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  1. Mack68


    I feel left out....
  2. Doc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been AWOL and you will go to the brig for your transgressions!
  3. what ya think happened?
  4. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Ugg Good Morning? Its Raining, Stuck in house cant even go to church cuz Wife has Wuhan and we are quarantined Cant do yard work, nothing to watch on TV , tired of TV. Already counted all my ammo already cleaned my 1 gun washed dishes Cleaned house Boredom But Good Morning ! We are Alive!
  5. and Sadly, they have the votes to pass it and it is mostly like will
  6. did PA password change
  7. Really he is an Alien... He got stranded on this planet and is trying to build his spaceship back so he can get the HECK off this crazy ROCK!
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