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  1. Thanks for all the input, especially all the links to previous posts on the subject. I believe that I will get an A2 flashhider for the time being for if nothing else to protect the threads on the barrel. Two more quick questions. The crush washer - is it to assure that after torquing to 15 to 20 FOOT/POUNDS that the threads are not stretched by flattening out slightly? And do I have to replace the washer every time I replace the muzzle device? Thanks again, that dumb country boy from East TX Bill
  2. My new rra operator elite 2 came with a muzzle brake. Like all muzzle brakes, the volume behind the gun is ALOT higher, but recoil is reduced. I have a 308 Savage model 16 with a muzzle brake that can be turned on or off, and the reduction in recoil after a lot of shooting is well worth the use of ear plugs and ear muffs. Now my questions. I am new to the 223 caliber. Is a muzzle brake really keeping the rifle under control and on target that much better than either not using one or switching it out to a flash hider? Is the recoil so great that one might benefit from the use of a brake if shooting alot in a day? I am not a small framed person and I do shoot my M1A and PTR-91 without brakes and with no discomfort. Does anyone know how to unscrew the brake with knowledge of how it may be secondarily attached (pinned,welded,set screw,etc.) so I do not mess anything up? Any special tools required? Thanks a lot for any and all assistance, Dumb country boy Bill
  3. Dang...I just bought 1000 rounds of AE for 310 after shipping. Bill
  4. Ken67 - well said. The reason I like this forum is there are not many "well you should have (fill in the blank)" instead there are a lot of "sweet choice... What can I help you with?" Thanks, Bill
  5. Thanks all for a great welcome and great info. I got the Larue rail covers - great covers and reasonably priced. Working on a butt stock sling holder thingy. Going to a gun show today and will see what I can come up with. Still one week before we can shoot. My wife may be taking it away from me at that time as she really likes the fit and feel of the ar platform. May be purchasing another one in the near future (for me). Still looking for a good supply of ammo, many magazines, and an extended mount for scope. Which brings me to another question. How high is too high for optics with this rifle? I realize it is a relatively soft shooting rifle that does not easily get of target with every shot, but is there a point where control and line of sight through a scope is lost or hard to find with every shot with increasing height? Should I look at removing The Dominator2 eotech mount and mount the scope on the flat rail, or space a scope above the mount (still not as high as mounting above a handle)? Also, stacking rail on rail on rail.... supposing good quality rails, is accuracy/reliability compromised a lot? Any thoughts appreciated!! Thanks, Bill
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. One more thing. It seems that when the words "picatinny rail" comes up the sound of cash registers ringing fills the air. I understand they must be machined to exacting specs, but what about covers. They simply snap on and are molded out of plastic or rubber-like material. Are they actually plastic covered gold? Anyone have a line on some inexpensive covers that are worth buying, and if not what is a good cover? Thanks again, Bill
  7. Never thought of that , makes good sense. Thanks
  8. I have been lurking here a while as a guest, and have seen something I really like - down to earth real answers to whatever anyone throws out. Hey everybody!! I am new to 223 and have, through research in this forum, decided that a rock river operator elite 2 is what I should buy. Three more days to pick up. Please bear with me as I am not yet privy to the search function and have some questions. 1. Magazines - I have heard Magpul and C products are good mags, or should I order the rra mags? Any better or worse? 2. I have ordered some PMC ammo for break-in. Any experience with the steel cased shells in the rra lar15's? 3. I will need a sling. What works for you guys and where do I find one? 4. Any leads to helpful hints on the rifle, or ar15's in general would be much appreciated. Well enough for now. Thanks for your help. Bill
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