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  1. Pepper

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    It won't. Those still operate by a single pull of the trigger. In my humble opinion, a bumpfire stock "ban" will not work either. First, the technical definition could include a thumb and belt loop. Second, the device, whatever it is, still presses the trigger for each shot. This definition won't stand, and it will be buried. Here's a bit of a thought.... What if Trump knows that this definition is unenforceable. What if he knows that it won't survive any court challenge? He did what he promised, he made bump stocks illegal, yet the internal rule gets killed off by federal courts. He did his part... there's no new gun control bill that would pass the senate and get sent to his desk... so it's a win-win. Sort of like when Republicans held Congress during the Bush era. He said he would sign an Assault Weapons Ban, if it made it to his desk. He simply knew that it would never make it to his desk, so that was a nice soft promise he could make without endangering his own political capital. Trump "did something", and when that something doesn't work, he could blame Congress for their inaction.
  2. Pepper

    Digging up a rifle buried for more than 1 year.

    I could survive pretty well in central or eastern Oregon in a SHTF situation. The winters would be a bit cold, but if you can be close to any year-round water, you've got it made.
  3. Pepper

    New ride

    Not at all bad looking. 5.0?
  4. Pepper

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    The DoJ decides how government law enforcement interprets laws passed by Congress. They can state how they will prosecute crimes, and what they consider to be criminal acts under federal law. Now, this all hinges on whether or not someone charged with possession of a bump stock decides to push the issue, and argue that isn't what the law really says. If the defendant can get the courts to state that the DoJ's interpretation is indeed incorrect, then their interpretation means nothing. Let me give an example. In Oregon, there is what is called the "basic rule" for speed. It basically says that the maximum speed that a person can operate a vehicle is no more than is safe to operate that particular vehicle. The state's AG can issue an opinion paper instructing district attorneys to interpret that to mean that anything over 25mph in snow is unsafe no matter the vehicle, conditions, or circumstances surrounding the speed. They could prosecute any violations of what they considered to be a prudent speed if they wanted. But the moment that it's challenged in court and judges disagree with their interpretation, is the day that they're no longer able to push for that definition or opinion to be used in prosecution.
  5. Pepper

    Hey Pepper, is this your Prius?

    That's the only Prius I'd keep long term.
  6. Pepper

    Midway can kiss my...

    As far as I am concerned, Cabela's can take a shat and fall in it. I wouldn't piss on one of their stores if it was on fire.
  7. Pepper

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    I would caution new and old members alike to remember that we do not discuss illegal acts. If the law of the land is that BFS are machine guns, we will treat them as such, no matter how retarded that law might be. Burying an unregistered machine gun is still possession of an unregistered machine gun. I would caution members to seek legal advice before doing ANYTHING with a bump fire stock, except destroying it. I don't agree with the decision to classify them as such, but we are stuck with following the law.
  8. Pepper

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    I agree. I've always said that if people find a way to skirt the law like that, the government will find a new way to screw the people. Not that I agree with any of it, and I think that their new interpretation will not pass serious legal scrutiny, but this type of rule/interpretation is inevitable when folks push the envelope like that.
  9. I wouldn't go that far, but I would be so very careful with partnering with NGO's. When you do that, you own everything they say or do. When they make silly statements in the media, you own it, because you partnered with them. A racist sneaks in their ranks and becomes a spokesman? Own it. Normal person makes a dumb statement, you own it. If one of their people exceeds their authority, you own it. We have to walk a tightrope. We can't be so far that way that we don't interact with citizen groups, but we also have to be mindful of plaintiff's attorneys drooling over the opportunity to sue a public agency, and responsible members of that agency's command staff. Even nuisance suits that get paid $10k, or 20k of "go away" money, they earn attorneys half of those amounts, or more. It's all kinds of incentive to sue public agencies or their employees. Having been sued a few times myself because of this stuff gives me a little insight. I've done nothing wrong, my agency will indemnify me, but it is disconcerting to read a lawsuit seeking millions for made up claims. Our insurance company has vowed to not payout a nuisance claim, nor will they settle them. They're of the opinion that settling frivolous claims out of court only encourages more, and I tend to agree. However, they're a pain to deal with, and they do have an effect on how we do business.
  10. The liability of reaching out to these groups would be immense, so I wouldn't chance it, knowing what I know. Now, if there were some organization done on the private side, a bunch of observation posts manned, staffed, and with good communications along known entry points on public land or roadways, I think that LE would appreciate the help. But LE cannot and will not reach out for fear of becoming a defendant in a civil suit because the person you reached out to did something stupid invoking your name and authority, and then it's on. Just our local LE, when we coordinate with private volunteer groups, their role is VERY strictly defined, and it's a long standing coordination with the details worked out literally years in advance. We have folks that are ready to step in and help our little PD with comms, food, and shelter during a disaster. All of the logistics to make that happen have been set in place for years. We have even federal regulations to consider. For example, we have to secure our facility. Everyone who enters our secure areas must have a full background check done on them, or be escorted by a sworn employee. Escorted as in, they don't go to the restroom without someone with a badge waiting outside. Those are federal regulations to protect information and computer systems. Our volunteers that will help with comms number around 50. It would be difficult if not impossible for us to keep doing background checks on these folks on a regular basis to meet federal guidelines. And the communications room will be inside the secured area. So that means that we'll have to have a sworn staff member watching access to the rest of the building at all times that we're in "disaster mode". There are a million variables and regulations that make partnering with NGO's for anything other than strictly humanitarian missions an absolute nightmare. If there was something that a private group could set up and relay information to LE, that would probably be appreciated. But step out of that role, and then it would be a nightmare again. We see it on a small scale with neighborhood watch. We get a few people who'll walk around in the evenings and call in suspicious stuff. Great. But we also have Tactical Terry that rolls around in his pickup truck, wearing hard armor, carrying two guns, and wearing ID panels that say "PUBLIC SAFETY" on them. He's a firefighter, and his chief doesn't mind (podunk fire dept two fire districts away) his wearing the panels, making it legal. We deal with four times the issues because of him and his play acting than actual information on criminal activity that we can use. Imagine that on a scale of hundreds of those types of people, and you'll have a small picture of what the problem is.
  11. I agree with your point. I think that someone giving active assistance to illegal aliens should be prosecuted under federal conspiracy charges. I think that anyone funding such efforts should be charged under the RICO statutes, and aggrieved parties should sue under that statute as well. Soros or Bloomberg need to be careful aiding and abetting the commission of a felony. So if they bought land down there, or if they spent money aiding illegals, I think action should be taken.
  12. Pepper

