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  1. gunguy56

    If could only grab one gun

    12 gauge pump shotgun with choke tube barrel..will kill anything on this continent with right shells, from squirrels to bears and any two legged predators. Most versatile weapon ever made..especially for a TEOTWAWKI SHTF scenario..
  2. gunguy56

    Any Georgia LEOs in here?

    PM inbound
  3. gunguy56

    Possible to Convert AR15 to run 7.62x39

    I've got a 7.62x39 upper on my AR. I use CP 30-rd mags, although I can only load 29 rounds. The mags work great, and I highly recommend them. I hunt with this 7.62x39 AR, and it functions fine. The 154- gn WOLF softpoints are very potent whitetail loads. I say try it, you'll like the 7.62x39 AR...
  4. Hey "TheShadow": You ever get to shoot those pesky nutria with a 10m/m down there in Louisiana ? Use my 1006's(have 2) for wild hog hunting here in SE GA-bet the 10m/m would blow up those nutria quite nicely..They still offer a bounty on nutria in your neck of the woods? take care -"Deputy59"
  5. The Safariland 518 Paddle is a great holster-same holster for 4506 fits the 1006. Easy on-easy off. Plain black or Black Basketweave. Use one for my 4506/1006 and another for my 4006. Fits your budget too.....highly recommend it.