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  1. When I get some of my ducks in a row, we'll have to make it happen. I love clamming and crabbing, and since I've done it a few times, the regulations aren't that scary. I've never shot a wild turkey, that might be fun too. We will definitely get together this next year to make something happen. Maybe I can con Newbe into tagging along, see if he wants to whack a critter or three.
  2. I always liked my Eotech, sang it's praises for years and years. But when there were that many having that many problems... well, I'm not having one on a work rifle. I also won't allow anything other than new Eotechs on other rifles in the PD. They buy them factory new and take them out of the box, fine. Otherwise not so much. I've switched to Aimpoint PRO and haven't looked back.
  3. Brother, we need to do an Armory hunting trip. You live in some of the best blacktail area in the state. Ditto for fishing. I don't get out hunting nearly as much as I'd like, same with fishing. We have world class hunting and fishing in this state, we've got to take advantage of it. I can loan you a rifle that's a little smaller if you need it...
  4. Pepper

    Jailed a new one today

    One of the dumbest things I ever did was trade away a S&W 686. I'm low-key looking for another, and the 3" is a perfect barrel length.
  5. Pepper

    Pants poll!!!

    Growing up, my granddad had a pair of tin pants, and a tin coat. Almost every outdoor photo of him, he's wearing that tin coat. I wish he hadn't been a little guy, I'd have treasured that coat. It was probably 25-30 years old, and still getting worn almost daily in the winter. I really need to break down and buy myself one.
  6. Pepper

    Pants poll!!!

    I wear three types of pants, uniforms, jeans, and BDUs. Tru-Spec or Propper for BDU's, Wrangler jeans, and Blauer uniforms. We generally issue 5.11 uniforms, but they're absolute junk that fit me like garbage. To have them fit me right in the leg, I have to get them 3-4 sizes too large at the waist. Their shirts are worse. If I get a long sleeve to fit my arms, I'm swimming in it through the body. I don't know how they figure out proportions, but it's goofy. BDUs are whatever black or dark blue and is on sale from a decent company. I beat the snot out of them, so really don't care who makes them. Jeans are Wrangler because I'm not supporting Levi's, and I can't bring myself to buy expensive pants that I'll probably tear up or stain within a few months anyway.
  7. Pepper

    I'm done with Chinese footwear.

    I'm glad you found relief TT. I've battled finding GOOD footwear myself. When I was younger, I could wear damned near anything. I developed plantar fasciitis, and even "expensive" good shoes hurt. I moved away from Bates, and any cheaper boots for work. I bit the bullet and went back to Danner Acadias. Not the cheap Chinese boots that they make that are throwaways, but the old fashioned Acadias with the replaceable sole. I'm not completely cured yet, but my feet already feel better. I find myself putting on my work boots on my days off. I'm now saving for some good winter outdoor boots, I've got my eye on Danner's Ft. Lewis fully insulated boot. Those things are heavy, but well worth it.
  8. Pepper

