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  1. sorry guys i haven't been on in a while. its been wintery here for a few months but is starting to get nice so im going out soon to try out some loads. my lee reloading manual doesn't have the 168 gr bthp at all and both alliant powder and nosler's website didn't have what i wanted. ill start at 42 gr and see what i can do. thanks for the help everyone.
  2. mega billet .308 charging handle. used for 30 rounds. has little marks where it hits the receiver, otherwise like new. $20 dpms miculek .308 compensator. used for 30 rounds. $40 umarex/colt sopmod stock. i have one on my .308 and its worked wonderfully. very sturdy and thick. i didn't notice much difference between this and my lmt except no sling mount spot. like new condition. i sold my lmt and bought another. $35 teflon coated red cleaning rod for rifle with .22 patch loop. great condition. $10 unknown ar15 carry handle. looks new. got in a trade with a bunch of other stuff. until i find out the brand, asking $30 magpul mbus set. like new. $45 SOLD pelican tan 1720 case. i can include my foam but its cut for two pistols, mags, bipod and 18" rifle. so my guess is you can't use it but itll come with it anyway. looks new. never abused. $150 SOLD bianchi universal pistol holster. comes with cleaning rod. $30 i can ship most of these for cheap except the cleaning rod, its just too long. itll cost extra to ship it. around $5 should be enough for shipping on any of these, and that will include if you buy multiple things. pics here: http://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab215/t...for%20sale%202/
  3. thanks for the info i realize using the components is part of developing a load, but if i can't even get on paper at all it means its going to cost a lot more than usual. i was hoping for a starting point before i start trying to perfect it. i was wondering if the barrel just likes different loads than others in particular. ive built up lots of loads for 223 but am new to 308
  4. seriously, when you guys get your barrels, it would be awesome if you can post results and load data if you have it. i have shot 30 rounds with a normal load and haven't been able to get results and don't want to waste reloading components until i get a starting point. i have a thread just below this one to talk about it once people start receiving their barrels.
  5. i appreciate the info but comparing completely different rifles is difficult to do. im looking for one in the .308 AR
  6. since people are starting to buy up the blackhole weaponry .308 barrels, i thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about loads and accuracy. i just got mine and tried a standard load of 40 gr RL15 with 168 gr bthp bullets and couldn't even get on paper, so before i waste a lot of loads i am going to wait until others post decent loads that worked in their barrels. im running the 3 polygonal barrel with 18 inches. please post anything that works for you so i can have a good starting point
  7. i finally got to look at some knights rails the other day, never seen them in person until then. theyre nice but nothing special. much better to save some money and go dd or larue in my opinion, although in some cases you won't be saving a ton. utg's are borderline plastic in feel, there is a big difference. but im not not knocking basic, cheap rails, most of the time they serve the purpose just fine
  8. any chance you could post a pic of it?
  9. its very similar but im not sure its exactly the same. also the pof has the rail put right onto the receiver, not on the top rail of the receiver. im curious as to how wide it is and if it feels bulky. im looking to get one for my 18 inch.
  10. anyone ever used this? have pics? its the one that has the continuous rail that mates to the receiver. im kind of curious about it but even when i google it in images i can lamost nothing
  11. i agree. i feel like we've talked about this before...
  12. so are these barrels dpms .308 or ar-10 compatible? it says both more or less, but the bcg's you sell are dpms. its looking like the headspace between the dpms bcg and the barrel extension is in the no go category.
  13. thanks for the reply. well its weird cause (this is all carbine stuff by the way) people say it won't work but when i charge the bcg back it completely clears the dust cover and then some. ive also heard dpms uses the same buffer tube (not the same as the one i have necessarily, but they use their own) on both their ar15 and 308, so im not sure if their tube is normal ar15 length or not. im still waiting to hear back from them.
  14. actually id say it WILL work just as well on an ar, the issue is how long and under what conditions. red dots aren't all that complicated or special functionality wise. its not like its a chinese toy that if you drop it on the carpet from two feet itll break. theyre fairly durable, but yes if you are over in iraq or even if you just train extremely hard, you are going to want an aimpoint incase you happen to incur some significant bumping, dropping, smashing, etc. also, with vortex's customer service, its not like you have to worry about being up a creek if it breaks under normal use. now if the zombies invade and vortex is no more or you are in the field, sure, a breakdown is a major problem. fact is 99.9999999999% of ar users will never, ever have to fire it at a person let alone be in a "combat" situation. most are leisure users. aimpoint is good for its pocket of users and vortex is good for its pocket of users. (so basically i am agreeing with you for the most part) as a side note, although the vortex red dots are made as a budget buy, i don't think theyre normal rifle scopes are. ive seen their viper line and just got to check out their pst line and they are LEGIT. don't let the price tag fool you. ive used some leupold's, bushnell's, burris's, pretty much the works except nightforce (which from reviews people say is still not as much better as the pst's as youd think) and i can honestly say the pst is just as good at half the cost of most of them. now, you might be able to make the argument leupold's hold up to wear and tear better, but vortex tests theirs on large caliber rifles extensively. leupold's being more durable is only speculation really. they are an amazing buy for the money. if youve got $2k plus, go get a nightforce or swarovski or s&b, but at $700-800, the pst will beat almost anything up to that
  15. so im building a .308 and happen to have a mil spec ar15 buffer tube. i have a 308 buffer and spring. everyone says you have to use slash's buffer, it won't work. but i can't find anywhere why exactly. i am assuming its due to the length, where the buffer will hit the back of the buffer tube. even if this occurs, is it hugely noticeable or does it affect the operation of the rifle? i just don't want to drop $100 on a buffer without need. ive searched everywhere and everyone says you have to but i want to know from someone with experience why EXACTLY. thanks
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