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  1. Looking for a full power load to deer hunt with. Im using a G20sf with a stock barrel and 22lb recoil spring and ss guide rod. Because i already have some im gonna use 180gr XTPs, new Starline brass and cci300 primers. Also i have some AA#9, Long Shot and 800-X. Whats a good load to work up to? Kinda looking for a warm load.
  2. Well I already hand weigh all my hand loads so 800X might be the ticket. Now I don't have a book in front of me but its top listed pressure is like 30,000 correct? What's the max, 37,500?
  3. White tail deer, thanks for the tips. Anyone have any proven loads from there stock Glock 20?
  4. I'm looking for a good powder to load 180 & 200gr XTPs. Ill be using it as a hunting round out of a Glock 20sf Gen 3 with a stock barrel and 22lb recoil spring. Right now I'm gonna go with the 180s with new Starline brass, what's a good primer powder combination to get the full potential out of the ammo? Ive been using AA#9 but looking for something new. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. I'm getting ready to order some full power rounds from swamp fox but can't decide which one.. I've got it narrowed down to 3 different rounds: 165 GDHP, 175 WSTs, 180 GDHPs. I like the numbers on all of them but I want a bullet that's GOING to open up big and HOLD TOGETHER! What do y'all suggest? Thanks
  6. Thanks! Its a glock 20
  7. I'm not trying to start another discussion about whether or not DT is putting out velocities like they say or not but I am wanting to know if its possible to recreate like velocities such as 1400fps 165gr HP out of a glock 20? It just seems as its hard to find a true full power 10mm. I've scanned the internet and found lots of conflicting storys and numbers on what a few top manufacturers of supposing FULL POWER 10mm and fiqued id like to do my own quality controlled rounds to do some testing with. So again could I produce a round in the 1400fps range out of my glock 20 without blowing up myself? I haven't looked in my reloading books yet because I can't seem to find them.... oops i hate moving....... soooo can it be done reasonably easy?
  8. I'm new to the 10mm and the forum and I've reloaded rifle rounds before but never pistol. IV got most of all the equipment for 10mm reloading except for the dies, bullets and brass Soo basically I've just go the main reloading equipment. I'm looking for some tips and helpful advice on reloading the 10mm. Ive recently purchased a new Glock 20sf. So just looking for advice on everything from bullets to powder and does and don'ts! Im reloading for practice, self defense, and possibly hunting any help?
  9. Hello all! I'm new to the forum and to the 10mm load. I recently purchased my first 10mm and its my first Glock as well! I'm not new to shooting as it has been a passion of mine my inter life! I've been looking at this form for a couple days now and can't wait to learn more about the round and to learn it from people that are passionate about the round! Thanks in advance!
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