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  1. olkev

    LRB Lower

    Sorry it is taken so long to respond to your posts. In talking to the owner of LRB, he said that JVP does in fact make their lowers as well as the lowers for Double Star. I think the LRB rollmark/logo is much nicer. They are "lower shelf" lowers. There are some pics of the receiver on the other AR forum. He also said that JVP just got a big government contract and their production is about to really get into high gear and also said that there is a possiblity in the near future that they will be offering uppers. I intend to put a CMT/Stag lower parts kit in mine and I will post a review as soon as I can.
  2. olkev

    LRB Lower

    Newbie looking to build his first AR and am looking real hard at the LRB lower receiver. Anybody have any experience with this receiver? THANKS IN ADVANCE!