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  1. FFS. Maybe it's a Phoenix/Maricopa County Sheriff thing but a lot of the cops around here are shorter guys, that's all I was saying. Didn't mean to wrench your shorts into a knot.
  2. I think your screen name is pretty appropriate for this thread. This new fad IMO is just overprotected kids becoming teenagers and finding out that there's more to life than video games and myspace. Teenage boys have been acting stupid since dirt was invented, I bet everyone in here has a story or two.
  3. People like this don't escape life without getting their due. They just don't.
  4. Same here. I don't want to hear anything about "national security" from these people when the border is just wide open day in day out.
  5. Well if it makes me think Officer Nothinbettertodo isn't going to treat me like I'm Jared Loughner until he finds out that I'm not then I'll take whatever I can get.
  6. You could use one fish's guts as bait for more fish if your worms somehow escape.
  7. On top of that, I'm 99% sure that the number he uses is bolstered by stats from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  8. He actually uses "facts" like this to back his position up: In conclusion, the laws don't work. Write more laws?? This obviously has nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with people control.
  9. We have the right to carry openly, and as of April of 2010 we now have the right to carry concealed w/o a permit as well. I still keep my permit updated so I can buy without the waiting period. Also, lets say I'm pulled over for speeding (I was late, we all do it), when the cop runs my plates an asterisk pops up that notifies him that I'm a CCW holder and therefore don't have a record so he won't be so jumpy.
  10. Well I'm always up for handling situations amongst ourselves (in a good way of course) and leaving the authorities out of it as much as possible. I mean the last thing we need is to give the govt another reason to snoop around. Your best bet is to tail him to the next congressman's get together, and completely ruin his entire experience there. Just stand next to him and ask him stupid questions, throw your arm around him and act like you're his drunk buddy. Just catch him totally off guard and make him completely uncomfortable. Also, as you're doing this, pack heat in case he makes a move. You could also talk to other people about him, maybe get a little watch group going. Chances are you're not the only one who's had alarm bells ringing when he's around.
  11. Ya I saw that and figured it probably had something to do with it. Sounds like a bit of a hassle and I'd rather not have the ATF wondering what I'm up to. Might as well go for the 16 and be done with it. Thanks for the quick response, red.
  12. So I'm looking for a new upper, and I found one I like with that one drawback. http://www.botachtactical.com/lmtco14uprea.html It's an LMT, (same people who made my PWA lower) complete upper with a 14.5in bbl, quad rail, BCG, charging handle etc. A guy I recently talked to at work said I needed a 16in barrel or a 14.5 with 1.5in of flash suppressor or I'd be off to jail if anyone ever found out. So is that kit enough or would I need to change out the flash hider to make it legal??
  13. Ok so I'm not a cop, but the guy is already a murder suspect. You have to assume that he's armed and extremely dangerous, right?? And he's barricaded in a house so you know damn well he's going to bushwack whoever comes through the door. The article doesn't say if they were SWAT or something similar but they'd have to be, right? Patrol going in after that guy doesn't make much sense.
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