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  1. I will echo what the others have said. I would prepare her, tell her that some guns probably went up in value, some probably went down, and some stayed the same. Ask her if she really wants to know what he spent, or what they're worth right now to both a dealer, and if she sold them via a private party transaction. They can have vastly different values depending upon who she sells them to.
  2. Pepper

    357 Sig

    I've got to agree with most of what Rampy and Greg said. This was shot placement, first and last. I think if he'd dotted the guy with anything powerful enough to penetrate the skull, the result would have been the same. I teach accuracy, because it may be THE deciding factor. We do an interesting drill every couple of ranges, and it's always been popular. I call it, "Touch My Hole". Two relays of shooters. One steps up, and on command fires a round anywhere on the target. The next guy comes to the line, and on command, fires until his hole touches that of the guy on the first relay. Then relay #2 fires a round on the target, and the original shooter has to fire until he touches the other guy's bullet hole. They have up to 5 rounds to accomplish it. If they can both do it in less than 5 rounds, they step back 3 feet, and repeat. We usually start at the 5 or 7 yard line. At closer distances, most guys can do it in 1-2 shots. When we start getting out past 10 yards, it becomes more difficult. When we get to 15 yards, only real shooters are left. If we make it to 20 or more, someone is on fire that day. That drill is designed to "aim small, miss small". It matters less what you're shooting, than how you shoot it. If you can hit a hole less than a half inch in diameter, and maybe closer to a third of an inch in diameter, from 7 yards, why can't you hit a 4" circle at 25? Slowing down, only shooting as fast as you can guarantee good hits, that produces results. Putting one round in a goblin's melon at 10-15 yards ends a fight, and keeps you from developing leaks.
  3. Pepper

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    We have heavy iron in the water, everything goes brown within a day or two, buildup in pipes goes through the system every time I have to shut the water off. I've replaced our kitchen faucet 3 times in 12 years, three bathroom faucets, etc. They all get chunks from buildup in pipes coming off stuck in them after a while, and won't shut off all the way. I've replaced about 2/3 of the supply line to the house already, both hot and cold with nice new pex. When I rebuild the three bathrooms and the kitchen this winter/spring/summer, I'm going to do the rest of it in pex.
  4. Pepper

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    Man, I feel your pain. I'm fighting crappy plumbing woes. Occasional leaks, replacing faucets, and today the relief valve on the top of the well started releasing pressure. Effin' pressure switch stuck closed.
  5. If the last company to hold the contract lost their ass, you'd bet that the new contract holder raised their bid to compensate. ATK is now missing a bunch of manufacturing capacity as well. So unless the price drops considerably on materials, I'd expect the costs to the consumer to go up.
  6. Pepper

    Cleaning up a 686

    Man, I hope they fix this for you. I've had decent luck with S&W stuff, but not great. My 638 has nearly zero finish left on it, with exposed aluminum on the frame being rounded over and polished. Granted, it's carried quite a bit, but there are hundred year old Colts and S&W pocket pistols that are still out there working every day. I'm thinking about a high-tech finish on it one of these days.
  7. Pepper

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    The only reason I wasn't fired, was that the chief at the time knew that I'd get my job back with back pay, and she'd wind up with egg on her face, again. I almost wish she'd tried to push it. I would have been bulletproof for quite some time. Even the city's own labor lawyer told her she was nuts and had no grounds to discipline me, let alone fire me. Didn't stop the twat from trying, but it got shut down pretty quickly. It went from termination to a written reprimand for telling a bank robbery and carjacking suspect that if he reached for the gun he was still carrying, I'd shoot him in the freaking head. Apparently, I'm no longer allowed to use the "F" word when talking to armed robbery suspects. Who knew that was a thing?
  8. Pepper

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    In my agency, the go getters are paid lip service. They say they want stats, they say they want us out there beating the bushes for turds, but when it generates complaints, or when you have to lay hands on someone and it doesn't look good, or it winds up in a chase, well then, that's a different story. I got hung out to dry by a chief a few years back, and that changed me. I'm no longer the full speed ahead guy I was. I still provide my employer with a fair day's labor for my pay, but I'm no longer a true believer. I'm also reconsidering how long I'm going to be in this profession. I think I want to prepare an exit strategy that comes sometime before my retirement age.
  9. Pepper


    I want one.
  10. Pepper

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    I really used to enjoy being an FTO. I loved shaping and molding new cops who were eager to soak up knowledge like a sponge. And I enjoyed learning from them as well. They saw some new things coming from academy training, often had life experience that was relevant to the job, and I can usually learn something from just about anyone if I listen long enough. But the key phrase is "used to". My last recruit was a millennial. He embodies many of the current negative stereotypes. The first day he showed up with a "power bank" for his phone, I told him it needed to go away. He was not going to have time enough to use his phone on duty to go through a battery. That was a constant battle. GD phone was out and in use all the time. I'm slated to get our next new recruit for first phase, and I'm almost dreading it. The 5% while actually assigned a recruit isn't enough for the headache and vicarious liability. It would be if it was a good recruit that wanted to learn, but I've got a feeling that it's going to be some snot nosed kid who has little life experience, but a burning desire to tell me how he thinks law enforcement needs to work. The last guy wouldn't write anyone a ticket, no matter how egregious the traffic violation (I know many departments are too busy to work traffic, but with us straddling a major highway and an unusually high number of traffic fatalities means it's a priority directive). He doesn't want to inconvenience someone. He refuses to impound cars, which is one of the biggest ways we have to make dope cases. He simply cannot fathom how much he's missing, and seemingly doesn't care. Like TT's new guy, he is too into his "me" time to pull overtime necessary to cover shifts, and he coops up and doesn't do a damned thing the last couple hours of his shift, as he doesn't want to stay late doing reports. I know every generation of cops says something, grumbling about the "boots' that they're being sent, and how bad each round of new guys suck. But this silliness and snowflake culture is going to fundamentally change law enforcement, and not for the better.
  11. Pepper


    I thought the punch line was going to be "IRS Agent", but that works too.
  12. Pepper

    Ugh. Monday again.

    Thank God for Monday, it's my Friday. I'm going onto my weekend, and it's beyond time. Had it up to my whosits with work stuff this week. Just tired and burnt out, looking for more drive to push harder.
  13. Pepper

    Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry

    In Rampy's defense.... the same gun, same holster argument is rough. Anyone who carries concealed with a multi-retention holster is a bit nuts. Anyone who carries openly without some retention, is equally nuts. A retention holster can be pretty fast, but nothing is going to be as fast as my zero retention leather OWB concealed holster. I carry in a Serpa every day, and while it's fast as hell, I still have retention to defeat to get it out and working. Depending upon covering garment, my off duty coming out of that Galco is as fast or faster than my Serpa duty rig.
  14. Pepper

    Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry

    I haven't been to church in years, so you'll have to forgive me. But back when I did, an exposed firearm would go over like the proverbial fart. And the open carry may be a deterrent, or it may simply identify those that the shooter needs to neutralize first.
  15. I own Glocks, and my wife has a Springfield XD. I am not the biggest fan of the XD, but it does work, it is accurate, and they came up with interchangeable backstraps long before anyone else. It's one of the only full sized guns that fits her tiny little hands. The damned thing is huge to me, let alone in her hands, but it functions well, and hasn't given us a lick of trouble. I'm not sure I'd jump on the bandwagon to carry one for duty use, but I think as an off duty, or concealed carry piece, they have a place.