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  1. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    ugg Good Morning... woke up with a tummy ache....
  2. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    From South Carolina!
  3. Good for her! one more removed from the gene pool. Sad thing is, there will be a civil suit brought by the dead scum bag's family (yup that same family that cared "soo much" for him) for wrongful death and the poor lady will go broke trying to defend herself. Thank A Lawyer.....
  4. Mack68

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Glad everyone is ok. its a horrible feeling for you im sure.. instinct is to protect them.
  5. Thanks Guys For all your words of encouragement over the past few months. I never realized how long it takes for the hiring process but, I am Here on day 2. Man do I have a lot to learn about bureaucratic process.... G
  6. Mack68

    The Langdon Elite LTT Beretta 92

    How You KNow When You Have Too Many Guns..... when you forget about having one....
  7. Mack68

    The Colt Advanced Combat Rifle

  8. Now that I am leaving this Firm, I need to deal with my 401K and the small 401k loan I have. Looking for some advice.
  9. Mack68

    Hey ALEXA!!

  10. Mack68

    Hey youngod

    Happy Birthday Doc!
  11. Mack68

    $350,000 oopsie

    they wanted Stofttop jeeps.... no RangeRovers...
  12. Mack68

    Hey Direwolf

    Happy Bday!~ Next when your 25 insurance will go down....lol
  13. Mack68

    Hey Gmountain

    Happy Happy G!
  14. Mack68

    Can you find the problem with this article

    BING BING BING yet another winner... My cop buddy says he seen 380 in 9s all the time.... thugs are idiot
  15. Mack68

    Well, Finally a job interview BUT....

    Well gentleman! I got the Job! Its A IT Manager II position with the STATE! Lots of stress, Anxiety, and sadness leaving my current firm but I have to think about the future. The State offers OUTSTANDING bennies. Hard to turn that and a Significant raise down. So My last day here is Nov. 30 1st day with State is Dec 3. Exciting & Scary..... Thanks for all your support.