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  1. King County (Seattle) did this a while back already. Anyone that knew anything just drives out past county line to purchase now.
  2. pierceg

    Just gonna leave this here.

    Lol You owe me a kb.
  3. pierceg

    New name for lesbians.

    I am a lesbian in a male body. And I found it funny as hell.
  4. pierceg

    Hickory Smoked/BBQ Braised Belly

    I do similar except I cut the belly up into bite size cubed pieces. Toss on the rub and smoke. 3-2-1 method. Always a winner.
  5. pierceg

    Taco Bell Kitchen?

    Tastes like chicken.
  6. pierceg

    Tri Tip Recipes Wanted

    IMO, don't over think cooking tri-tip. Salt, pepper and garlic. Cook til internal temp is 135 and pull. It will go to 140 easily while resting. Right before pulling crank up the heat and get a bit of crisp on outside. I use a green egg. Turns out spot on every time.
  7. pierceg

    First Bears of the year!

    Very cool
  8. pierceg

    I Did Something Stupid with my "Smart" Phone.

    Every android system I've seen has the location on/off in the os settings. Not the browser settings. So even if there is a location in the system settings and set to off then the browser location is a not going to work. Worth a look regardless.
  9. pierceg

    History Quiz

    LOL, I spit out my water.
  10. pierceg

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Very saddening to here this. RIP brother.
  11. pierceg

    Best deal on an AR-9?

    I blatantly stole geepee's build and went very similar. This thing is awesome.
  12. pierceg

    PIcked up a CZ 75B.

    Very nice. I have same in 9mm.
  13. More speed would have Def helped.
  14. pierceg

    "Solo 300 Pistol"

    While not a great rendition. Close enough for me. Looks cool.
  15. pierceg

    What's for dinner.

    Chicken Osaka and fried rice.