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  1. God dammit. I'm sorry for your loss. I share my life with as many canine friends as my wife will allow. I know that I wouldn't be here with any semblance of sanity if I didn't have my fur-friends. It's one of life's greatest tragedies, that we outlive our best friends.
  2. Well, my work city just got bumped back to a Level 1 as well. Home is still at Level 3. I went back today to get a couple things and check things out, and lo and behold, the power was on. I didn't lose my freezer full of food, the milk in the fridge still smelled good. The air quality is still too bad to stay there, I can't be outside without a full respirator. The smoke is thicker than I've ever seen it before, even through the fires of several years ago. If/when the smoke lifts a little, we'll probably be able to move back home.
  3. We're wearing KN95 masks all the time. At one point, our air quality was the worst in the world.
  4. As of now, in our area, there is no sign of AntiFa doing anything. There are idiots lighting spot fires, but there haven't been any legit arrests in this county. Not that it isn't a priority, but we're all over it. The fire is falling back on itself right now. The temps are going down, high was in the 70s. Humidity went up a bunch. Was into the 60% range again. Satellite heat imagery was showing heat signatures are "older". Some stuff is falling off the map. Few spot fires here and there. No new anticipated evacuations, or changes in evac levels. So while not awesome news, it's not horrible news either.
  5. We've had dozens of reports of "suspicious people" but nothing concrete yet. Not to say it isn't going to happen here. There have been a dozen or so caught statewide. They range from the obviously mentally ill, to the "normal" people.
  6. Thank you my friend. I would, but it looks like someone decided to light southern Oregon on fire too... I'd have to go through the mess to get south enough it wasn't an issue. I think Vancouver is going to be our next landing zone if it gets worse. Not much chance of it blowing across the Columbia at this location without another epic wind event.
  7. Looks like we're gonna be 12 on, 12 off for the foreseeable future. Either crashing at a house here in town, or in my evac area, whichever.
  8. Unless you can drive a pickup and trailer to parts unknown... probably not. That's my only concern at this point, is fam having to bug out from location #2, and not having a destination in mind. If I get time off, I'll get them maybe up into Washington.
  9. Might not have much time to post back here, but here's what's going down. Half of Clackamas County is on fire, the other half is about to catch. I've had to bug out of my house, and hopefully the fam is safe where they are, but who knows at this point. Looks like I will be working 18 hours a day, evacuating the citizenry, and then dealing with looters. That is, right up until I see flames, then I'm to bug out too. All cities in Clackamas County outside of Happy Valley have been put on level 2 evacuation orders, with level 3 (get out now) estimated to be sometime this evening, mine included.
  10. A guy I went to the academy with, long ago, decided he wanted to find out what it was all about for himself. He put on a helmet, took a gas mask, and attended a "protest" aka "riot". He escaped unscathed, because he tried to blend in with the crowd. If I had a couple dozen buddies of similar mindset, and I din't give a crap about my career, I might consider going into Portland around riot time. My city is 25-30 miles away, and occasionally I'm directed to transport juveniles into the city. If it's anywhere near "riot time", they can go screw. I'm not going to be forced into a no win situation.
  11. 1967. There were two companies as far as I can tell that made steel hard tops for Jeeps in those years. Meier, and Ramsey. Those were also the two companies that made PTO winches that you could order in those years. Mine came with a dealer add-on Meier top, and Ramsey winch. It was a "Tuxedo Park" model, that couldn't be fitted with a roll bar as there were pads fitted to the tops of the rear fender wells, and there was no room for the roll bar. With the bench front seat, they advertised that you could fit 5-7 people in a CJ5. I can't think of 5-6 people I hate enough to cram into a CJ5 and head down a bad road.
  12. That's good news brother, sounds like they're looking after you well. I'll keep a good thought.
  13. Here's one for 'ya. I had a zero oil pressure issue with mine. I freaked out a bit. Pulled the pan, cleaned up the screen that wasn't really dirty, pulled the oil pump apart, rebuilt it, fired it up, still no oil pressure. I pulled the distributor, and made a tool out of an old piece of round bar and ground it down to the shape of the oil pump drive, then ground the other end down with a couple of flat sides. Chucked that in my drill, and suddenly had 60 pounds of oil pressure. I was all sorts of befuddled, but glad to have oil pressure, so I dropped in the dizzy, and fired it up. No oil pressure. I played with it a little bit, and "thunk", it slid the rest of the way down, and sat in the oil pump drive. Man did I feel dumb. Dizzy was too high up in it's hole, and the hold down bolt is a PITA to reach on those, so "good enough" isn't. I also did a timing chain on mine, old one snapped like a dry twig one day on the way to town.
  14. Good on you Red, you did what you could. I've had two CPR saves, one thanks to an AED. The rest of the dozen or so people I've found down, I was doing CPR on a dead person, for the most part. Our county started dispatching cops (all LE in Oregon are required to be currently CPR certified) to all cardiac events, especially if they're somewhat remote. The chances of having someone with *SOME* training and equipment is much higher. Worked out well for one old guy. He was 8-10 miles away from the nearest EMS provider, and while he was 8-10 miles away from me too, I move a bit faster than a Pierce engine. I zapped the guy twice with my AED, and did CPR for 4 minutes before being relieved by FD. The guy was talking to paramedics before they left the scene. That was a MF'r, doing CPR that long. No one else knew anything about what to do, no one to breath for him, no one to relieve me. I was DRENCHED with sweat, needed a while to get my stuff together.
  15. That 225 is a heck of an engine. I'm in love with mine. I think this next winter will be time for her to get new exhaust, the glass packs burnt out 10+ years ago. At full song, she's a bit loud. I've had mine faster than any sane man should. With that OD, they'll get up and flat GO. Couple that with a smooth revving engine that just doesn't run out of power in the higher RPM's, and you have a recipe for disaster if you aren't careful. Mine will do 90+ I'm sure, I've only had her 80+ a couple of times. Slowing down is an interesting experiment from anything more than 60. The brakes wind up having me see-sawing back and forth across the road. I'm thinking about blasting down some back roads this week on my days off. It will be perfect weather for it, 80's and dry.
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