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  1. Spring rains in Oregon are the only things that make fir tree pollen bearable. If there's weeks worth of sunshine during that time, it's a yellow fog and absolutely miserable. The rains at least keep it wet down and congealing on surfaces. Have to pressure wash the cars every year in late spring to get rid of it.
  2. Unless you blow the water out of the lines, they will still have water inside. It may not be under pressure, but they still have water inside.
  3. Shutting off main supply lines doesn't keep pipes from bursting. It just keeps the mess to a minimum when they do burst. Like TT, we stay on top of the weather. If a cold bit is approaching, I ensure the gas supply is topped off, the vehicles are fueled, the propane tanks are full, and our backup water stash is topped off and ready. This one caught us with our pants down. Someone used all of our stabilized gas out of the cans, and didn't replace it. When we lost power, I pulled out the generator, and 5 gallons of gas. We then commenced to hunting gasoline. 20 miles away, we were able to fill our cans and my pickup. The second time we needed gas, that station was out of fuel, and I had to drive almost 60 miles to get generator fuel, and fill propane tanks. 8 days is a long time to be out of power, and living off a small generator. People in warmer climates don't have to do all of that. They're in a position where they don't NEED heat in the winter, or if they do, it's only occasionally down in the 40s, or close to freezing. In the north, they're prepared all the time, they've always got freezing weather. They have deep buried pipes, weather tight well houses and preparations in place. It's a fact of life for them. Texas got screwed because no one expected this once in a lifetime storm, no one was prepared because it doesn't get that cold statewide that long, that often. In 2008, the city where I worked got hit hard with snow. Now, they see snow every year, but it is usually 3-4", and it's gone in a day or two. The city had a couple of plows and a grader, but they didn't have any snow removal plans or much equipment. Further, their bosses refused overtime except in specific circumstances, none of which included snowfall. So, when they got hit with 2' of snow on a Saturday in December, they were completely unprepared. On Monday morning, I walked into their offices, and all the workers were sitting around a table, drinking coffee and playing cards. Their philosophy was that it had snowed too much by that time, and they could do little about it. And it had snowed too much for them to do their regular work. By that Friday, there was almost 3' of snow in places. People had been snowed in for a week. No one could, or would do anything about it. Finally, the acting city manager (everyone was out of town on vacation at the same time apparently), then head of the recreation department, drug out a city credit card, and hired a local excavating and trucking company to clear the city's streets. She spent a couple hundred thousand as I recall, and they cleared the city almost completely within 48 hours, even trucking the snow out of town. There had been people snowed in for an entire week. People who couldn't get out for medications, water frozen up, it was a mess. In the aftermath, the city bought more snow removal equipment, set up on-call schedules, and invested in de-icing equipment and supplies. Three years later, an 18" snowfall was removed as it occurred, with little disruption to the normal operation of the city. Texas just got a wake up call like that city did in 2008. Texas needs to be prepared for just about every eventuality. Electric companies need to have more resources available, more power available. Living on the ragged edge of power generation, whatever the means, is insanity. California has rolling blackouts because of their power grid issues in places, but they also have issues with generation. They're tearing out dams as quickly as possible, and our governor is trying to push the same agenda. Yet we sell every bit of excess power we can produce to California, so does Nevada. They're cutting their overall generation capacity, increasing their demand, and finding no reserve for when bad things happen. Our power supply needs redundancy, and more capacity, not less. We're tearing out dams, and only building new solar and wind facilities. We can't get nuclear, gas or coal fired plants, things that work no matter the weather. What you see happening in Texas is going to be a regular thing across the country if we don't stop living in make-believe land, where everything can be solved with a wind turbine and a solar panel.
  4. I was forever losing things, especially keys. I have 7 cars, a tractor, a quad, and a bunch of other crap that takes keys. I had to put each set on their own carabiner, and then put them on a key rack. I clip them to my belt loop now, and even if I have 3 sets of keys, I have them all attached to me, in the vehicle, or on the rack. And each one has at least 3 spares, just in case.
  5. At work today, someone did something dumb. For a moment, my immediate supervisor thought I did it, and started to yell at me. I'm not sure what expression I had on my face at the moment, but I'm sure it went to "surprised" when he stopped, looked at me funny, and started apologizing all over the place. That was before my brain even registered why he was yelling at me, or why. Once I realized what he was on about, I just calmly explained I had nothing to do with it, and that whomever had done it, was busily trying to find a hole to crawl into because he'd already started yelling without asking questions yet. Throughout, he looked like he'd swallowed a turd. I was calm and pleasant. Maybe that's what scared him.
