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  1. Pepper

    What's in that sippy cup kid?

    Little booger-picker probably doesn't have any insurance either!
  2. Pepper

    Pulled the Jeep out.

    You and I had similar ideas. I got mine out, redid the front wheel seals, they'd leaked grease/oil onto the front brakes. New shoes, she's ready to go. Got the starting issues all knocked out, she starts like a dream, cold, hot, whatever. Almost time to pull the top off, if I had a bikini top for it, I already would have. I've got a few goodies on the way for her, going to spruce things up a bit. It's a joy to drive, makes your worries just melt away.
  3. Something else, they expect a rather large crowd of people tomorrow to protest proposed gun legislation. I'm hoping for a big turnout. I wish I could go, but they won't let anyone take time off this week.
  4. Pepper

    Keeping my CDL dilemma

    I gave mine up for that very reason. I thought it silly, but they didn't care about my thoughts. Nitwit at the DMV said I was driving on an invalid license, even though I wasn't driving a CMV. I wanted to yell at her, but I just dealt with the blood pressure spike instead.
  5. SB501 is DEAD. It died in committee this week.
  6. Pepper

    Baby got new shoes....

    Those look good on that workhorse! I'm loving the DuraTracs I put on my pickup and on the wife's Jeep. Dang things will dig to China should I get in really soft stuff and give it enough right foot. The tires on my Jeep are getting old, not worn out, just old. It will get a set of DuraTracs too when it's time.
  7. Pepper

    What would you guys do?

    I think I would have done exactly what you did. A deal is a deal. If he doesn't like it now, it's his problem. With the documentation that you have, the messages, you're going to win when it comes to him arguing the CC dispute. What Tj said is spot on. My old man used to tell me, your word is your bond. If you'll go back on your word, you're worthless as a man. Apparently the guy you're dealing with is worthless.
  8. Pepper


    Glad you're doing better brother. Now listen to the docs. I'll keep a good thought.
  9. The city of Bend got something like 30" of snow within 2 days a few weeks ago. Couple of storms have blown through since then, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't still have a foot of snow throughout most of the city. This is the latest time for these storms that I can ever remember. Winter started off slow, but it's finishing strong, that's for sure. I will say, I enjoyed 70 degrees today, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow. I'm hoping to get out and get some work done around the house before it rains on Wednesday.
  10. Pepper

    Crime and punishment

    Brother, I included street cops because of the BLM movement, many people lump us all together. I'm sure there are racist cops in this country. Sure as God made little green apples, there are going to be bad ones in any bunch. We try hard to weed them out, and while I think that the legal profession could work harder with their ethics regulatory people, I know that ambulance chasers aren't the norm for attorneys, they're the exception rather than the rule.
  11. Pepper

    Crime and punishment

    I just watched a video, one that seems to deal with this very subject on several levels. It's a bit long, but it's spot on for almost all of it. I need to give a bit of background for folks who aren't aware of this issue. San Francisco has gotten a bad rap for being the homeless capitol of the west coast. Well, Seattle isn't far behind, and not far behind Seattle, is Portland. The situation is dire, and something HAS to be done. Simply warehousing these people in prisons won't do it. KOMO news in Seattle just did a special on this, and for KOMO to stand up and say these things, a left leaning news station in a left leaning city, on the left coast, this means people are starting to wake up. As hard as it is to admit that the current way of doing things is wrong, it's comforting to know that enforcement mixed with treatment can start to fix the problem.
  12. Pepper

    Crime and punishment

    I am very good friends with several attorneys. Yes, there are ambulance chasing scumbags that would lie, cheat and steal to get ahead. But most are honest men and women doing their job the best way they can. If you were falsely accused of a crime, you'd want the best defense you could get, right? There are abusive, or crooked cops. But the vast majority are honest hard working men and women doing the best job they can. Bad apples in every profession. I've watched farriers beat horses because they didn't know what the hell they were doing, and were beating the horse out of frustration at their own incompetence. Should I tar all farriers with that same brush? Or was that one or two just rare outliers? I want good lawyers representing the state as prosecutors. I also want good lawyers available to represent me in case I need their services, either civil or criminal. My union has an AWESOME labor attorney, and he represents us well. Not just if our employers want to do something silly, but in case we wanted something silly, he's there to put the brakes on it. We rely on his experience and judgement, and he's as necessary in our lives as doctors are. Longhair, it seems like you want the world to be black and white. It's not. It's a million different shades of grey. I myself was a fairly black and white person until the past few years.
  13. The sage rat areas on the east side of Oregon are still under snow. I'm not sure how the alfalfa crops are going to be this year, probably not going to get as many cuttings.
  14. Pepper

    Anderson Lowers $39.99

    I only did one build on an Anderson lower, and that was the Armory lower. It was in-spec, and so were the other Armory lowers I bought at the same time. However, the owner is an arsehole, and I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire. People can be as big a jerk as they want, and as long as it doesn't have an affect on me or anyone I know, I really don't care. But if someone treats one of my friends badly, they're a scumbag for life.
  15. Pepper

    Dayumit I think my battery just went dead.

    Glad you got it running again. Nice when a quick cheap fix works out. I bought a dozen 10mm wrenches at Harbor Freight. I leave the silly things in every toolbox I've got. Having a young man around the house, my tools tend to grow legs too. I'm always picking up a spare set of wrenches or sockets.