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  1. chevellemrwl

    Safe Hardware questions

    Looking to swap out the Handle hardware on the front of my safe. The standard 3 prong handle on my Champion safe This: And the prongs just sit a little too far out. I still have some mods to do in the close to have everything fit 100%, but with test fits, I'm afraid they will contact the closet doors, even with the mods, after everything is in place. I'm looking for something basic like these Sentry Safe handles : The Sentry just looks tighter to the body of the safe. Anyone have any suggestions vs contacting the manufactures directly?
  2. chevellemrwl


    On a lightweight barrel I can see how dropping less than 80 bucks on a rail is nice. I bought one for my heavy Del-Ton upper, and my god, its one heavy weapon to lug around. It made the whole day at the range after a while real tiring. Put my Magpul MOE back on and really more balanced now. Before with the rail, really nose heavy. YMMV.
  3. chevellemrwl

    MEGA VS Sun Devil

    Living here is AZ, I was happy to do 2 things. Support Sun Devil, and support a company they provide lowers to. I have one of the AZ Armory lowers. I did a test with a Del-Ton upper, S&W, RRA, no name A2 upper, and a Bushy upper. All were nice and solid. The RRA was a tad too tight for the take down pins to be easily pulled on, but not a deal breaker. For the money, cant go wrong with Sun Devil.
  4. chevellemrwl

    remington AR question

    Most kits will include everything you will need for swapping a stick, including the end plate. Magpul's vendor do sell just the stocks, so ensure you get a full kit.
  5. chevellemrwl

    Pickin it out

    As far as the ammo goes, from arfcom ( dont yell at me ) industry section, it wont void it. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_2_100/203464_...tain_ammo_.html Quote from Del-Ton rep: Actually, shooting the steel case won't void it (we need to change that)....we just don't recommend it. We have found a lot of people to have issues with FTF, FTE with steel case. We don't warranty hand reloads and laquer coated ammo. Hope that helps. Laura As far as buying from Del-Ton, its one of those choices you need to do more research on. Visit all the AR sites. Ping people that say they have one, get their opinions vs those who say " I have a friend or know some ppl" kind of responses. I spent about 6 months doing researching before I bought. I dont regret buying mine. I have about 2500 rds thru it since march of this yr. No issues. But my test and usage is no where what others are. I range with it, have taken it hunting once. If you want to do 3gun comps, or have local gun ranges that hold competitions, then I would say get some advise from those guys. But if you want an AR, want to plink with it, cant beat the prices. I believe all their barrels are 5.56 vs .223. I have yet to have an ammo issue with mine. Both steel and brass works fine.
  6. This is probably going to be the cheapest. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?ite...amp;groupid=185 I have about 100 rds thru my AK, and a spam can waiting to be popped open with it. Its been good ammo for me. Shipping is the big killer.
  7. chevellemrwl

    Ammo Storage

    I've been lucky over these past few months to get my new house in order. My office is also my firearm room. I'm using the closet to house both a dual door gun cabinet, and the other half are those steel racks from target. Have my Ammo cans filled, up off the floor, and all labeled accordingly. I've almost tripled my ammo capacity in the last few month. The new Wife is none the wiser. On top of the rack are 2 quick grab bags. The ones in the middle are all the loaded AR and AK mags ready to go.
  8. chevellemrwl

    LOWER Receiver Question

    I think which ever is cheaper at the moment. If you can find one local it would be easier and not have to deal with an FFL transfer. Not to kick either one, but the word on the interweb is PSA is gonna have a sale on Labor Day. Their last sale have $50 lowers with $7 shipping. My FFL did the transfer for 10 bucks. $67 in my hands for Build # 2. I suspect many will have deals for Labor Day, but just saying.
  9. chevellemrwl

    quad rail or magpul moe

    How many rds do you have thru it? Is this your First AR? How many rds do you have thru any AR's I'm fairly new as well. And AS I was waiting on getting my upper delivered towards the beginning of the year, I started to buy accessories. Carry handle, Quad Rail, carriers, mags, ammo, misc stuff like that. The only real important ones are mags and ammo. I would recommend put at least a thousand rds thru it, and see how it handles. I put on my quad rail, it was nice, solid, but REALLY FRICKEN HEAVY. Added a ton of nose weight. And with a Heavy barrel, it was no use. I had run about 600 rds thru with the std hand guard, and went with an MOE. It's solid, had slots for a light or forward grip of some kind. But I would recommend seeing how the rifle shoots, accuracy, different types of ammo first before changing anything or adding to it.
  10. chevellemrwl

    Palmetto State Armory

    I've got one of their lowers during the Father's Day sale. Great investment in my next build. Both USGI and Polymer mags drop cleanly with no drag. I've used 2 of their LPK's kits for both my SunDevil lower and the PSA lower. I've not have a single problem. Trigger is smooth and crisp. Everything fit well with no unneeded force. Will definitely use their LPK's again. Before I got my first AR, I've bought ammo and mags from them. Fast shipping, great sales, and really like the clearly stated shipping.
  11. chevellemrwl

    Switching Uppers/Different Manufacturers?

    There are quite a few companies right now doing really good deals on Uppers. PSA is becoming a huge hit with some of the great sales they have had lately. BCM is a great company which offer a variety of choices. Most of their equipment you will need to add a BCG and handguards to before you are done. Spikes is another that AIM Surplus has on sale on a regular basis. There you have Del-Ton and JSE Surplus ( which is Double Star )
  12. chevellemrwl

    Father's Day Special

    Without Further Ado.... Sorry about the delay guys. My FFL closes at 5 during the week, so today was the only day to go and pick it up. I had ordered a MOE LPK as well from PSA, and got my A2 stock in to assemble my next full lower. Think I'm going 20" on my next build Now the lower: All the research online, as well as my FFL dealer confirming, these are Areo Precision lowers. The roll marks are clean. The lower has no extra material on any of the edge. Everything is smooth. I brought some mags with me as well and my USGI, Tapco, and PMAG's at the shop all went in and out like glass. Their LKP was complete, and went together in about 10 min this time compared to my hour last time. I could get the hand of this assembly concept. Once she was all complete, I slapped my Del-Ton upper I have had now for a few months, and no slop. Pins were tight, and no wiggle. I am super pleased with PSA in both their LPK and now their Lower's. Just might have to do a full build from them at some point. Let me know if anyone has any questions, or concerns. Ill be out in a few weeks with both lowers to further test my 16, and now test this A2 lower. So far, I'm more than happy with PSA.
  13. chevellemrwl

    Switching barrels

    Thats what happened to me. Bought a second LKP from PSA for real cheap. Then they had the Father's Day sale for lower's, and then found a solid A2 stock on an EE. So yeah. Its a disease for sure. Just finished my first, and already have a built lower for a second.
  14. chevellemrwl

    Father's Day Special

    I just got the email, and placed my Order. http://palmettostatearmory.com/1560.php I only ordered 1. I might do another tomorrow. This BRD is expensive, and I just got my first completed and test fired. So gotta start saving for another.
  15. chevellemrwl

    which upper

    I bought a Del-Ton back in Feb. Took 2 months to the day. It was a long wait, but I was buying a house and getting married, so no biggies. Great upper. Will buy from them again. I will probably get a 20' kit next time. I have a Palmetto State Armory Lower Parts kit in my lower right now. And the trigger feels real good. Nothing but good things about BCM/PSA heard around the forums. Del-Ton sucks with the wait times, but that's part of doing good products with lots of orders. I dont think you can go wrong with what you layed out in the beginning. Less expensive upper means more mags and more ammo.