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    2020 PNW campout anyone?

    If we're putting in orders, I'll speak up for tri-tip. Absolutely amazing. I've tried several times, and I've come somewhat close, but haven't quite matched the flavor of the one he did.
  2. Pepper

    2020 PNW campout anyone?

    I am flexible. Either works, but would prefer to avoid Labor Day weekend and all the associated shenanigans.
  3. Pepper

    Heavy heart

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Pepper

    Good Morning!

    Good morning. Going to be a long one, got my day started at 1600 yesterday, probably won't be out of court until 1600 this afternoon. Yuck.
  5. Pepper

    My new ride...

    We had been eagerly anticipating the launch of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and if it wasn't butchered by FCA, knew we were going to jump on one. The concepts had us drooling over the last few years, but they changed it up a bit. I would have done a couple things differently, but can understand why they went the direction they did. Wednesday night we went out and picked one up. I had been shopping around for several weeks. Most local dealerships wanted between $3k and some as much as $10k over MSRP for them. Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg Idaho is selling for about $2k under MSRP, but they make it up on volume. I had been haunting Jeep's website, looking at local availability, configuring what I wanted on their list of options. Well, lo and behold, I found one at a dealership about an hour away. AND, they weren't marking it up over MSRP. I think I did ok, especially it being a brand new model that they can't keep in dealerships, this one was on the dealer lot for 4 days, in the showroom for 2. This is on the way home, with under 40 miles on it:
  6. Pepper

    My new ride...

    So about the time you posted that, the wife gave it it's first damage. She backed it into a pole at my daughter's softball practice, tweaked the back bumper, and dinged the tailgate. She's mortified, and while I'm not excited about it, figure accidents happen. This is her first "at fault" accident really, so I think she's earned a pass on this one, even though the deductible is going to hit at a bad time.
  7. Pepper

    Striker Fired with a Safety??

    I'm not necessarily a fan of safeties on semi-auto pistols, unless it's a 1911 style safety, and an enhanced one at that. As Rampy said, they're usually not very prominent, hard to reach, and often somewhat fiddly. When under stress, I don't see most people having the fine motor skills to operate a tiny safety. I have a manual safety on my LC9, and I don't use it. It's worthless under stress.
  8. Whomever came up with the "smart" phone, is/was a genius. It combines everything all into one little handy package. It puts the power of the internet, everything right at your fingertips. I used to have sort of "meh" service. I had crappy DSL at the house, and no cell coverage. I didn't use my phone much. But I've now got excellent coverage, and unlimited data/tethering, and 5G service. It's amazing how much I use my phone now. Anything internet, it's right there. Need to look something up, it's there. It's bad enough that when it's on charge, I miss having something to fiddle with. I'm fully hooked, I need that constant stream of information/entertainment. Literally as fast as I can think about something and wonder about it, I've got the answer right in front of me. Just today I looked up specific cars to see if they were RWD or FWD. I looked up several repair tips/videos for a sticky mechanical problem. And I booked a reservation at a hotel for tomorrow night for the missus and I to GTFO of town for an evening. Damned thing is just too handy to have around.
  9. Pepper

    How is Arizona these days??

    Arizona is high on my list of places to go to retire, if their AWB doesn't go through that is. I'd want to be a little bit out of the desert, maybe northern Arizona, up in the hills a bit, at a high enough elevation that they get snow and actual seasons.
  10. My cell phone, God help me. It does just about everything "Smart" TV. About to cut the satellite cord, finally got good enough internet to run TV's. As far as flashlights, I am trying to convert everything over to 18650s. All my "good" lights are already, along with some camping lamps. Probably have two dozen cells extra just sitting in chargers waiting to get swapped out. I keep a few transistor radios, battery powered laying around. And as far as 2 way radios, I'm pretty well covered. I think I could outfit most of the regular posting members with comms, at least for local operation.
  11. Pepper

    King Cobra 2020

    Very nice gun. I really like it. That business with the gun shop would piss me off. If I order something, pay for it, or have an LGS fi the transfer, it's mine. Not theirs. Don't freaking touch it except in my presence and with my permission. If another customer drops it on the floor and knocks a sight loose or scratches it, are they going to order me a new one? If some yokel flicks the cylinder open and screws up the crane they going to own that? Or do you think they'll blame Colt and try to send it back? If the gun shop wants to display a gun to generate more orders, maybe they should buy one for themselves. I'd probably have had a little shitfit in the shop about it.
  12. That won't stand. It looks bad, but it will be tied up in court forever until it's declared unconstitutional. My state relies upon federal law for definitions of firearms. Which could get interesting.
  13. Pepper

    Redneck plumbing fix

    Nice clean fix, looks good.
  14. I think that the truth lies somewhere between the Chinese published numbers and the hyped numbers that these less than mainstream outlets are putting out. The Chinese live in conditions ripe for an epidemic, with poor sanitation and very, very, very crowded living and working conditions. They've developed the business of cramming as much humanity per square foot in as possible. An epidemic that decimates their population might not affect less dense populations quite so much. Cruise ships are much the same as ordinary Chinese living as far as population density. I don't think this is some global pandemic. I agree that we wouldn't be told of it's serious nature until it already was a pandemic, but we're not seeing the rapid spread of some weird super bug.
  15. They would be forced to change the definition through new legislation. Right now, they know that any new bill that changes that definition will get tons of gun control stuff tacked on by the dems. Then it will never pass the senate, and even then, Trump would veto it outright. It's much easier for a law enforcement agency to just continue doing things, "because we said so". And they'll keep doing it until they get sued, and pay a bunch of money.
  16. Pepper

