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  1. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Good Friday Morning. Literally
  2. Mack68

    Useless fads

    Useless? I dont know... A Fad? Yes Leggins / Yoga Pants...... I live in a college town, It is like a Uniform here!
  3. Mack68

    Good Morning (Bitter sweet memory)

    Good Morning.... and a Nice Remembrance .
  4. Mack68

    Keystone mini Mosin Nagant coming

  5. Mack68

    When to clean?

    If i had not lost mine in a boating accident, I would clean mine everytime I went shooting. And if they sat for a long time, I would do a light clean. that is if I still had them....
  6. Mack68


    Right Bundle Branch Block & left anterior fascicular block Dunno exactly what this means for my future, Guess I will find out on my Cardiologist follow up Friday. I do know it ends my FAA medical .... A little scared...... Otherwise I will see.....
  7. Mack68


  8. Mack68

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    ATL is that an ICAO code.....LOL or a Rap Star?
  9. Mack68

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    CUB is Owens Downtown airport. LOL most of us fair weather VFR pilots hang there.....
  10. Mack68

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    CUB or CAE
  11. Mack68

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Cool.... Your Flying part 135? What equip are you in? If you ever get down to KCUB/KCAE would love to shake your hand!
  12. Mack68

    Sun N' Fun

    Yeah, definitely not a task for a SOLO/SINGLE pilot... need EYES!
  13. Mack68

    Sun N' Fun

    90 Knots minimum separation , wag your wings, monitor tower , land at or beyond the green dot... YES!
  14. Mack68

    Sun N' Fun

    a 182 is faster then some of the LSA's they fly into there... LOL I am so Jelly! OSH is my real dream to Fly in FISK arrival ....