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  1. Mack68

    A poll about guns.

    Agreed.... What ever happened to Scotto?
  2. Mack68

    FORD v FERRARI = Most Excellent Movie

    Heck with Ford vs Ferrari I wanna watch RAMPY vs Adair !!! Boomer vs. Millennial ................ AARP vs Cafe Latte .............. Golden Girls vs. Pokemon Go Boiis Go!
  3. Mack68

    Bye Bye Gallbladder.... INPUT PLEASE

    OK Update All went well, surgeon said there was scar tissue on my GB. Its been almost a week and i am back to 85%..... Not a bad recovery at all. Now, once my inards get back to normal, I will see if it fixed my issues. Wait and See.... Thanks for the info an encouragement
  4. I dunno Terry, a POTUS with dementia may be kinda fun....... LOL
  5. Mack68

    Bye Bye Gallbladder.... INPUT PLEASE

    Large Fatty Meals Eh? So no fried Chicken? Venison is Lean....
  6. So on the 14th having Laproscopic GB remaval. Gonna Suck!
  7. Giant! my Fav Dean Movie!
  8. Mack68

    Pants poll!!!

    and watch sling tv
  9. Mack68

    Pants poll!!!

  10. Mack68

    Pants poll!!!

    I miss my old Navy Dungarees....... tough but not stylish!
  11. I surfed a Gun Forum...
  12. DB for sure... Hellava Recovery Vehicle tho....