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  1. pierceg

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    Very nice. I have same in 9mm.
  2. More speed would have Def helped.
  3. pierceg

    "Solo 300 Pistol"

    While not a great rendition. Close enough for me. Looks cool.
  4. pierceg

    What's for dinner.

    Chicken Osaka and fried rice.
  5. pierceg

    Very cool photo.

  6. pierceg

    9mm AR build in progress

    Thanks for the info. I have ordered a 8.5" barrel.
  7. pierceg

    9mm AR build in progress

    So after reading the other build pages on 9mm builds I thought what a great idea. So I ordered parts. I did take some parts from other threads as availability, cost and just works came into play. So thanks to previous build threads for the insight. Here is the list so far. Feel free to critique, criticise or other. If you think an item needs to be swapped. Other parts added etc......... FAXON 9mm PCC Blowback Full Mass Bolt Carrier Group - Gen 2 - 9mm Spike's Tactical Snowflake Lower - color filled Faxon Firearms 9mm 8.5" SAAMI Light Tapered 4150 QPQ Barrel Buffer And Lower Parts Kit** Caliber 9mm: AR(9MM) KAK Industries AR-15 9MM Carbine buffer KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace & Complete Pistol Tube Kit BATF Approved Strike Industries AR Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover 223 Flag Ver2 - FDE Triton Defense Group (TRG) AR-15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle Heavy Duty **Features Steel Ambi Tac Latches** Davidson Defense Black Diamond Series AR-15 Billet No Forward Assist Upper - USA Made Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) EndoMag™ 9mm - 3 pack Still needs a handguard.
  8. pierceg

    BBQ sauce

  9. pierceg

    BBQ sauce

    I have one I have won a few competitions with. Nothing big. Not Memphis, Texas competitions. Just local comps. I'd post it if anyone is interested. It makes near 2 gallons at once and is a base. You add more sweet, hot or vinegar to your liking to make it your own.
  10. pierceg

    Don Lemon last night on CNN

    So that white guy is a threat to Ole Don's anus? I imagine that's the way he wanted it.
  11. pierceg

    Awesome picture of the day

    This was taken at the airport in Missoula, MT when President Trump arrrived for the rally this Thursday.
  12. pierceg

    Disabled Vet Darts into Traffic To Save American Flag

    Why traffic was not stopped to pick it up is troubling. No one gave 1 shat? Except this guy. Good on him.
  13. pierceg

    Early American history

    100% To easy, all that is from 8th grade history class..