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  1. Pepper

    Wolfgang Car Care Products

    When I bought that new Gladiator this summer, the wife was really on me to find some way of keeping the paint perfect as long as possible. I did a little searching, and I bought into another product, "F11 TopCoat". It's all pretty much the same stuff. You can get just as good a result with Turtle Wax products (spray detailer), at a fraction of the boutique company's prices. Most of these products say you don't ever need to wash your car again, and I have found that's pretty much absolute crap. They say you can just wipe your car down with their product to get it clean. Yeah, I bet, at $40 or more per bottle. You know how much liquid it takes to get road grime off a car even with great polish/sealer/wax on it? Yeah, you'll smoke through one of their spray bottles per cleaning in the winter in Oregon. I used their product and microfiber towels, and still had water spots. Just doing that Jeep truck was going to use 8-10 microfiber towels. If I wanted to wipe my car down every time I wash it, I wouldn't be investing money into a product is supposed to make my life easier, or get things done faster. Wash your car, wax it in the traditional manner with good carnauba wax, clay bar it every spring and just keep going. There's no replacement for the hard work of waxing/polishing/cleaning.
  2. Pepper

    Went to a flea market today

    We don't get many flea markets, but what we do enjoy are the "antique malls". Sometimes they're not so heavy on the "antique" part, as they are more like traditional flea markets/used junk stores. I had some pretty decent scores at some while on vacation. I'm of the opinion that old doesn't mean useless, and there are many times that the old ways are better than the new. And then there's some times that I just like having stuff around from my childhood. Like a can of 3 in 1 oil. I know it's just light machine oil, and probably not all that great of one at that. But my dad always had a can of it on his workbenches, and we used it on everything from fishing reels, to mom's sewing machine, to guns. I found a full can, and paid the absolutely silly price of $10 for it, just to have the red/white/black can sitting on the corner of my workbench. It's probably only from the early 80's, but it's still cool to me.
  3. Pepper

    Hey newbe

    Happy Birthday my friend, hope it's a good one.
  4. 1. He can't "make" me do a damned thing. He might tell others to try to "make" me, but that will go over like a turd in a punchbowl. 2. I don't "make" very easily, and neither do other some other people. Widespread civil disobedience will pretty much grind them to a halt. They going to imprison everyone?
  5. Pepper

    Hey Pepper

    Thank you guys! I feel bad that I wasn't available to thank you guys in here on the day. I was out on vacation, and didn't get back until Sunday. Then work has been so damned busy... I'm posting this from a traffic jam on my way home from training. I think I have most of a day off this week, and none again next week. Anyway, it was a good day, and I'm happy to celebrate another year above ground.
  6. No it doesn't. Someone who has been lodged in a hospital on a peace officer's hold has not been adjudicated as mentally ill or defective in a court, thus they retain their gun rights. They may lose a concealed handgun license, but they can still buy guns.
  7. In Oregon, a police officer can seize a person, and deliver them to a hospital if they are a danger to themselves or others. Guns cannot be seized unless under this new RFL, or in the person's possession when they are seized, or with the person's permission. A physician then has to agree to the psych hold, and then finally the county's mental health director then has to agree as well. If they desire to lodge the person much longer, they have to petition the courts, and the person is given an attorney, and they hold a full hearing with the person present if possible.
  8. That's fine. They didn't say that they were going to burn the actual people or their homes. If he'd burnt the mayor in effigy, he'd probably have been left alone. But showing everyone your concealed handgun license, telling everyone you plan on killing AntiFa, and have a plan to "take them all out" is not protected speech. That nudges the edge of the misdemeanor criminal charge of Menacing here in Oregon. If he'd been armed with a firearm, I'd probably have arrested him for that crime. It's putting others in imminent fear of serious physical injury or death. And viewed objectively, he was pretty close to that line, if not across it. I think that RFL are stupid, and a direct infringement of our rights. But I also think that we can't yell about what to do with the mentally ill without having some more mechanism in place than what we've had in years past. It doesn't matter how much we fund it, if people won't go. However, if we put more roadblocks up for those who do get treatment in the form of loss of rights, we're not going to see larger participation. RFL can work, if done right. Not the way they are, because they're a sham right now. Oregon's RFL is silly, it's written into the law that you cannot have a psychological evaluation and use that as evidence at your hearing that you use to contest the seizure.
  9. This is certainly true. In this case however, I don't think the red flag law meant doodly squat, except that it's a hotbutton issue right now. This guy is a loon, and has been locked up before because of psychological issues. His owning a firearm is probably not a good idea, his owning a sharp stick is probably not a good idea. Look, any person that stands outside the mayor's home, armed and advertising such, and then starts yelling about how he's going to kill people, and that he's made a plan to do so, is going to be thought of by the general public as a nutburger. Add to that his prior mental illness issues, and we have more problems. I think that while seizing his guns was not possible prior to the red flag law, denying him purchase, or a concealed handgun license was, and would have been appropriate. Free speech is not absolute. You cannot yell "Fire" in a crowded theater without being arrested, thus abridging your free speech rights. Just as that is the case, you cannot yell that you're going to kill people you disagree with while armed in front of one of those people's homes. I would have been more comfortable if they'd just charged him with a crime. And I wish the FBI would have stayed out of it. We can't get them to look at prosecuting actual federal offenses, and they're getting involved in state level issues? Where was PPB? Where was Multnomah County Sheriff's Office? Where was the Oregon State Police? All have jurisdiction over that area, and could have done that. Why is it an FBI issue? I know all about the Joint Terrorism Task Force, but PPB pulled out of that group several times already, but now they're involved when it's time to go after a right wing guy? Puh-leeze. This has all the earmarks of a dog and pony show that they were just waiting for, and knew was coming.
  10. Pepper

