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    Facebook Censorship Alive and well.....

    oh... when did the Truth become unacceptable.. were doomed!
  2. Mack68

    Facebook Censorship Alive and well.....

    Rampy what "exactly" did you say?
  3. Personally, I firmly believe that these are Goa'uld Al'kesh that are doing recon flights looking for Cheyenne Mountain and the SGC. That means there are probably Ha'tak Motherships just outside radar range beyond the moon. Most Likely they are from Baal's Mother-ship . I'm not worried tho... Col. Cam Mitchell and SG-1 will save us yet again! Although, I could be wrong because somewhere out there the Ori and Adria ,the orici, have been out there converting the galaxy to Origin.....Hallowed are the Ori..... G.
  4. Mack68

    It's a Jeep thing

    Spot on! I have a 2017. I actually "Use" my jeep for more then a daily driver. We do several Overland Trips a Year and I use it at the Farm all the time especially during Hunting season. Mine is not "modded" out. I have a 2.5 inch American expeditionary vehicles (AEV) suspension lift with BFG 33's (285/75-17) They give a little larger tire without being gaudy and unusable. I have a Mounted Superwhich 9500 (which I actually use not only on the trail, but at the farm and around the house) I also have a tailgate rack that carrys alot of "overland" gear when on the trail. Around hear we have a large college, UofSC , and they DO NOT wave, also all the Super Modded Mall Crawlers rarely wave. Once your a jeep "operator/user" you recognize if a Jeep is a Mall Crawler or a Jeep Enthusiast and I pretty much always get waves from the later. OH and the new Jeep JL model NEVER wave.... loosers.... LOL
  5. Mack68

    What you did for the 4th?

    I Laid my 13 year Aussie to rest. Now both my FurKids have left and my house feels empty. happy fourth? Naw not this year.
  6. Mack68

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    Yes because making chief has MUCH more honor - respect than being an Ensign. I have a Retired friend , Retired as LT, But still prefers Chief since he went as High as Senior Chief.. I've known a couple of mustangs that didn't mind it in an informal respect greeting.
  7. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Yeah. We do, Today after work going to Panteo Range to Test some 6.8 loads What part of Cola?
  8. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Ditto from Famously Hot Columbia !
  9. https://products.rivian.com/ much more promising
  10. Mack68

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Been awhile since i sat at the bench since moving into our new house over a year and half ago. Started last night working up some new 6.8spc loads with Accurate 2230. I forgot how relaxing reloading is!
  11. Mack68

    Fascinating information about poles.

    Pole Dancers too....
  12. Mack68

    The bible from god or mans creation?

    Only going to say 3 words then I am done. "out of Context" I am done. Love Ya Brother!
  13. Id be willing to bet they too are Anti-gun I AM SO DANG SICK OF PRODUCT & SERVICE PROVIDERS TAKING POLITICAL STANCES......... Just make your products and leave politics alone......
  14. Mack68

    Hey captainbarred

  15. Mack68

    New ride.

  16. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Not so good.... Driving into the Parking Garage this morning, the barrier (bassicly PVC pipe) cam down on the hood of my Jeep and left huge white scuff marks... Luckly no denting.. GRRRRR Urban Trail marks i guess....
  17. Mack68

    Gene Simmons On America

    never cared for kiss but,
  18. Mack68

    Powder and powder measuring for .223

    I like the Accurate 2230. I use it for my .223 Coyote Loads in my Savage Bolt Rifle. Never shot it through the AR tho.
  19. Mack68

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    Yes its called the United State Constitution !
  20. Mack68

    2020 Jeep Gladiator

    A Base Model with Max Tow is $44k...... No Thanks.... I will stick with Buffy! my 2017 JK Unlimited
  21. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Hump Day
  22. Mack68

    Indian spammer

    My application was denied in 2018....
  23. Mack68

    Jeep Skidder!

    Fun! Be careful that log doesn't over take you....
  24. Mack68

    Good Morning!

    Good Friday Morning. Literally