with you new toy and I am very jealous. Let us know how it shoots and don't tell me you got too good a price on it or I wont be able to sleep at night.
  3. I love a 1911 for a carry gun. I have a Kimber pro carry II (4 inch) in 9mm great little carry gun that will be an upgrade from your ruger. With an aluminium frame it is light for easy carry, holds 9+1 and shoot great. I also have a Sig 1911 fastback carry in .45 (4.25 inch). It holds 8+1 is a little heavier that the Kimber pro carry but not bad at all. the gun is like the Sig nightmare (is bobtailed with rounded main spring housiing like a kimber super carry)but has no stainless parts on it. It has an all black nitron finish. The best part both guns go for around $825 each.
  4. Here is my WASR I refinished the stock with Rit Scarlett fabric dye and Minwax red mahogany with a tongue oil finish
  5. Found a good price on XM193 500 rounds $189 Glenns outdoors
  6. I have two of these pistols. they can be had from places like AIM surplus or Classic arms and a number of other places. They go from around $189 for ones with lots wear to $230. As for the higher priced ones, some that i have seen look almost brand new but for just a minor bit of holster wear. These are Czech police / military surplus guns the 9 x 18 Mak round just between a 380 and a 9MM. you can buy Russian ammo over the net for around 9.75 a box and factory ammo S&B, Privi ect can be had for around $14 a box. Mine were about $200 shipped to the house and had paint chipped off (these guns come with a factory epoxy like paint job in black) so I stripped them and reblued them both. These are my favorite guns to shoot behind my 1911. They are very accurate and fun to shoot and are not bad for CC. here is a link to a good site that shows how to breakdown an and has lots of good posts about refinishing and tweaks you can make to the gun. and the pic at the top of the first page is one of my 82s. Sailor curt 82 site
  7. I keep around 2,000 round of each 9mm, .45 ACP , 5.56, 22lr when it gets below 1,000 rounds I get another 1,000 when I see a sale. I keep around 1,000 of each 7.62x25, 7.62x39 and 9x18 when I get to around 500 I look for a sale or just the cheapest price and restock. So I always have around 8,000 - 10,000 rounds of various ammo so if there is ever and issue of availability or Zombie attack I am ready
  8. I will at times grab my .25 auto barretta 21a. I love the CZ-82 12 rounds of 9x18 in a small gun...works for me.
  9. Two great deals on Fed XM193 55gr and the 62gr from glens outdoors http://www.glensoutdoors.com/Federal-XM193...Ro-p/xm193f.htm http://www.glensoutdoors.com/Federal-M855-.../xm855lcac1.htm
  10. http://www.glensoutdoors.com/Federal-XM193...Ro-p/xm193f.htm Love this place. They used to sell it at for around $155 for 500 rounds or $289 for 1000 with free shipping but this is close to that if not better depending on shipping costs.
  11. My Kimber TLE with Ed Brown slim grips (cocobolo)
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