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  1. Pepper

    I need some help

    Let me help you. MILF = Mother I'd Like to eFf. Usually referring to women in their mid-30's who've retained their figure and appearance despite the ravages of childbirth.
  2. Pepper

    I need some help

    My mother in law lives with us, and constantly watched that shat, in the main living room of the house. I decided I was done asking. I put a parental lock on that channel. I'll be damned if I pay for a channel that drives me up a wall.
  3. Pepper

    DRD Tactical CDR15 Part Dimensions

    You're right. Where are my manners? Welcome Trajectory! We're always happy to hear of someone trying new things with our favorite platform. Got any pics of your current stuff? That's always a great ice breaker!
  4. Pepper

    WTB handguard

    That's kind of the way this place is run. We give people as much rope as they need to hang themselves. We're nice, until it's time to not be nice. Everyone is free to hang out and enjoy this forum, and color inside the lines. We typically don't get involved in ANYTHING unless it breaks one of the posted rules. But like the street, we have a responsibility to do something when we see a problem. If we don't, then the other guy who saw it, thinks we condone the rule breaking. Give it a little time, and things really get out of hand.
  5. Pepper

    WTB handguard

    We don't usually discuss admin/staff actions, but since it's not him, I'll shed a little light on why I did what I did. When someone comes here, they acknowledge the rules. This gentleman, even though he acknowledged the rule that he needed a number of posts to post in for sale/WTB sections, just went ahead and did it anyway, in a different forum, skirting the rules. He seemed to be suggesting that he wanted to buy from a member here. Strike One. Several of our members tried to answer his question, and gave him the information he was looking for, especially if he wanted to buy new somewhere, and while there were a couple off topic posts, multiple people gave him solid answers and no one actually violated the terms of his original post, they gave him exactly what he wanted. Several more members PM'd him, some with suggestions on how not to be abrasive or "misunderstood" if he wasn't intending to be abrasive. They were basically publicly told to eff off. Strike Two. Senior staff members attempted publicly, and privately to steer this guy back on the straight and narrow road. They patiently explained the site, how it works, and it's dynamic. They took lots of time and carefully crafted PM's to try to bring him into the fold, as we operate on the standard that we're all brothers united under a common cause, until someone proves they can't get along. Those efforts were rebuffed. Strike Three for getting a timeout. The matter was discussed in a staff forum. I decided that I'm not going to have VOLUNTEER staff members abused because they're trying to enforce the rules of the forum that Neil has put out there for us to live by. I decided that I'm not going to have the kindness of our long term site members rebuffed like that, and have them treated like poo on someone's shoe, publicly. If someone wants to come here and abuse other people in posts, it's not going to be allowed. The long term members make this site, and I'm not going to have them mistreated by a new guy. If that new guy wants to come back, hat in hand like a man and admit he screwed up, fine. I'll give him an internet handshake and trash this thread. If he wants to walk away, that's his decision. But I'm not going to allow that type of behavior from someone new with no track record. Someone with years under their belt, I'll talk to them and try to figure out why they're having a rough patch. I've gotten to know quite a few people really well online that way, and since we're brothers, we won't leave another member struggling or ban them just because of an off day. But someone with zero track record getting snotty with people trying to help him? Not gonna fly here, and rather than create more drama in public forums and make my staffers work harder to watch him, he got time to reconsider if this site is for him, or if he needs to keep looking for an internet home. If he was just having a bad day, or this was some big misunderstanding, we'll work it out. Otherwise, this was a preemptive strike and the prelude to a permanent account lock.
  6. Pepper

    Weapon light

    I have some really basic chargers for my 18650s. I rotate, I keep one in my duty light, one in a pocket on my vest, and 6-8 others on charge. I rotate through them, I pull the one out of my light if it didn't die during the shift, and put that one on charge. I then put my backup battery from the pocket in the light, and drop a fresh charged backup in the pocket. With the ultra-high lumen lights, they are battery hogs, especially when working nights. I can smoke through a battery on a single call if it's a real nightmare call, with an hour or two of use. When you have a really hotrod light, you use all of it most of the time. While my lights have lower settings, I don't usually use them because I don't think about it.
  7. Pepper

    Bond to be a female black. LMAO

    What he said.
  8. Pepper

    My new ride...

