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  1. I came across a Sig p220 45 with the euro or heel mag release and it seemed to be in really good shape and I'm not really familiar with it and was just wanting some opinions on the gun and maybe its value...
  2. IronCobra14

    The "BRD" there is no cure

    I agree on the knives I have to many of those myself. They are also addicting!!
  3. IronCobra14

    Is there a "favorite" AR brand name?

    It's like Ford vs Chevy, Honda vs Yamaha or Mercury vs Evinrude. I believe if it shoots everytime and doesn't give you any issues then you have a good gun. All guns have their plus and minus. I own a Colt LE6940 and a Double Star Star15 and I love the Double Star just as much as the Colt. It's mostly preference,how much money,and just what really catches your eye. These guys are great about giving you advice. Good Luck!!!
  4. IronCobra14

    Cleaning/Oiling my AR

    I have used Hoppes #9 on all my guns for years and never once had a problem.
  5. IronCobra14

    My First AR-15

    Sorry it took so long but here is a picture of my DoubleStar.
  6. Ok so I posed not to long ago about my first AR-15 and went with a Double Star and love it. Well it took a total of 3 to 4 weeks and I got another one this time I got the Colt LE6940 with an Eotech 553,magpul acs stock and a few other accessories. I have to say that I love this gun. Here is a picture below. The BRD I don't think there will ever be a cure!!
  7. IronCobra14

    Another new guy

    Welcome BRD sets in quickly!!!
  8. IronCobra14


    Congrats on the AR!!!!
  9. IronCobra14

    New AR-15 owner

    Congrats on the AR now do like I have done on my new one and shoot the hell out of it....
  10. IronCobra14

    So happy

    Congrats on the AR!!!
  11. IronCobra14

    My First AR-15

    I will have pictures up tomorrow sorry on the delay..Computer mesed up... Technology is great when it works but when it doesn't well it stinks....
  12. IronCobra14

    Home defense, Do you keep one in the chamber?

    Glock 22 loaded right beside my bed...AR is behind my door in my room with the mag in and 1 chambered with the safety on ( NO KIDS in the house BTW).. my Glock is to get me to the AR..either way don't break into my house if you don't want a barrel pointed at you...
  13. IronCobra14

    My First AR-15

    I'm going to get pics up ASAP....also any suggestions on aftermarket accessories such as quad rail, grips, and such?
  14. IronCobra14

    My First AR-15

    Located in a small place called Moss.... If you have ever heard of Dale Hollow Lake I'm about 15 minutes from it.