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  1. I've heard of the 3 separate instances of this happening in businesses bathrooms. Now 4. One was a business that I worked at. Some tard left a Glock 23 sitting on top of the teepee rack. Police took possession of it. Just stupid stupid stupid.
  2. Nice looking knives. What did you pay for the recon? If you don't mind me asking.
  3. -24 here. With a projected -31. That's before wind-chill. NW Montana.
  4. Congrats on accomplishing the American dream.
  5. For your viewing. Both model IV. Wife's lite with red dot. My hunter with red dot. Barrel has been threaded and front site moved back for threading.
  6. That's s a nice looking piece of hardware.
  7. I know they sell some items to the PCP air rifle market. Which is growing just as fast as the ar market.
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