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  1. If you're going to be more than 10-15 minutes from EMS help (regularly), then I would suggest in taking (along with everyone else in your household) primary first aid, CPR, and AED classes. Buy an AED, and keep it handy, especially if there are older folks around. If you suspect you or another person is having a cardiac event, take an aspirin (chew up an adult tablet or two), as it may maintain or restore blood flow to the heart. GET THEM TO EMS right away, without waiting for life's conveniences. That's how people die. A large percentage of people don't survive long enough to hit the floor with their first heart attack, if you're still breathing and there's any possibility your heart is involved, GET TO A HOSPITAL or EMS IMMEDIATELY. There are dozens of things we can deal with, blood, broken bones, bites, whatever. But a heart issue that isn't addressed in time can and will kill you.
  2. About four months ago, my brother was tagged in photos with his son, and his son's radical lefty girlfriend. They were all wearing black, with gas masks, makeshift armor, and carrying small bats, with the caption, "Going to war with the police tonight". I haven't spoken to him, or my whacko sister since. As far as I'm concerned, they're dead to me. I have spent a good portion of my adult life risking everything for people I don't know, and they want to "go to war" with everything I stand for? They can f*** right off.
  3. Yep. I forgot one. The local K9 training and deployment doctrine has changed. No longer allowing a K9 to track property felons. Stolen cars, theft, commercial burglary, whatever, doesn't matter. Unless it's a violent person crime, they won't deploy a dog. No chase, no dog, nothing.
  4. No point in trying to do anything about it. We're dealing with folks that just won't put plates on their cars. We try to stop them, they take off. Most agencies won't pursue, including Portland. The cops get called off from the chase, and the turd runs a couple dozen blocks, dumps his stolen ride, and walks away. Unless it's a violent felony, there isn't going to be any chase, and the turds know it. Even OSP won't chase unless it's a violent felony. I think there are three agencies in my county that will pursue, and then it's really restricted.
  5. You're a much nicer guy than I am. When she says it looks good and asks what it is, my reply would be something like, "Looks like you're going to go make yourself a sammich."
  6. My MIL lives with us, and has to have a TV running 24/7. Drives me batty, she's asleep in a chair, has the TV running. Reading her tablet, TV running. Reading a book, TV running. I flatly refuse to watch her crap, no matter what. Turns out the noise from car/4x4/hotrodding shows is enough to keep her reading/sleeping/whatever when I'm in the room.
  7. There are worse ways to go out of this world. If it's defending the innocent or the weaker in our society, so be it. That's what we do.
  8. I have heard Belize can be a paradise. Retired American cops are treasured there, and donation of some vests, some gear, and a little training, and the local police consider you their new best friend. I was told that what an average home sells for here, is considered a fortune down there, that will last a retired person nearly a lifetime. If I didn't have my youngest still in school, I'd seriously consider it. I think we could live quite well down there with what I can get out of my retirement and what I can sell my property here for.
  9. Cops in Oregon are done being proactive. Dope cops have all but ceased to exist. Traffic stops used as a way to make felony arrests, done. The ability for street cops to be anything but glorified security guards are over. Instead of doing anything about a problem, we write a report, and hope that a district attorney doesn't actually DO anything, lest the state appellate or supreme courts decide to create new laws through ruling against the current ones. This state is lost. The disease that took over California, and turned it from a paradise to a socialist's wet dream has spread north, and has enveloped enough of the population centers to take over the entire state. I love this state, and the natural beauty that it has to offer, from the desert to the mountains, to the oceans. But it is lost. I would move to a "free" state, but alas I am afraid that those are harder and harder to come by. Once conservative strongholds like Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, now have their liberal leaning population centers. As they grow, the disease will take over those states as well. I still may move, hoping that the "freedom" lasts as long as I do. I've given up hope of any meaningful change for my children.
  10. I decided long ago that I would no longer remain silent. Even if I don't get up in their grill, I'm going to deflect whatever hate they're throwing at the disadvantaged person. I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by quietly while someone does some shat like that. We meet up Ramps, I owe you another beer.
  11. That sucks brother, I'm so sorry to hear this. Like others, I'm going to suggest you bite the bullet and get them fixed. While the time off would suck, the continual living with pain would suck worse, wouldn't it?
  12. I thought my family was the only one to wash out ziploc bags. I know I still can't bring myself to buy the brand name, I always get the store brand bags.
  13. That old iron is very cool. Nice of you to donate that one to the museum, I remember you saying you didn't want your wife using it, that's why you got the new diesel.
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