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  1. pierceg

    My kinda humor.

    And here is where they live.
  2. You be honest with her. She could figure it out somewhere else if need be, so get to it.
  3. King County (Seattle) did this a while back already. Anyone that knew anything just drives out past county line to purchase now.
  4. pierceg

    Just gonna leave this here.

    Lol You owe me a kb.
  5. pierceg

    New name for lesbians.

    I am a lesbian in a male body. And I found it funny as hell.
  6. pierceg

    Hickory Smoked/BBQ Braised Belly

    I do similar except I cut the belly up into bite size cubed pieces. Toss on the rub and smoke. 3-2-1 method. Always a winner.
  7. pierceg

    Taco Bell Kitchen?

    Tastes like chicken.
  8. pierceg

    Tri Tip Recipes Wanted

    IMO, don't over think cooking tri-tip. Salt, pepper and garlic. Cook til internal temp is 135 and pull. It will go to 140 easily while resting. Right before pulling crank up the heat and get a bit of crisp on outside. I use a green egg. Turns out spot on every time.
  9. pierceg

    First Bears of the year!

    Very cool
  10. pierceg

    I Did Something Stupid with my "Smart" Phone.

    Every android system I've seen has the location on/off in the os settings. Not the browser settings. So even if there is a location in the system settings and set to off then the browser location is a not going to work. Worth a look regardless.
  11. pierceg

    History Quiz

    LOL, I spit out my water.
  12. pierceg

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Very saddening to here this. RIP brother.
  13. pierceg

    Best deal on an AR-9?

    I blatantly stole geepee's build and went very similar. This thing is awesome.
  14. pierceg

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    Very nice. I have same in 9mm.
  15. More speed would have Def helped.