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  1. Alright so some lunatic walked into an IHOP and shot up a bunch of National Guardsmen with an AK-47. This type of thing fills me with rage and sorrow. My sympathies go out to the families of this tragedy. http://news.yahoo.com/sheriff-gunman-used-...-223140323.html Oops, somebody beat me to this post. Admins please kill this post.
  2. I prefer KAC complete ambi lowers for serious rifles. Of the ones listed i take spikes. :thumb:
  3. igun3g

    Group Buy - Town for Sale

    lol How about live targets for range practice and ballistic testing.
  4. igun3g

    Group Buy - Town for Sale

    I'll head up the local atf office and will put in a drive through window for nfa form approval. "5 minutes or less or its free"
  5. igun3g

    Minor issue with suppressed fire

    i'm running the stock buffer the rifle came with. I believe it to be a carbine buffer. I have an h buffer and an enidine hydraulic buffer but i have not tried either one in this rifle yet.
  6. igun3g

    lets talk about C-More sights

    I have the Aluminum Tactical Railway on my pws Diablo pistol and it is solid and fast. I put a 2 moa dot module in it which is a nice feature. Battery life sucks but you can fill the grip of your ar with enough bateries to last through the 2nd coming of christ. Aimpoint and eotechs are my choice for shtf rifles but for cqb or home defense i like the c-more.
  7. igun3g

    For your carry handgun

    sig p232. The only .380 i can hit anything with and it makes me feel like a superspy.
  8. igun3g

    guess this goes here

    I couldnt agree more. The .45 suppressor will problably be the only pistol caliber suppressor i'll ever own.
  9. igun3g

    guess this goes here

    I had the same dilemma. I have suppressor sights on my p220 s4 and i hate them. I just don't like the elevated sight picture and it feels awkward when presenting. I have handled many different guns with taller sights in gun stores and none have been suitable except the heine sights on the Nighthawk/AAC 1911. I have the same Heine "Straight Eight" sights on my g19(lower profile version) and they just feel natural. I'm an AAC fanboy so I'm already locked in to sending off for a ti-rant but i decided to have the sights on the p220 switched out for the heine lower profile ones and just look through the suppressor when shooting. The idea posted above about painting the back of the suppressor white seemed like a good idea but i dont have any idea what all the other crap about shoulder holsters and ccw was about.
  10. igun3g

    Minor issue with suppressed fire

    Thought i would update. I really put the gun through its paces today. After 270 rounds (60 rounds suppressed) I had no malfunctions. I believe i was just trying to fire too rapidly before so this time i slowed down during suppressed fire and the gun cycled flawlessly. Two things i learned today: 1.) Being a cross dominant shooter(pistols with right and rifles with left) the gas in my face while shooting suppressed was very unpleasant. So much so that i started shooting weakside because i just couldnt stand it after 30 rounds. 2.) Suppressors run extremely hot!!!! ouch!!!!
  11. igun3g

    The Hurt Locker

    i really loved the part where the sf team gets wiped out by enemy sniper and the two bomb techs man the fifty but it won't feed because of the blood on the bullets. That was an intense scene. Great movie!!!
  12. igun3g


    I typically hand over my ccw with my dl when i am pulled over. About half of the time cops don't even care if i have a gun or not. The other half of the time cops will ask where it is and i tell them between the seats under my right thigh. With young cops or rookies this usually prompts me to be pulled from the car and stood on the side of the road while he checks my info. No problem as i have nothing to hide but i always chuckle a bit inside because i also carry pocket pistol in my front pocket that i never tell them about but they will never know as i would never give them a reason to search me. I know this would problably be frowned upon by leo's but cop or not i don't like being seperated from my life line. I also carry in banks and bars but i do not drink just eat. Truly free men do not ask permission. You should always have an ace in the hole.
  13. igun3g

    topless beach question?

    Tj Story Time The first apartment complex I lived in in Houston TX, there was this quite voyeuristic couple. They would go swimming in the pool every day at the same time, the woman wearing one of those leave absolutely nothing to the imagination bathing suits. She was built like a battleship. They would then go back to their second floor apartment and have sex on their balcony for the world to see. It got quite strange really. People would bring their lawn chairs and sit outside their apartment for the show. They'd bring binoculars and snacks. It was a regular show. Our apartment was directly across the courtyard from theirs so we had the best seats in the house without trying. Those first couple of time, man, it was quite shocking, but we learned that if the crowd was gathering then the couple was at the pool so close our curtains, the show was coming. Now I'm talking this girl's body could put a professional strippers body to shame. Still it was an amazing short amount of time, just days, that the crowd stopped coming. Like us, the shock was over, they had seen what there was to see, and the whole thing just became quite vulgar. At the end of the month, the couple was kicked out of the apartment complex. Not only was nobody disappointing but everyone was glad. Tj I was not kicked out i moved to another apt in same complex. It only happened twice and it was a very short show. lol :biggrin:
  14. igun3g

    A cool picture

    Jesus what a great story. I kinda teared up there for a moment.