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  1. A righty model will serve you well as long that it has the shell deflector. I used one in the service. The lefty model is more of a convenience than a need. But it will sure keep the burnt powder from breathing it and out of your eyes and face in one piece in case of an out of battery detonation.
  2. Like I mentioned before, that would be a good "one stop" buy and you don't have to worry about anything else for a while. As for a scope... do not mix cheap cause you will keep paying if buying a chapo scope. There are many options out there (Bushnell, Nikon, Mueller, etc.) so save a little bit and only pay once. For a carbine, I am more inclined with either a red dot sight (so I can co-witness) or a low power scope, YMMV. Last but not least, the 22lr conversion kit is a great way to plink and enjoy the rifle without spending a lot of money. The only lefty kit I have seen so far would be from CMMG and it looks good.
  3. That is a good setup and you won't need anything else. The benefit of doing your own build is the satisfaction factor and if you are doing a custom built. What's going to be the purpose of the rifle? If an all around SHTF type, then the model you like will serve you well. If you want to hunt, precision target shooting and other specific uses then there are other options.
  4. Try using a smartcarry or thunderwear holster. I got back problems too and found that this method makes a big difference. I alternate between this type and a IWB holster.
  5. Comp-Tac holsters. I got the MTAC and it is comfortable for all day use. Also you can get spare kydex bodies for different pistols.
  6. I noticed too. I'm trying to get rid of my "wrong side" kit to get this one, lol!
  7. Index finger to lock back and right hand grasp (not slingshot) to release.
  8. Lefty here ! Never got a brass hit but have tasted burnt powder.... not good.
  9. Lefty here, Used a righty one in the service but got my own Stag lefty now. No need for an ambi selector or mag catch.
  10. The smaller the pistol, the better for CCW (Commander size) but you got a full size one so a good method would be the Smartcarry system. It looks like a kangaroo pouch and since you'll be wearing formal clothing, it won't be exposed. As for the 9 magazines, 1 in the pistol, two in the smart carry pouch and the rest in a briefcase. Last, the ambi safety..... don't know if you can take it to a gunsmith to modify it. I always get one with the ambi safety stock so I don't need to worry about anything down the road. Good luck.
  11. I am spoiled with my Stag lefty upper. Like mentioned above, just get an ambi selector but it's not needed. If you are planing to keep it as a SHTF weapon, just get an extra bolt for a spare.
  12. flounder

    New guy!!

    Hi all, New to the site but not to firearms. Hope to learn a few tips and maybe help with some of mine. Cheers!
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