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  1. Pepper


    Been thinking about it. Maybe not the class, may try one of the videos on my own mat at home. That way the only ones laughing will be the dogs.
  2. Whether or not Florida law allows it, I think it's a bad idea. I don't discount that this guy is a POS, and that his entire department needs an enema, but I don't think this is the way to go about it. Recall him, bring him up on charges, but without a court order or a mandate of the people, I don't think the governor should be doing that.
  3. Pepper

    Gillett razor

    I've been a Dollar Shave Club member for a few years. I had to drop down to every other month deliveries. I don't have a specific problem with any of the things that they said. BUT, I don't need a corporation making moral statements. Sell me your product and STFU.
  4. Pepper

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    Getting progressives "fit" correctly helps too. The first pair I tried was WAYYY out there, and I would have never made it. The tech took one look at me struggling, and did a couple measurements, then told me that I was fitted incorrectly. She said she'd make some adjustments to the centerline, and when they came back, it was like a miracle. Clear sight, just getting used to the up and down. Took me about three days to be fairly comfortable, two weeks to not even notice that they were there anymore. And there's less hassle/eye strain from me being on the computer/phone then trying to get my eyes to adjust to looking around outside.
  5. Pepper


    Interesting article, too bad it's on a crappy site like the Daily Caller. First it's so ad driven that it freaks out when someone runs an ad-blocker, demanding to be whitelisted, then there's the notification popup, then there's the sidebar popup. Eff me, it's like the early days of the internet when people set up websites on domains like "angelfire", and there would be 470 popups as you navigated their page. I don't think I care enough about content to click a link to that site again.
  6. Pepper

    Torch fix

    My grandfather had some well-worn needle nose pliers, tiny screwdrivers, and some other odds and ends that he kept in a cigar box next to his chair in the living room. He would be deep in conversation, telling one of his stories and field stripping and repairing a malfunctioning Zippo, or twiddling with a bothersome watch band, he'd take a crack at anything. That man could have fixed anything he set his mind to, I'm sure of it. I know of many of his fixes, and it boggles the mind what he'd repair and sell off, or repair and continue using for the next 500x it's expected lifespan.
  7. Pepper

    I want one

    It's funny how the neck cramps set it, but the shooting is too good, so you just ignore it for a little bit longer.... a few more sage rats.... then someone asks for a hold so there's no movement, and you realize how your neck feels like it's stuck in a permanent 45* cramp.... That doo-dad would be all sorts of cool. I could even see a gun bagged into a lead sled, with an air bladder under the rear of the stock to handle elevation needs. Squeeze the bulb to raise the rear of the stock, twist a knob to release pressure and drop the rear of the stock back into the pocket. On one of your .20's, or say an A17, it would almost be point and click hunting squirrels, but with recordings of all the carnage.
  8. Pepper

    Don't let yer mouth write checks you cannot cash

    The title of that video should have been, "When assholes collide". I don't see criminal charges for anyone from what I saw. Road rage made them both dicks, and then they agreed to mutual combat, with the guy on the bike agreeing to fight by pulling over and going to the window. Walk up to my window with hostile intent, the least you'll get is punched in the smoosh. The douche on the bike didn't like the fact that he couldn't push someone else around, so he decided to cause damage to the old guy's car. They then got into basically a mutually agreed upon donnybrook. The old guy took the camera when he left. The douche on the bike could have been charged with damaging the old man's car. The dick old man could have been charged for stealing the camera. In the great grand scheme of things, it would be a waste of the court's time to try to cross charge the two. They'd be told to grow up and go away if it was my call and I watched the video. Don't be an arsehole, arsehole things won't happen. Either one of them could have just slowed down, chalked it up to someone else having a bad day. The guy on the bike could have just waved and said, "Sorry" for accidentally cutting off the old guy. The old guy could have just let the guy ride away when he was being a douche. Just drive 10 miles per hour slower, let him get way ahead of you. If he hadn't participated in the road rage, it would have looked much better for him if the douche had stopped in traffic and gone up to his window, it wouldn't have been mutual combat. The whole weight would have fallen on biker douche instead of old douche. Maybe that's something for our old man advice thread. Don't be an arsehole when you don't have to be.
  9. Pepper

    I finally did the splits

    I would hurt myself very much badly if I did the splits, I would have to be drunk.
  10. I had an idea... the more "senior" members of the forum should pass along to the next generation their words of wisdom. Only those over 40 may offer these words, with one caveat. If a younger member heard a tidbit of advice from someone 40+ that has stood them in good stead, they may share it. I'll start with a couple. 1. A man should always have at least one gun, and one sharp knife, and know how to use both. 2. A man should be able to change his oil, his own tires, and drive a manual transmission vehicle. Bonus points if he can drive a truck transmission with a secondary transmission, like a 4 speed "Brownie" box. More bonus points if you don't have to ask what that is. 3. A man should strive to never lie, except in a fish story. Your integrity is the only thing no one can take from you, only you can throw it away. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, GO
  11. Fun fact, I used to watch ol' Tonya Harding practice every once in a while. After the ASP incident, and he eventual failure at the Olympics, she hit rock bottom. Living outside of a city in my county, squatting out in the woods, living in an old travel trailer surrounded by broken cars and trash. That's where her famous domestic violence issue happened, involving the hubcap and the beer bottle. I do admire her current determination. She's clawed her way back into polite society, and is actually making something of herself again. All of us make mistakes, she made some really big ones. But I admire her getting her life back together.
  12. I dunno man, the wife has one of those Croatian imports, and it's been pretty flawless. Bought it from another member here, and he ran it pretty damned hard. I have run it hard enough to trust it. Not my choice as I don't like the trigger as much as Glocks, but they do shoot.
  13. I would document everything, save the extra cash, and take the additional step of going over the payroll guy's head. Everyone has a boss, and if I screw up, they go to my boss. Nothing wrong with going to theirs.
  14. Pepper

    2019 Wish List

    I'd like a new .223 bolt gun this year. Got the Ruger PC carbine I wanted. Also want a Glock 26 since we're going to transition to 9mm. I would also like to buy at least one, maybe two of the G21SF's that we're going to be getting rid of. One will be my old duty pistol, and will get put away. If I can get a second, it will be to flip it. I hate those guns, but I know they're worth more than what I can get one for, and it's enough to make it worth my time to flip it.
  15. I am neither from Colorado, nor Texas. I do not have a dog in this fight. However, I must point out a couple of things. Colorado residents are restricted to owning 15 round or smaller capacity magazines. Additionally, Colorado residents may NOT transfer firearms face to face, all transfers must go through an FFL. Last I heard, Texas had neither restriction. 1. I don't think you have either.... 2. I can dig crap up on the internet to deal with just about any silliness. I got this. 3. He may not be a real grouch, but I've been told he identifies as one from time to time.