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  1. Buy 1 wash, get 2nd for free.
  2. I see that as nothing but good news, even great news.
  3. Congratulations, that is some awesome history.
  4. Pig rye is very good. For a little less sting in the wallet, templeton is also very good.
  5. Nice, I have a vepr 12. It's a great shotty. Runs on most rounds, but prefers 3 dram rounds or higher. I know it's value has shot up double what I paid for it.
  6. Happy birthday brother. Thanks for providing all the news.
  7. Solo with the wife. So not really solo, but Christmas eve dinner is takeout pizza. Not a 1st choice, easy and tastes good. Plandemic has everything on hold. Only light for Montana is the incoming republic governor has stated the mandated mask rule is getting tossed. That's a nice after Christmas gift.
  8. Purchased a ruger mark IV lite with threaded barrel. Just to have another dedicated suppressed 22.
  9. I'm curious how they would collect on the magazine tax. If they were to move forward with this moronic idea, how can you collect tax on something I may or may not have and paid cash for if I did have any? Seems like they really like that song by the The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fishing in the dark.
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