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  1. I'm interested in getting a .22 conversion for my Bushmaster XM15-E2S but I have no idea what to look for in terms of brands/pricing but I am hoping to find one relatively cheap. Any suggestions?
  2. So I got the Yankee Hill riser along with the high rings in the mail today. I slapped the riser and rings on, slapped on a Bushnell 3-9x12 (brand new out of the box), went to the range, and at 100 yards I was about 1.5" low but dead center so a few clicks and I was on point. Does it get any easier then that? I also got the carry handle mount but didn't even bother trying it since the setup I have now clears the front sight completely and worked out perfectly.
  3. Ok here's what I'm going to try out... I already have low rings so I ordered a carry handle mount (less than $10) and I also ordered the Yankee Hill riser with high rings. I'm hoping the riser and high rings work out good because it will allow me to mount the scope a little further forward but if for some reason I don't like it, I have the other mount as a backup. Thanks for all the help and info everyone.
  4. High rings with a riser? The trouble I'm running into is it seems different companies have different measurements for what a "high" ring is.
  5. It's a 1" tube I'm using and would that setup be high enough to clear the front sight? The description says "Ring Height: 1" (measured from top of base to bottom of scope tube)" but what BM recommends is 1.25".
  6. I think I figured it out. Bushmaster recommends a riser (3/4") with a medium ring (1/2"). I have low rings (1/4") but if I buy a 1" riser it will put me at the same height (1.25" overall). This is not going to be a primary hunting rifle so I want to keep my irons. Thanks for the help and the welcome!
  7. I forgot to add that this isn't being mounted to the carry handle it's going on the A3 flattop. I just called Gander Mountain to see if they even sold the rings and they said I would need a riser block because the rings wouldn't clear the front sight (which of course they have the rings but not the base).
  8. I want to put a 3-9x40 on my Bushmaster XM15-E2S but I don't know what size rings to get. I'm assuming low would probably not fit and the front sight would block the scope's view anyway so what about medium/high/x-high/xx-high?
  9. It snapped right back in so it's definitely straight and flush now. Thanks for the help, the welcome and the link!
  10. Thanks and yes everything is tight. There is nothing loose or wobbling, I was just concerned when looking at it, not knowing whether it should be straight / flush or if it was suppose to be slightly angled / sticking out like it is. I took it to the range and put about 20 rounds through it with no problems at all. The "weld spring" works fine (I replaced the stock handguard with the MOE handguard with no problems).
  11. Bushmaster XM15-E2S bought it today the previous owner had just about broken it in and that's about it. I think it would be called the slip or delta ring... not sure but it doesn't look right to me. Is this normal and if not how do I go about fixing it?
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