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  1. Absofriggenlutly------------GeezerD
  2. I believe Leopold's mark AR tactical scope is available with mil-dot for around $300----GeezerD
  3. If you end up breaking off one of the tabs, install a Stark Equipment grip. It has an integrel trigger guard and covers the broken tab. You can get them from Brownell's. Good Luck-----GeezerD
  4. Leupold or Redfield----------GeezerD
  5. Has anybody here had any experience with DSA rifles, the mid gas carbine in particular ?-------GeezerD
  6. After I posted this, I searched online and there are a lot of people P.O. at Ceiner. Enough to make me P.O. I couldn't believe some of the stories I read. (Wow)!! ---------GeezerD
  7. I made a few phone calls today and FYI all Leupold rifle scopes and Redfield rifle scopes are made in the USA. Burris is outsourcing it's Fullfield,Timberline,and Laser rifle scopes. Leupold's Delta electronic sight is made in China,but their golden ring binoculars and spotting scopes are still US made.-------GeezerD
  8. It's just these kinds of deceptive marketing schemes that are costing so many american's their jobs. IMO the only way to reverse the trend,is to look before you buy and just refuse to purchase cheap imported crap no matter how slick the packaging is. I know full well how tough times are,because I haven't worked in two and half years. It's pretty hard to only buy american made products, but if it's not absolutely essential I will only buy USA made. If I need to save a little longer to pay for domestic products,so be it. -------GeezerD
  9. Does anybody know of a stocking dealer for Ceiner 22 conversions for Glocks ? -----GeezerD
  10. All they have to do is assemble the product in the USA and then they can claim "MADE IN AMERICA". This has been going on for a long time and all that gets said is, Its a world economy now,get over it. Soon, it will be the rest of the world's economy. --------- GeezerD
  11. Even with traditionaly american-made suppliers you have to ask because manufacturing can be outsourced overnight without notice. So the next time you buy your favorite "american" product, it's labeled (made in china) in lettering you can hardly see. As for me, I will save up for a little longer and buy the american-made product. IMO that's the only way to solve the problem. GeezerD
  12. The C-Products mags that I have,are both the newer version with the modified catch interface. And I experienced FTF with both mags. One thing I noticed is when fully loaded they both rattle. A freind said if you use a heavier spring it should cure both problems. So far I have had zero issues with the Barretts so I will continue to use and recommend them for whatever it's worth. GeezerD
  13. Does anybody know if any aftermarket suppliers are marketing parts made in China? ------ GeezerD
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