  6. I do. I got insoles, special shoes, hot and cold packs, and none of it worked very well. I went back, and my doctor gave me a series of exercises to do, and they worked. I've been pain free for 2 years, which I didn't think was possible.
  7. That's funny. I've seen Jesus with doves, but not flying his own bird before.
  8. I did the same thing, or close to it the other day. I keep each car key/fob separate, and on their own carabiner key ring. I clipped the keys to my car on my belt loop, went and did something, then griped because they weren't hanging up on the key rack. That is, until my wife un-clipped them and shook them in my face. I stopped griping pretty quickly.
  9. Our court system is garbage, if not designed to take advantage of the witnesses, it's in absolute disregard for them and their needs. It abuses victims happily. It was proven to me almost a year ago, bringing home everything. I tried to deny it at first, but it's been patently obvious. Our usual system pre-Covid was to run grand jury prior to charging felony suspects. This was required to be in person for involved cases, or by video for simple cases. Courtroom testimony HAD to be in person. Video testimony was rejected out of hand because the accused had a right to confront witnesses, and that meant in person. Covid hit, and they dealt 80% of the cases, all grand jury testimony was by video. Those very few cases that actually went to trial, the judges demanded that all testimony be done by video at first. Really? It was a legal necessity to have witnesses appear in person before, but now could testify via video or telephone? The process abused witnesses and victims. Witnesses would have to take time off work, upset their schedules in the case of cops, only to be told at the last moment that they weren't needed, that the trial or appearance had been rescheduled or postponed. Defense lawyers used postponements to discourage participation, especially if the state had witnesses that were on the lower end of the economic spectrum. They discouraged witnesses by making them take multiple days off work, until they couldn't anymore. Witness fees are stuck in the 1800s, literally paying pennies. They've made accommodations to meet the "social distancing" needs of judges, lawyers, and clerks. To hell with the needs of witnesses or victims over all the years, letting hard core criminals go free because normal people couldn't keep showing up. Rape victims that had to see their attackers eye to eye, for decades. Now they can sit in front of a camera at a remote location with a two-way feed. Now it's ok? Because a judge wants to keep people at a distance? Sorry for the rant, felt it needed to be public. Cops, witnesses, and victims mean nothing to "officers of the court". They're inconveniences to the system. To be used, abused, and ignored.
  10. They haven't allowed us to have glasses on since 9/11. As a result, I squint trying to see the camera. Makes me look angry, even if I'm smiling. Looks like I'm about to hit someone, and it makes me happy. Mine is up on my birthday this year, this time I'll see if I can avoid trying to focus and just let the thing take my picture.
  11. I don't know if it would be the last firearm on Planet Earth, but I do tend to agree with you. Used as "intended" an AR pistol is next to useless to me. It's a fine rifle platform, but next to worthless as a pistol. I can think of any number of handguns that would have much more utility. Used as an SBR, I can see some utility, but dislike skirting the "letter of the law" and throwing it in the face of the ATF, especially with a senile old bastiage in the WH who is promising to break the NRA. Revolvers have their place. They're dead reliable, they are often chambered in calibers often not offered in semi-auto pistols, and often much more accurate than their semi-auto counterparts. As far as a Hi-Point, they're not what I'd choose, but they are usually at least decently reliable, and the customer service from the company is almost legendary. I've also handled and fired one of their pistol caliber carbines, and while it felt rather cheap, it shot well and seemed decently reliable. Like what you shoot, and shoot what you like. I don't see the real utility in AR pistols, but if someone likes them, get on with it. I don't contribute to your gun fund, I'll not tell you how to spend it.
  12. One member is taking some time off for this crap. The obsession with a particular member ends here. One more post by any of the involved parties ends with time off. If you can't deal with things according to the rules, leave. I'm tired of babysitting adults over this. This forum stalking ends here, now, and permanently. There will be no more warnings, no more red text. Get along, ignore each other, or go away.
  13. This is absolute garbage. That this thread even needs to be locked is absolute crap. That several long term members are gleefully participating in the shat slinging is absolute crap. Further, that people who've been warned on multiple occasions are doing so. This is the last warning. Members have been reminded on multiple occasions of the "ignore" feature. Use it. Obviously those involved haven't the self-control not to engage with others that they know will be difficult to deal with. If you can't or won't use it, expect to spend extended time outs away from the site. I'm done playing babysitter. Official warnings are going out, and next time, it's time off. For all involved. Just because there's a jackass out braying in a field, doesn't mean you need to go out there and bray back, proving you're the bigger jackass.
  14. We just got a dusting. Now it's back to rain with no white stuff in the future.
  15. Holy cow, that's a bunch of snow for those areas. We're going to get a few inches tomorrow night, but nothing like that.
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