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  1. Pepper

    New ride.

    Nice truck!
  2. Pepper

    Used Truck Shopping. A Rant in A-Minor

    Glad you found a pickup. I didn't want white when I bought mine either. I will assume you wound up with a 5.3 or 6.0, either of which should last forever. I hate dealerships, and hate salesmen only slightly less than their finance people.
  3. Pepper

    Morel Mushroom question

    I have a couple weeks of vacation coming in August, I think I'm going to go over there just so my daughter can experience huckleberries in their natural environment. I also haven't goofed around on the east side of the state in a while, and want to camp our way around over there.
  4. Pepper

    work boots?

    To me, that means kids. Most adults that are able to drive would know the various ways to release parking brakes. Since that one doesn't have a release handle, and isn't a hand brake, they didn't realize that it releases by just pushing down on it.
  5. Pepper

    Morel Mushroom question

    I will bribe you with beer or even cash for good coordinates. I'd like to get a couple gallons, and I'll gladly make the road trip.
  6. Pepper

    work boots?

    Friday night, some kids tried to steal a red clone of your car. They found the key fob in the victim's second vehicle which was parked next to it. I got there within 4 minutes of the car starting, walked up to it idling in Drive, with the headlights on and stereo blaring. Only reason they didn't take off was that the car had it's parking brake set, and they didn't know how to get it to release. That was one chase I was gonna lose, and lose hard.
  7. Pepper

    work boots?

    I learned to drive around the farm. Started out on an old Ford 9N tractor. Used it to drag a trailer around getting wood in, or dragging a disc around to till up garden areas.
  8. Pepper

    work boots?

    If your nephew is getting started in photography, get in touch with ilikelegs. He's made several pilgrimages to the area to take some amazing photos. He could probably give the kid some really good places to go and where to shoot.
  9. Pepper

    work boots?

    The Pearl district was gentrified starting about 20 years ago. It has a few cool breweries there, but other than a semi-polluted river nearby, not a whole lot to look at other than some old buildings, and new buildings made to look old. It's a kinda artsy-ish neighborhood, so if they've got lots of cash to throw around to "live in the Pearl" as they say, then they'll be set with the right atmosphere. Lots of places to drink really bitter beer and wear Birkenstocks and see man-buns.
  10. Pepper

    work boots?

    I will have to swing by. I live SE of Portland by a little bit, but make it into the city every once in a while.
  11. Pepper

    work boots?

    Bend is a really nice area, a rather up and coming little city now. If I were a young person just out of college, it would be in my top 5 places to start a career in this state. Depending on where you turned east again, you were probably less than 20-50 miles from our Oregon campout location. If you come this direction, I can give you some hints for places to stay that will keep you out of Portland proper, as it's turning into mini-Seattle or San Francisco. The outskirts/suburbs are much better places to visit, and unless you have business in PDX, it's not worth going into the city.
  12. Pepper

    Morel Mushroom question

    I'll kick a puppy for good red huckleberries. Used to have them everywhere when I was a kid. Kinda hard to find now though.
  13. Pepper

    work boots?

    If you do, let me know enough in advance I can guarantee a night off, beers are on me.
  14. Pepper

    Morel Mushroom question

    I used to love going mushroom hunting. These days though, the woods are overrun by rather angry Asians with machetes, ready to take on all comers who want to walk into the woods looking for tasty fungi. I mean, I'm not one to shy away from a fight, but I don't want to smoke someone over a fungus, so I just stay out of the woods that time of year anymore.
  15. Pepper

    work boots?

    Still can. I've done it at other places, paid $80 to $100 to have it done, and I inquired at the Danner factory store a couple months ago about having it done there, and they'll charge $120, but then they touch up any stitching, fix any worn spots in the Gore-Tex, they call it "re-crafting". The added bonus of going to the Danner factory store, is you can get factory seconds that look/feel/wear just like their first run boots, only take about $125 off the retail price. The Acadias that I'm wearing were right at that, and the "blem" is a natural mark in the leather. I don't care about a minor scar from when the cow was still burning grass.