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  1. That may be changing. The Taurus is unusable junk. The Explorer's earlier versions aren't horrible, but to get any real speed out of them, you need to get the Ecoboost version. That is now going to be priced higher than the new pursuit rated AWD Hemi-powered Durangos from Dodge. And if it comes down to an Explorer with a V6, or a Dodge with a Hemi, the Dodge is going to get the nod every time. Couple those with the Charger in all it's flavors, and there's little to no reason to buy another Ford attempt at a squad car.
  2. Had to work on Independence Day. Going to go to a buddy's house tonight. Taking a couple cases of beer, some good steak, and we're going to make sure both are properly disposed of.
  3. I can't in good conscience suggest this career to anyone. It's gone from a fun, fulfilling career, to drudgery that is likely to wind up with me getting prosecuted or fired, and blackballed from the profession. I'm only in it for the money at this point, and I've reduced my liability exposure as much as I possibly can. I do nothing self-initiated, nothing proactive, I answer my calls, and do exactly what I am required to do by law and policy, not one thing more. The family that I help today by going out of my way and busting my butt to lock up the family member that's been terrorizing them for years, they're the plaintiffs in a lawsuit tomorrow. The crime victim that's been so grievously injured either physically or financially and is so irate at the suspect, will almost gleefully testi-lie at my trial, if I have to use force to apprehend the suspect. The silent majority shouldn't be as silent as they've been.
  4. I'm sure it did. Those little things are all that keep us moving forwards these days.
  5. There isn't a single cop I know anywhere, that hasn't at least seriously considered abandoning law enforcement. Everyone is looking to backup plans, even those that thought they'd be cops until forced out due to age. If the leftists get their way, if they "defund" police departments. If they make qualified immunity go away, cops will quit in droves. My agency struggled to hire 2 GOOD candidates in 2 years. We had at least 5 that couldn't pass a background investigation. And that was BEFORE all this nonsense started. What happens if 2-3 cops leave due to this? What happens if 25-30% of cops just go away and do other things? Who will replace them? Mouthbreathing morons? Halfwits who can't pass a background now? Neanderthals and thugs? That's where all of this is headed. And it should scare the crap out of anyone with two brain cells to rub together.
  6. Anyone who is a member of an HOA needs their head examined. The idea that anyone else can tell you what you can do with your property is preposterous. It's bad enough there are self-important bureaucrats at the city, county, and state levels that will bring the entire force of government to bear if you don't bow down and beg their permission to do something on or with your land, but some group of civilian busybodies? There's no effing way that I'm going to voluntarily put myself in that situation.
  7. I have made some good friends on this forum, some lifelong friends. I too have been under stress with what has been going on, not on this forum, but in the real world, and in my personal/professional life. I'm trying to figure out what I should do, what my next direction should be. I too do my job here as the owner says to do it. I do it because of my friends, and because hanging around with the people that make up this forum is fun. If/when it's no longer fun, I'll be looking for another sandbox as well. I don't see that on the horizon or anything, just thinking out loud. Hoping that my world takes a turn for the better, along with everyone else's.
  8. The rest of the state has a saying now, "Don't Portland my Oregon". It's literally heartbreaking to see what has happened to my state. So many wonderful memories, so many positives about this state. Sisters doesn't surprise me too much. Halfway between Bend and Salem, both liberal ends of that highway. That sort of crap is expected in the valley, and to some extent Bend and the north coast. The south coast is much more conservative. That is one of the prettiest drives though, you can easily fall in love with that area. If I could find affordable land near Detroit, I'd live there year 'round, damn the snow.
  9. I do. If they're taking a stand, and unwilling to work in this environment, quit. I won't fault them for a moment for that. But lying? They're not sick of anything, except of being treated like shat. Quit if you must, and I'll contribute to a Go-Fund-Me. But lying and saying they're sick, makes them no better than the scum at the DA's office.
  10. Those cops in Atlanta were stupid. There's no shooting, no matter how justified, that's going to come out "good" right now. Wake the guy up, tell him to take a nap so he's not so "tired", and drive away. To hell with doing our jobs right now.
  11. Depends on what happens in the near future. I may be available mid-July. Strong-ish back, weak mind. Will work for beer & BBQ, so it could work out well.
  12. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. It's hard these days, knowing threats are coming from all different directions, including internal.
  13. I'm still here. Mostly offline at this moment. I just got hit with some serious stuff at work. I don't have a whole lot of time at the moment, but I might in the near future.
  14. I catch myself every once in a while, I think about asking him about something here or there, seeking his counsel, then I remember. Wise man, good guy, and a better friend.
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