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  1. I would like to ask everyone to consider the idea of making a simple change to terminology for purposes of political gain. If we all start calling AR style rifles "{A}merica's {R}ifle" and such usage becomes widespread, it will be far more difficult for legislators to attempt to outlaw it. No politician is going to want to have to admit that , "Yes, I want to ban America's Rifle". If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. It costs you absolutely nothing to change the terminology you use and besides, the rifle deserves that honor anyway! Gun owners should start going on the offensive and this is a very good way to do it.
  2. Why not just skip all the aggravation and buy a compact Witness in 10mm? I have one. They're great.
  3. I have been a 1911 fan all my life but I cannot say enough good things about the EAA Witness. These guns simply run and run and run. For 10mm I strongly suggest the Elite Match. See if you can find one without the stupid accessory rail which EAA thinks everyone should be forced to have on the latest models. I have put severely nuclear loads through this gun with no problems (so far). I don't suggest/promote hot loads for daily use, but for carry, that's the reason to have a 10mm... to send a fire breathing freight train at the bad guy.
  4. While I don't actually know whether or not Turkey is capable of turning out quality firearms, I would not hold S&W up as an example! They have not exactly been doing themselves proud lately. Between the Hillary lock, the crap plastic wonders and the abominations that are the cap-pistol construction so-called Walthers (I disassembled my sold-as-fast-as-I-could P-22 and it is literally the same construction design as one of my 1950's cap pistols, though admittedly made of slightly better materials), S&W is trying to rid themselves of their century-old #1 reputation as fast as they can. To top it all off, they are now producing a copy of the Taurus Judge!!! S&W is falling further and faster than an airliner with peeling skin! (In the interest of full disclosure; I am a rabid S&W revolver fan. I just refuse to buy any of their current production until they clean up their act.)
  5. No, I am relying on people with experience with this particular pistol, and my own take on the responses.
  6. Reminds me. I saw the worst case of case head expansion I have ever seen in some .45 auto range brass I was reloading. The sizing die actually pushed the bulge downward instead of sizing it, thereby producing a spare tire effect and of course, useless brass. Somebody was shooting way too hot loads out of their (presumption) Glock.
  7. Well, I consider primers as "an" indicator, but not "the" indicator. My 10mm whoopee loads flatten and crater them but the brass seems fine and I get no other indications of too much pressure (like disappearing body parts).
  8. I have a Californian Highway Patrol edition 1006 for sale for $800. Or will consider trade for a S&W model 629 4" (no Hillary orifice) or shorter barrel with some cash. Contact me for photos. (don't see any way to put them here)
  9. I asked this in another thread, but I think it deserves its own. There are lots of reports of the compacts and non-Match guns cracking slides with 10mm. I have a Match with both 40 and 10mm setups and I really need to know if there are any reports of cracked slides with hot 10mm loads in the Match. I bought this gun to practice in 40 and get serious in 10mm. It is my primary handgun for travels into areas that are not safe at all. Hot 10mm loads seemed to me like the perfect compromise where I might need a round capable of handling mountain lion or bear (normally I would carry a .44) but would more likely need it for armed smugglers (other choice would be a hi-cap .45 auto). The 10mm seems capable of doing the job of both guns, rifle always in reach of course. Can we settle this? Is the Match OK for smokey 10mm loads?
  10. Ha ha! Want a good laugh? I just search GA and GB for "Megastar". There is one listing on each, same gun I presume, both at $700!!! These are good guns, but somebody is dreaming big time.
  11. I have dealt with the same guy and have his contact info in the same place... where I can't find it! He is completely reliable and has exactly what he says he has.
  12. These Stars are/were great pistols. In case you are all wondering what happened to them... Spain, like most other European countries, went la-la-leftist on us and decided guns are evil, guns are bad, nobody needs guns, and they forced all three remaining (and the best) Spanish gun manufacturers to close up forever. Star, Llama and Astra are now all gone; equipment destroyed, inventory thrown to the winds, employees thrown into the street. Spain now has a leftist paradise. Sort of like California. God help them if any other country should ever attack them and they find themselves needing GUNS! Remember during WWII when we shipped millions of American private guns to England to help them because they didn't much "believe in guns" so they weren't prepared? If you ever hear Spain begging for free guns, send them photos of Stars, Astras and Llamas with a message that says, we would send you guns, but.. !
  13. I would get a heavier spring for 10mm and use the stock Witness 10mm spring for 40s. My Match throws empties into the next county even with the heaviest springs.
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