    It's supposed to share suspension with the JL series. It's basically a lengthened JL with a bed. We took a bit of a trip with it last week, over 300 miles, got 23mpg going up and down mountains. If it drops to 15 or so, I won't complain much.
  9. Pepper

    My new ride...

    It came with steel side steps, I'm hoping that's enough. I'm going to look into Metalcloak, I've heard good things. We're probably going up to a 35" tire, so I won't need more than about a 3" lift, at most. I got it with 4.11 gears, so unless I'm dragging a trailer that makes it close to maximum, I'll probably be ok on gearing. Mileage will take a bit of a hit, but I'm all right with that.
  10. Pepper

    Man with knife attacks police....

    Retcop, as usual, is spot on. We are getting our hands tied more and more, and threatened with losing our careers, our homes, and our freedom, or suffering serious injury or death. It's really a no-win solution. We can debate who or why it's occurring, but in the end,, it doesn't matter. The end result is the same. Out on the street, it's a whole different ballgame. Portland Police Bureau a while back, had an angry homicidal guy waving a knife around. They had something like a half dozen cops there, some with less lethal launchers, some with patrol rifles, some with just their duty handguns. Crazy knife-stabby guy runs past most of these cops who have guns drawn, less lethal out at the low ready, and stabs a sergeant in the neck. They manage to subdue him, and they were lauded for their restraint. Restraint? Really? This is now the standard as to how things should be done. Now this is what we have to live up to. Guy shows up with a knife and tries to kill us, we now are expected to just subdue him, never mind he's an actual threat, that could kill any of us, and that he's actively trying to do just that. We're now expected to subdue him without using deadly force, otherwise we're brutal and simply torturing the poor person of color, or whatever the buzzword of the day might be. Eff me and my career, I'm going home to my kids. I am not hesitating because my career might be threatened. Someone actively tries to kill me or someone else, they're taking a dirt nap if I can arrange it.
  11. Probably should have just asked Towtruck, but with California's new law regarding background checks to purchase ammunition, are they doing background checks for components? Certain components?
  12. Pepper

    Weapon light

    I use Panasonic, LG, or Nitecore branded 18650s. If you have a Batteries plus store nearby, they'll stock quality batteries.
  13. Pepper

    My new ride...

    Yeah, not dumping that kind of cash into it. I'd want to do a small enclosed trailer that is big enough for a bed, and enough room to store cooking stuff. I have a line on one I could set up that would be pretty lightweight. A few hundred bucks in conversion, I think I could set something up that would work.
  14. Pepper

    Weapon light

    So, I ditched the "full size" patrol light, and went exclusively with small lights. I'm fully on board the 18650 rechargeable train, and I swap my battery out for a fresh one every day. Another fresh one goes in a pocket on my vest, so I've always got at least 2. I'm almost 3 years into my group of 18650s, and they're all keepin' on. I just ordered 4 new ones to add to the rotation, as some have a limited output/level of charge. I won't change until there's a better proven system.
  15. Pepper

    My new ride...

    Yeah, the way the roll cage looks kind of put me off a bit. I was doing some reading, and it appears as though they have to pass rollover standards now for these, and a composite roof and a single "sport bar" weren't going to do it, even with the side bits like in the old YJ and TJ. So, they made a frame that will withstand normal on-road rollovers, and then just allowed everything else to be unbolted. Funny that you mention that. I was thinking of Rampy's proposed Alaska trip, and I wouldn't mind doing something similar, with a small pop-up type of canopy. Not huge with all the creature comforts, but just enough space to get out of the bugs, and with enough room to haul all the junk you'd need to take with for an adventure like that. Only other choice would be an "all terrain" utility trailer type outfit, and that wouldn't be horrible either I guess.