    Basic minimum tool kit to carry

    When I go on trips, I usually take a pretty good selection of tools. I take fluids, some spare heater hose, and that's about it for specific tools. I check everything else before I go on trips, and don't let worn belts or soft hoses stick around. Fluids and filters stay changed, and if something is a known issue, I fix it before the trip. I try to stay as familiar as I can with the status of my rigs. I have one that I haven't wrenched on much, and I know very little about it, or the state of most of the components. Luckily it's just a farm truck that isn't trusted for long trips really. Few things I try to never forget, at least one spare tire for each vehicle going on the trip. If I am taking the trailer, I take my floor jack as well since it stows easily. It's SOOOOOO much easier to roll that under an axle than it is to lay down on wet or cold pavement trying to get a hydraulic jack, or some factory jack positioned properly under something. I'll throw in a 12 ton hydraulic jack too, just for good measure, but if I'm changing a tire, I'm using the floor jack. I take jumper cables, and the trailer has 2 extra batteries and solar charging capability. As far as recovery gear, I usually take a tow strap, and a cable comealong. Some tie-down straps, both heavy duty, and light duty make it in too. Never know when you're going to need to secure a load, or pull something heavy.
  9. This girl I went to school with, her grandfather was a little nutty. He worked in used cars over several decades. He would buy cars that struck his fancy, or that just intrigued him. If he could get a stellar deal on a car, he'd buy it. He never sold any. When he died, his wife thought he just had the 25 or so cars on their property. She thought she'd take her time selling them off. Most were in pretty poor shape, but there were semi trailers filled with some pretty rare parts and pieces. She thought it might be difficult, but then she found out it would be nearly impossible. She started getting bills for warehouse rent. She sent her oldest boy to check things out, and he eventually located 7 or 8 different buildings or warehouses that the old guy had rented over the years. Each and every one was completely stuffed with cars, parts, and none of it was complete junk. All locked away in dry storage. Some were common as dirt, and nobody cared. Some were really rare. It took them almost a dozen years to go through and liquidate all the cars and trucks he had. The grand total was somewhere north of 150 cars, and several semi loads of parts. I bought a truck from them, it was nothing special, and the old guy probably got it for peanuts 20 years before and just stashed it away. \ I remember the girl's dad complaining that he moved 11 Nash Metropolitans from a warehouse to their home in preparation for getting them running and ready to sell, and they all turned up missing the carburetors. Apparently (only going by what he told me, I know nothing of this) the Nash carburetor was a direct bolt-on replacement for a Harley Davidson carburetor, and with a little tinkering, would run better and make more power on the Harley than the stock carb ever could.
  10. Pepper

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    Your uncle might have been onto something. I love and cherish mine, but Lord, the "change" is upon us... and some days it makes ya' wonder.
  11. Pepper

    Anyone in the Vegas area - Update

    Dude. I live 40 miles from Woodburn. That would be awesome.
  12. Pepper

    Car Batteries

    I am running the AGM sold by O'Reilly's, it was considerably cheaper than the Optima. I will say that the last Optima I had was 11 years old, tested like new, and was sold in a vehicle that I know kept that battery for another 5. I bought a Bi-Mart battery for the wife's Jeep, and my Jeep, mainly because they needed new batteries, and I just didn't have the extra scratch to throw down for a couple Optimas. That was 7 or 8 years ago, and the one in the wife's TJ was doing fine when it was traded in this summer, and the one in my CJ seems to be fine, but most of the time when the Jeep isn't being used, it's on a battery maintainer. There are only 2-3 standard lead acid battery manufacturers in the country, most everything is just a name. Find one that works, has the warranty you want, and keep it maintained properly. Those Bi-Mart batteries are good to go, without question. I think I've got 5 in use at the moment, including the 2 deep cycle batteries in the trailer.
  13. Pepper


    I love pistol caliber carbines, of any variety. I played with a Ruger PC carbine when they first came out, decided I desperately needed one. For the money, I'm not sure I could beat it. It's more accurate than it needs to be, and is pretty dang handy. Without the finicky issues of some AR pistol caliber carbines.... what's not to love?
  14. Pepper

    Anyone in the Vegas area - Update

    That would be beyond awesome. I would love to be able to say I turned wrenches on a car like that, even if it was to loosen and then re-tighten a bolt somewhere. Too bad I'm stuck working. You ever come to Oregon for drags, I'm your guy. I'll give you some grunt work for a weekend.
  15. Pepper

    What do you think...a poll.

    I am usually a "live and let live" kinda guy. I don't give two shats about what my neighbor does on his land, I'm not paying his mortgage. HOWEVER, unless he has a safe backstop, he shouldn't be shooting. And if he's only a couple hundred feet from you, it's doubtful he has a safe backstop. Flat land, 5-10 acre parcels, unless someone has constructed a backstop, there's no way it's safe to be firing a heavy caliber rifle. If his backstop is the side of a hill, I probably wouldn't squawk too much unless he made a point of continuing to do it. I made a deal with my next door neighbor. We both are into guns, and both have horses and dogs. My dog is skittish around gunfire, I only ask that he notify me when he goes to shoot so I can give her a happy pill and put on some music to drown out the sound. I told him I'd do the same, it's only courtesy. We both have natural backstops, a large hill at the back of our property.