    Sierra .22LR/.22 Mag Revolver

    I bought Pepper Jr one of those a few years ago. It's a cool little plinker, and I almost want one now just for grins.
  17. Pepper

    Oil....Pandora's Box

    I usually use Royal Purple. I went with Mobil 1 on the last oil change I did on the new Jeep just because it was cheaper at the time. FCA requires synthetic oil that meets their latest specs, and most synthetics meet those standards. bobistheoilguy.com is an interesting site, filled with all sorts of interesting info. A chunk of it goes right over my head, but what I do understand is very educational, and made me feel better about my choice.
  18. Pepper

    Auto Electrical Wizards Step Inside

    You should be fine doing what you want. The newer cars and trucks, not so much. I had to do a bunch of research into getting better headlights into our Gladiator. I know how involved the computers are these days, and the only real upgrade from a halogen bulb is an LED system of some kind. Except, that will wreak havoc on the system, as the computer isn't expecting that kind of power draw, and unexpected results might occur. The computer might be ok with it, or it might shut it down completely. Or it could decide to only work intermittently. And then if the LED bulb takes a dump, it can't run one halogen and one LED, that would send the system into spasms. I had to settle for different temperature halogen bulbs, and I'll eventually wire up the accessory switches to some good driving lights for the dark backroads.
  19. Pepper

    2020 PNW campout anyone?

    I try not to do tents either anymore. Other guys do however. I do an RV, though mine is a bit big for the main camp spot, so the last time I stayed in a USFS campground a few miles away. If you have a smaller trailer (I snuck in a 24ft bumper pull in one year) you can camp at the main campsite, otherwise the USFS campground is the way to go.
  20. Pepper

    2020 PNW campout anyone?

    We try to get together once a year, and all Armory members are welcome. It's held in northern central Oregon, and we get together to shoot, eat. drink, tell lies, and generally have a good time. We call it the PNW (Pacific Northwest) campout because we've usually only gotten folks from western states, but we've had a member from Illinois show up once, and we had a blast. Most often we get members from Oregon, Washington, and California due to the logistics. But if we get someone flying in, we'll make arrangements to pick them up from Portland if need be, and drag them and their gear to the site.
  21. Pepper

    So, what the heck was that?

    Oregon State Beavers have been there more than a few times. It just seems like... less. Maybe it's because the hottest college prospects, the first round draft picks, even they go to a farm team for a couple of years to get seasoned, no matter the contract with the MLB team. Maybe it's also that MLB has no issue with signing people internationally, and that's unheard of in football, simply because it's not played anywhere else really.
  22. Pepper

    So, what the heck was that?

    I used to watch college ball, but then realized that the college ball programs were all pretty much corrupt from top to bottom. Top prospects might not be "sponsored", but they have agents, and get lots of things from places such as Nike, Adidas, etc. It's all a racket, and I'm disgusted with the whole mess. At least baseball hasn't been corrupted at the college level on that scale.
  23. Pepper

    So, what the heck was that?

    The NFL is dead to me. I cannot believe the number of "principled" people in my profession that fawn over the NFL and anything football. One of my best friends is in corrections, and went full retard with a super bowl party. I can't even.
  24. Pepper

    Looks like a raid.....

    The growing trend is to conduct these types of operations on tactical channels that are not published or typically scanned. Or if it is conducted on a standard dispatch channel, little is said about what is going on unless something goes wrong. They might close the channel prior to the warrant service, but once things started happening that you could see, if everything went well, you might hear, "One in custody, open the channel". If they didn't contact anyone, you might not hear anything other than "Code 4, open the channel". Any request for an ambulance could have come via telephone, because detectives and such seem allergic to using a radio. I can't remember the case law, but there was one a while back that said that if you block a roadway, you have to leave an escape route. If you do not, you're basically using deadly force, and that level of force must be justified. I partially blocked the exit to a parking lot once in a chase, and I wound up getting yelled at by a supervisor for potentially incurring liability if the bad guy crashed. Case law driven by convicted criminals suing, victims hit by those convicted criminals (can't sue a dirtbag without any money, gotta sue the city/county/state, right?), have driven police policy and procedure into the ground. My agency is on the cusp of declaring that we will not pursue anyone but known violent felons. If that happens, I'm no longer going to write traffic tickets, when all someone has to do is commit a felony and they get off with nothing. The day I have to acknowledge that policy, is the last time I make a traffic stop.
  25. Pepper

    Help needed with Gold Patron renewal!

    At this point, that's your best course of action. I had the same problem with another service, I canceled a debit card, and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it associated with a new debit card. I don't have access to the subscription portion of the site, so Neil is the only one who can play with that stuff.