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  1. My wife has carried a 27 for about 5 years which she loves. It is smaller/lighter than the 30 I have CC'd for many years. The standard 29/30 is about 1/2" taller in the grip than the 26/27. That extra bit of grip length makes the 30 more comfortable for me on follow up shots even with the pinky mag extension my wife's pistol has. There is no real issue with follow up shots on the 26/27 just that the 29/30 feels better in my grip. My hands are a size Large for gloves, almost needing an XL. I have an Adam's Holster Texas model IWB, as well as, a Crossbreed Supertuck for my 30. While I prefer the Adams holster most days, both make carrying a pistol the size of the 29/30 almost effortless. If I was buying today from your list, I'd get the 29SF. I've had my 30 since 2003, before the SF models, but got a chance recently to shoot the SF and it felt noticeably more comfortable than my standard 30. I will get a 29 or 30 SF in the near future.
  2. There sure are some very nice rifles in here. Embarrassed to put my pic in here. Finished my first AR re-build from an Olympic ML-2. Olympic Upper and Lower (trued and polished M4 receiver feed ramps) RRA LPK and BCM bolt upgrade DD M4 16" barrel with YHM Phantom 5C1 flash hider smooth YHM low profile gas block and 12" Diamond FF Rail Stark Grip Magpul mil ACS, BUIS, AFG Vortex SPARC red-dot Streamlight TLR-2 LED light/laser
  3. 39 last month Happy Birthday retcop!
  4. Honesty and humility are two lost traits amongst the majority or professionals. Congrats and thank you.
  5. nvader

    TV Shows

    SOA NCIS CSI Supernaturals Cops Military Channel shows are all on the DVR but I prefer to download the series and watch them sans commercials. I don't catch them all the time but I catch up eventually.
  6. I agree PP, I am trying to decide on a LPK for the rifle I am putting together for my wife. Decisions....Decisions. I'll be checking with ADDAX as well.
  7. Cars and trucks are another of my pastimes. Nice rides everyone!! Love those F-bodies Matt. Until 2004, I always had a Camaro (76, 91, 03) in the driveway. These are my trucks. A 2007 FX2 F150 I bought new and the 97 XLT 4X4 was my Dad's. He bought it new in May 1996. Became mine when he passed away on Christmas Eve 2004. I'm not a Gator fan but he was big time, so I put that on there for him. He said they were the only taste of home (FLA) he could find (listened to them on the radio) while stationed in Arizona during the late 50's. The 06 Mustang GT is the wife's. Not quite stock either. Rick
  8. Sorry to hear your issues. If I order anything and USPS is the only option, I chaulk it up to it gets here when it gets here. I try to use UPS 3 day service from Midway or anyone else. I am not a fan of FedEx. Lived out in the boonies until early this year and when the fedex contract driver was lazy or forgot, he'd mark the package as delivered in the computer, then deliver them on his next trip out my way. I've spent up to four days trying to find a package "left at my door". Calling fedex was worthless as policy says, the driver has 72 hours to respond to their inquiry. Had this on 3 different packages in a years span. After we realized what they were doing I did not order companies that only used FedEx shipping. No such troubles now that I am close to town.
  9. None taken, thank you for the correction and my apologies.
  10. I hard mounted such a holster in the console of my truck for when I am not CC'ing. I don't have children around, so they could be used to make a bedside holster or an under desk. The wide paddle make applying velcro or screws fairly easy and pretty rigid.
  11. Congratulations, you'll have our thoughts and prayers.
  12. A little added info: The actions of the latest Medal of Honor recipient, Salvatore Giunta, are told in the book "War" by Junger. I had read the book before the announcement of the award and when hearing the story on the news it hit me immediately.
  13. Here's three very good books I read this year. I don't read of lot of books that are not technical in nature, but these three along with Marcus Luttrell's "Lone Survivor", I could not put down. "Victory Point" seems more information than reflection or recollection but still very good. I think you'll find "War" and "Joker One" will leave you with the same feelings of pride and gratitude you had when you closed the cover on "Lone Survivor". God Bless our Men and Women in Uniform Victory Point - Ed Darak "In late June 2005, media sources recounted the tragic story of nineteen U.S. special operations personnel who died at the hands of insurgent / terrorist leader Ahmad Shah--and the lone survivor of Shah's ambush--deep in Afghanistan's Hindu Kush. The harrowing events of Operation Red Wings marked an important--yet widely misreported--chapter in the Global War on Terror, the full details of which the public burned to learn. VICTORY POINT reveals the complete, as-yet untold, story of Operation Red Wings (often mis-referenced as "Operation Redwing"), and the follow-on mission, Operation Whalers. Together, these two U.S. Marine Corps operations (that in the case of Red Wings utilized Navy SEALs for its opening phase) unfurl not as a mission gone terribly wrong, but of a complex and difficult campaign that ultimately saw the demise of Ahmad Shan and his small army of barbarous fighters. " "War" - Sebastian Junger Made into the movie Restrepo which comes out on blu-ray 12/7/10 (Pre-order on National Geographic website) "Now, Junger turns his brilliant and empathetic eye to the reality of combat—the fear, the honor, and the trust among men in an extreme situation whose survival depends on their absolute commitment to one another. His on-the-ground account follows a single platoon through a 15-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Through the experiences of these young men at war, he shows what it means to fight, to serve, and to face down mortal danger on a daily basis." "Joker One" - Donovan Campbell "Campbell decided as a junior at Princeton that attending Marine Corps Officer Candidate School would look good on his résumé. Three years later, in the spring of 2004, he was in Iraq commanding a platoon known by its radio call sign, Joker One. Campbell tells its story, and his, in an outstanding narrative of the Iraq War. Joker One counted around 40 dudes: country boys and smalltown jocks; a few Hispanics and a single black. Some were college men with futures; some had pasts they preferred to forget. The battalion was assigned to one of Iraq's worst hot spots: the city of Ramadi, where faceless enemies found shelter among 350,000 Iraqi civilians. Joker One fought from street to street, house to house and ambush to ambush for seven straight months. By the end of the tour, even the Gunny's hands had started ceaselessly shaking, Campbell writes. Faced with urgent life-and-death decisions, Campbell had learned that there are no great options... you live with the results and shut up about the whole thing."
  14. About 3 years ago I was given the option of taking the department I lead to 10 hour days, 4 days a week. Everyone of my staff of 14 found this to be a positive change so we implemented it. Since then I have not had to discuss promptness or excess tardiness/absenteeism with anyone on the team, where we were averaging at least once every quarter before. Our ages range from 22 to 59 and the shift is 6am to 5 pm.
  15. That is a fine looking rifle and nice specs. Congrats!
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