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  1. Jamey Harrison, He is a Pelosi lackey , worked for her , she was his 'mentor'.... can stand hearing his commercials. But I a afraid he might get it.. SC with a Leftist... Uggg
  2. didnt say anything about them being full auto parts?
  3. So sorry for your lose Being childless, we treasure our pups.
  4. Mack68

    Airplane !

    You are correct! to a degree. Flying the 150 in xWinds and getting to the point where I don't even think about doing the Xwind correction, and its just an natural thing, is my goal. It will require more work yes, But I kinda think about it like, the harder I work the more i learn and the 150s gear handles cross loading (when i mess up and I am sure I will mess up) much much better then say the Piper Arrow, with RG, i was also offered a buy in. My goal is to get a ton of hours and maybe even my Inst-Cert then look at a larger plane like the Arrow, 182 or even a BO. Its also nice not having to pay the stupid high rental prices around here. there are 2 172's for rent around $165 hour. EDIT: the link is broke... is it that video where the guy lands, rolls off runway across grass and into a hangar? if so did you see where he firewalled the throttle? and pulled the yoke all the way back? and had ZERO xWind Correction? Hope he is alright....and had renters insurance....
  5. Mack68

    Airplane !

    Yike! Well being a low time pilot, I avoid windy days, I need to do more xWind training ergo, I bought a plane that is forgiving .....
  6. Mack68

    Airplane !

    We need Art Nall's Civilian Owned Harrier Jump Jet
  7. Mack68

    Airplane !

    It is not an Aerobat although it has had the STC rudder fix that allows spins. that said, I don't plan on spinning. Its a very Low time 150. 2799 TTAF. Crazy I know. Yeah ive flown saftey pilot in the airplane for the original owner dowin approaches under the hood. it bounces like crazy...LOL but then again push the black knob and UP she goes .......... Nope N63270 EDIT PS Oh and it is Extremely Fun to fly !
  8. Cops waiting for him outside, quietly haul him away.... 1984
  9. Mack68

    Airplane !

    Last Wednesday I bought my first airplane ! It is not a big jet only a Cessna 150m, Its low time and is IFR Certified! Took her (Louise) up for my first flight in her yesterday! Will be great for building hours and experience. I hope soon to post some flying pics! No more guns now I have a different place to dump my money. guess my gun safe will not get any more guns for awhile!
  10. Something to reference his famous comment , "every getting a new gun but me" or Maybe a Drag Racer with a AR?
  11. Dynamite would fixed it quick
  12. Noneya needs his own Emoji in the Armory!
  13. In honor of Noneya Everybody is getting a new gun except me....
  14. I just cleaned it up some try again?
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