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  1. Mack68

    Kobe Bryant and #4 others killed Helicopter

    Sorceress21 I have a Good friend flys for PSA. He is also a CFI he Swears that if CFI's s would train the way the airlines train there would be FAR LESS Crashes , especially due to LOC. Wow that 17,800 more hours then me . Would like to see a pic of your Lancair. RIP for all those lost in aviation accidents this past week.
  2. Mack68

    Hog Hunting Mountable Lights

    We killed 26 Hogs Last year with these... https://www.wickedhuntinglights.com/ Mounted on AR
  3. Mack68

    Democrats in VA....Say Piss Off

    I am Shocked! Shocked I tell ya !
  4. Bravo Bravo..... "clapping* bravo......
  5. So glad VA turned out... with that said. I predict it will not change a dang thing!
  6. dems want something to happen so bad.....
  7. i predict violence.... its what the dems want
  8. yup , dig holes in your back yard.....
  9. Mack68

    Global Cooling At Your House

    its like Summer here
  10. Mack68

    Another Texas church shooting

    Don't say its shut down. Its only my opinion.
  11. Mack68

    Another Texas church shooting

    Nope.... Instant Target.....
  12. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    What I Fine Morning ! and an Impeachment too boot!