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  1. What Will Kill Michael Sussmann ? A. Suicide B. COVID19 C. Plane Crash How Long Before A,B or C Happen A. 3 Months B. 6 Months C. 12 Months D. > 12months
  2. A friend of Mine that lives in Honea Path, used a Screen to make a mask.... No one questions him when he uses it... It is a riot ! I myself have been asked where is my mask, I pointed to my head and said "I have CS and don't wear a mask" people looked at me then went about business.. friend tht was with me later asked "wht is CS" my answer.... Common sense
  3. I remember the local news stations Getting Really Excited when this store Opened (changed name) to the Obama Store when he was elected Prez...... this seems fitting..... COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A local convenience store is no longer allowed to sell beer and wine following a recent court hearing, officials say. The Obama Store, 5831 North Main Street, has been denied the renewal of its beer and wine permit as of Sept. 9, 2021. Community leaders and residents testified in Administrative Law Court that they had seen public drunkenness, prostitution, vagrancy and threatening behavior from people coming and going from the Obama Store. The store is also a burden on law enforcement resources and a significant contribution to the decline of the community. “This is going to be a major step in getting our community cleaned up and built up,” Gwendolyn Singletary, the Executive Director of the Wiley Kennedy Foundation said. “We love this community and we have built lasting partnerships between law enforcement, faith-based groups, homeowners and business owners that will continue to help us bring back the decency to this area. We want to attract new businesses and families and ensure it a safe and desirable place to live.” “This was a difficult task and I am proud to have citizens in Richland County who care about their communities and stand up for what is right,” Sheriff Lott said. “This business has been a strain on law enforcement and the neighbors who live around it. Thank you to the Wiley Kennedy Foundation and the Department of Revenue who were instrumental in this case. This goes to show what can happen when law enforcement and the community work together.” https://www.wistv.com/page/business/local/richland-county-convenience-store-denied-alcohol-permit-renewal/
  4. One of the Most Intelligent Reponses to this thing so far.
  5. just wonder how true this really is.... so much mis-information out there these days
  6. Welcome FNG If I owned an AR-15 I would tell you all i know.... so what I do know is, the AR-15 is an Extremely High Powered Assault Rifle that was made for Military use and shouldn't be owned by mere civilian.... You should really get rid of that thing.... If you need help getting rid of it just let me, or anyone here, know and we will be glad to assist!
  7. As long as they have ADSB turned on....
  8. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Carolina
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