    Six hours I'll never get back.......

    Wish is spot on. I found that if you're beating your head against a wall, the greatest feeling in the world is stopping. Last time I needed a machine, I just rented one. Did all the work I needed in a day, drug 15 gallons of fuel over and topped it back up, sent it back. My pocket was $200 lighter, but I didn't have to work out how to fix a borrowed machine with "issues", fix a machine I owned myself because something invariably goes wrong somewhere... etc. A guy dropped it off at 0730, and picked it up the next morning from the same spot. Probably dropped it off at another jobsite before it ever made it back to the rental yard.
  11. Pepper

    Off we go...

    Enjoy the new gig my friend. Hope it's all you want and more. As to the commute, if it isn't laden with tons of traffic tie ups, I don't mind a commute of an hour or less. Gives me a chance to unwind, and I enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcasts during my commute.
  12. Pepper

    Glock Factory Night Sights ??

    Here's my $0.02. Probably worth less than that, but here it is. I do not like night sights in general. If it is too dark to see your sights, it is too dark to see well enough to identify your target. And if ambient light is all you have, and that's enough to identify your target, then you have enough contrast to use standard sights. If one insists on using night sights, there is nothing really wrong with Glock's factory night sights. We've used them for over a dozen years, and while they're starting to dim, that has nothing to do with their quality, just their age and the physics of radioactive material. I prefer not to use 3-dot sights of any type. I find that a U-notch is faster, combined with either a fiber optic front sight, or a night sight front blade. I could even get behind Rampy's idea of a blacked out rear sight, with a dot front. All of that being said, my favorite current pistol, my Sig P229 Legion, wears night sights in a 3-dot configuration, with a really big front dot. I'm tempted to black out the rear dots.
  13. Pepper

    Good Cop Good Cop

    She still needed to be arrested. It is not the store's fault that she had no food. There are programs out there for people that need help. Two weeks ago, I arrested a single mother who stole clothing from a Goodwill thrift store. She said she'd lost all of her clothing, and all of her daughter's clothing when their car got impounded after it broke down. She was able to get clothing from the state for her child, but not for her. I told her that there was no reason for her to steal. She could have asked at the police department. She could have asked at the Goodwill, and the manager would have given her a discount or given her free clothing. I cited her for the theft, as she has to be responsible for her own actions. After I issued the citation and she returned all the clothing to the store, I bought her a shirt and a pair of pants with my own money. Human kindness also requires that people be held accountable for their actions. If someone does something illegal, they need to deal with the consequences. I gave that lady my card and told her to talk to cops, churches, or any number of places that might help her if she needs it, and I'd take her if necessary. But stealing (I know how bad Goodwill is as a company/BS nonprofit) means you're taking money away from employees, or forcing the company to charge people more money. They need to be punished for that, not for needing help, but for stealing what they need to get by. It is not the fault of the other customers, the management, or the Goodwill store that she has no clothes other than what she was wearing, yet she chose to victimize them. I am not opposed to helping people, but I am opposed to letting them skate on their personal responsibility.
  14. Pepper

    Forever fence

    Brother, I can absolutely identify with this. I've beaten myself half stupid working my entire life, and my body lets me know when I overdo it, I wind up physically ill over it. I still outwork my 20yo, and he's considered a "hard worker" at his place of employment. I'm pretty sure the younger generations have a real rude awakening on the horizon if they think what they're doing is "hard work". The economy slides again, as it's bound to do, there will be more people than jobs. Then the whining about the evil corporations will commence, then the calls for socialism will come because people expect them to actually work for the money they're being paid, and that's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr.
  15. Pepper

    Forever fence

    That is "Forever Fence". That would last 50 years even in the rainy northwest. In the drier climate where you're at, it will be literally as forever as is possible with a man-made structure.