    Hey ALEXA!!

    Our devices are listening to us all the time. If you have an internet connected device with any kind of voice recognition installed, it is listening, it is logging, and it is reporting back to it's servers, whether or not you have it turned on. If that microphone can pick up your voice, it's sending information. There is a reason that cell phones aren't allowed in sensitive military or other government installations. Even with all the apps disabled, you're still sending information to Google, Apple, or any of a dozen other sources.
  13. Unfortunately, this won't be well coordinated with LE. This will be a bunch of photo ops, and a bunch of guys hiking through the brush doing not much of anything other than feeling good about themselves. Taking things into their own hands is how we wound up with the Bundy nightmare, TWICE. And we see how well each of those worked out. If everyone who was pissed off was calling their congresscritters on a daily basis, we'd not have this mess. If everyone wrote letters and emails on a daily basis, we'd not have this mess. If all people who were angered by this invasion were picking up the phone, pen, or computer, we wouldn't have this mess. Instead, it's easier for fringe groups to go down and "do something about it", when they'll just divert federal LE resources away from the main mission.
  14. They are. However, respect for private property rights extends to whatever they wish to allow on their property. IMNSHO, if they want to allow people onto their property, fine. If not, fine too. And that extends to EVERYONE, not just illegals. But really, with the number of guys going down there, how hard would it be to set up a loose containment along the public roadways? Everyone has a cell phone, or 2-way radio, and within minutes an alert of crossing illegals could be passed to the BP. But that's not walking around feeling manly with your rifle. That's not "cool".
  15. This. As much as I admire their enthusiasm, it's bound to end in failure, and actually work against what they're trying to accomplish. I would not, nor would any other LEO that I know of, put their careers in the hands of armed "militia" members by letting them act under their authority. Too much liability, these people are complete unknowns. Could be homicidal maniacs, could be racists looking for a chance to harm someone, could be rapists looking to victimize children under color of law, who knows. Those who lean that direction seek access, and one of these times would be great access. Additionally, since none of them have been vetted, none of them are known, and since no cop would give them any authority except in an immediate emergency, and only for a very short time, they'll draw resources away from the illegal immigrant problem, because LE will have to watch them to ensure that they don't turn it into a nightmare. Does anyone think that these militia groups have even done background checks on all their members? Do they accept anyone with a pickup truck and a rifle? Do they know someone's temperament, their level of training or education? These are things I want to know, especially if the world's cameras are going to be trained on them, and they're going to be the face of the illegal immigration resistance. Yeah, our government has not done enough to limit illegal immigration, by a looooong ways. But this isn't the way to fix it. This is why the Bundy fiasco at the refuge turned into a shitshow with barrels of lube and cases of dildos a few years ago. If any of them get a microphone shoved in their faces long enough, they'll send up enough of a loon signal, that they'll be the issue instead of the immigration. If they wanted to HELP, they could go volunteer to be spotters. They could volunteer to drive water or food to the troops. They could organize volunteer efforts all over the place. They could invest the same time and money, and ensure our soldiers and ICE officers wanted for nothing, and had vocal support in the area. They could organize political rallies in carefully crafted demonstrations in the area where the media is going to be anyway. There are hundreds of ways they could actually HELP the situation, get positive press, and not look like redneck lunatics on the nightly news, convincing the centrists of this nation that the loony left is right, and we're all knuckle dragging neanderthals, and all of that gun control legislation starts making sense to them.