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  1. Mack68

    I just spent my first SS check!

    More Like anit-social security with a purchase like that! I have a 43. 9mm Love it, Where you buy PSA?
  2. Mack68

    FL School Hires Two Combat Vets as Security Guards

    You forgot to mention, Not only were there no cops or school shootings, we all had guns in our pickups and knives in our pockets...
  3. Mack68

    South Carolina carry questions

    In SC, you can keep in your Glove box of Center Console legally. You can carry into and out of hotel, home, place of business and open carry when your on your way to the hunting stand or home from hunting stand but that last part might get some attention from non DNR coppers...
  4. Flesh, you have the whole upper?
  5. Mack68

    As if I needed more reasons to carry a gun!

    Terry, That on the EAST side of the River. look a a crime map, It is amazingly RED on the east side, Richland County. Why do you think LivePD has stayed with Richland County.
  6. Mack68

    The 300 RUM Chronicles

    My Brother has a 300RUM with a super nice brake, his 300RUM has less kick then my 6.8 SPC AR.... maybe a little exaggerated but needless to say, its fun to shoot with that brake.
  7. Mack68

    Nathaniel Phillips military record.

    Senior Chief Shipley Rocks!
  8. thats a BOLD statement considering BEVO the butthead came so close in Texas.... Austin is the New SanFran.... Texans better beware
  9. Mack68

    Some of you will not get this...

    LOL got it
  10. Mack68

    Only in Amerika; Not

    Cool... Guessing that was not GB? Maybe Sweden>
  11. Mack68

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    Always Drink Upstream from the Herd. Never Squat with yer spurs on.
  12. Mack68

    Gay man knocks up transgender boyfriend

    Point a finger? naw he just has to think it in to existence
  13. Mack68

    Powerfull.......a Must Watch......

    John, You posted this while I was typing. SPOT on, He (my little brother) hates the "disorder" tagged on the injury. A Disorder means it cannot be healed. He is a different person then he was just a few short years ago. One Can Heal! G
  14. Mack68

    Powerfull.......a Must Watch......

    Awesome, Reminds me of some of what my little brother went thru, I just spent 3 Days with him. He was US Navy Corpsman FMF with 3rd marines in Iraq. It is clear being with him, what PTS can do and how he heals. Being the only other Vet in the family (even tho i was only on a ship) , Our time together is special. Today he only seems to have former combat vets as friends. Just put him on a plane this morning back to Portland. Appreciate and Love Him and all our vets!
  15. Mack68

    Question for you Army guys.

    Re-run commercial from Desert Storm.....