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  1. That's my kind of drink. I need to figure out the recipe.... I've got a buddy from SK, maybe he'll hook me up. He's been threatening to take me to SK for a week's partying... I'm not sure I could keep up with him.
  2. The founder, and until recently, owner of AR15.com has passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Love or hate the site, Ed was a patriot and at his heart, a good man. The world is a lesser place because of his passing.
  3. I think this is at the crux of the matter. This is all uncharted territory for us. We've got stressors, all of us, that we've never seen before. This is as new as it gets, and is going to be on the forefront of half of the discussions about ANYTHING. From what recipe for dried shat or MRE cooking, to "I'm bored with being in quarantine, so I'm trying my hand at reloading". We'll work through it. As long as everyone remembers that we're all here for a common reason, patriots all, for the preservation of our rights, and to promote the shooting sports/hobby/way of life, we'll be fine.
  4. Pepper

    Pent-up Anger

    Here's my take on things. Chili does not have beans. Chili with beans is bean soup with meat added. Beans are what poor people put in soup when they couldn't afford meat. Best chili I've ever had was some stuff made by an old Mexican woman, pretty sure the meat was goat. And the only beans were some nearby for the burritos she was making. 9mm is where it's at. The .45 is a dead and/or dying round. Only the neophytes, baby boomers and those who feel eternally nostalgic still shoot it. I think that people being cooped up at home for weeks on end, limited entertainment that doesn't come from a screen, and less social interaction in person means that things are going to be a little.... heated... from time to time. This place is a bit of a blowoff valve. I'm all for allowing people to vent, as long as it doesn't carry over from thread to thread, and we're not following people around taking potshots. If that happens, we might have to pump the brakes on individual members. It's ok to disagree, it's ok to be passionate about your opinion. Just keep the other guy in mind, know he's probably a patriot as well, and we're going to have to stick together in the end to make it through this. Even if the other guy is a .45 carrying, bean eating heathen.
  5. Many stores are now banning reusable bags, and aren't charging for the paper bags.
  6. There's no sign of martial law on the horizon. In Oregon, the stay at home order has zero teeth for ordinary citizens. You don't need travel papers, you don't need anything except to go about your business. Businesses have been cut back, but if they're not open to the public, they may operate all they wish. We are empowered to disperse gatherings if we want, but I'm not seeing any, so it's not important. People are generally doing all right with it, now. The 'tards who went ahead and went to crowded areas for spring break, that may screw us as far as new infections. The curve has to stay flat, and if we can make it another 2-3 weeks, we'll be all right, we can see some restrictions being lifted. This is the hardest kind of thing to deal with, we don't practice or train for pandemics. The agencies that do were mostly shuffled off to the back burner, because we're a pretty healthy society. But this bottleneck of ventilators is going to be a real problem if we're not careful. This isn't, or shouldn't be a liberal/conservative issue. The population centers/cities can get overrun with critical cases, and then you ain't seen nothing yet. Overwhelm local hospital ventilator capacity, and they'll move in military hospitals to try to pick up the slack. If they get overrun, we could see another Italy, where an ethics board makes decisions about whether you're healthy enough to get a ventilator. If we stretch out the number of infections over a long enough period, we'll weather this all right. Stay home if you can. If you can't, stay as far away from people as you can. Wash your hands. Use sanitizers and gloves if you have to touch other people or their stuff. If you get infected, stay home unless you need to go to the hospital. Hopefully your infection is asymptomatic, or mild, and even more, hopefully you don't infect anyone else from a group that could die from this.
  7. For the most part, I am representative of my department. Neighboring agencies, and some millennial cops, maybe not so much. But those of us old enough to think for ourselves will lead the young ones, and are often in charge of training the new ones in the ways of the world. Hopefully I am rubbing off on the youth of my profession.
  8. Pepper

    CA issues statewide “stay home” order

    If it comes down to it, we may do checkpoints. Don't have the manpower to staff enough to lock down my little city, let alone major metro areas. Too many ways in and out of cities and neighborhoods. But we could make it inconvenient enough for *most* people to stay home. While I'm not necessarily a fan of how they're doing what they're doing, I admit it needs to be done. If we don't, we won't flatten the infection curve, and we'll overwhelm hospitals and facilities.
  9. Pepper

    Country Music Icon Kenny Rogers Dies at 81

    He was an icon. RIP Kenny.
  10. Pepper

    CA issues statewide “stay home” order

    Laughable at best. I can't arrest people for real crimes and send them to jail, but they're suggesting LE do something about a "stay at home order"? Order this Governor Brown. I won't be bothering any decent people, businesses, or anything else during this mess. Hell, I've only left the office twice tonight. I don't anticipate leaving again until my shift is nearly over.
  11. Pepper

    I working on a plan....

    I always take the shampoo and soaps. My wife rolls her eyes, but I like having a gallon ziploc baggie of extra bits of soap/shampoo for camping, stocking my locker at work, etc.
  12. Pepper

    Amazon to hire 100,000 workers

    Local Kroger subsidiary is hiring like mad at the moment. Relatively decent, union, full benefit jobs. Ought to take the sting out of restaurant/bar workers being laid off.
  13. Pepper

    It gets more and more interesting...

    Traffic is down. It's down bigly. Probably only 30-40% of the normal weekday traffic. Calls for service are down. Had a few at the start of shift, but none for at least a couple hours. Traffic stops are stupid, only really for DUII, and then I can't jail them without permission from a jail supervisor. Probably only if I couldn't find a sober person to turn them over to, and they're so whacked that they're unsafe to be left alone. They say go out and be visible, but what the hell for? I'm not supposed to make unnecessary contact with people. Meaning, I'm not getting out of my car unless I see a crime in progress. I'm not rolling around in meth-monster cars at 0300 anymore, at least until the Chinesium Flu is well in hand.
  14. So, our local jail is releasing anyone that they legally can. They are no longer taking anyone EXCEPT: Violent person crimes, A or B felonies, crimes of domestic violence. Anything else requires a waiver from a supervisor. Punishment for failing to follow the governor's decrees? C misdemeanor. Meaning an appearance ticket. Restaurants and bars are closed, only takeout orders. But the punishment for violating them is basically a ticket. And what happens if you just keep doing it? You get another ticket. There's literally no way to make someone stop. This is getting insane....
  15. Pepper

    Well, it's happening

    Stores are blown out of quite a bit of things. No paper products of any kind, no fresh fruit/veggies. Frozen veggies and meats are pretty well gone too. All fresh meat is gone. Potatoes, gone. Strangely, the cold and flu meds are fine. You want DayQuil? Tons of the stuff. Whatever. I'm good to go for at least a few weeks for food and essentials, and then I might have to shop again.