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  1. Great entertainer. As stated, he really turned his life around. RIP Mr. Daniels
  2. To be honest, I'm surprised they fired due to her "wokeness". But what's good for the goose is good for the commies.
  3. I received my get out of jail for free card today. Just show it to officer that pulled me over and I'm back on the road. Granted we are not locked down in Montana yet. Guess they are planning for a rainy day.
  4. I am a driver. I run a scheduled route every week. I have 1 person assist with loading and 1 person to assist with unloading at other end. Other than those 2, I have no interaction with other people. I run during the night. But so far no changes in schedule. I know higher ups can change on a whim. But when I get told to stay home that's just more items that becomes a shortage for the American people. I have zero intentions to stop my route unless told to by higher ups. I want to earn my paycheck. And without it I'd be sol. I do not want a government hand out to get by.
  5. I've got dibs on court jester. If it pleases the empress of course. No disrespect intended.
  6. They have zero issues pushing thier nazi agenda. And will throw anyone and everyone including themselves under the bus.
  7. Fantastic job all of you men and women did.
  8. And here is where they live.
  9. You be honest with her. She could figure it out somewhere else if need be, so get to it.
  10. King County (Seattle) did this a while back already. Anyone that knew anything just drives out past county line to purchase now.
  11. I am a lesbian in a male body. And I found it funny as hell.
  12. I do similar except I cut the belly up into bite size cubed pieces. Toss on the rub and smoke. 3-2-1 method. Always a winner.
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