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  1. Title says it all. Just got a 10mm AR pistol and plan on loading for it. I have some assorted brass to trade, 30WM, 300WSM, 223, 9mm, 45auto, 308. or will pay. Don't need a lot, just something to jump into things with.
  2. got a 5c the day after the 6 came out.... They had too mani my in stock and had to dump them Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
  3. When I inquired about the New Vortex Golden Eagle, the rep told me to order from EoroOptic.....I normally listen when Vortex reps tell me things, they haven't steered me wrong yet.
  4. Verizon is one of e choices where I live, and I don't like AT&T....my iPhone cost me 99 cents
  5. Yeah, the H-VR with safety and bolt release runs about $240. My trigger has no safety, it's strictly a range gun, so it was only around 200. They are VERY sensitive. mine is set at 12oz, and I just think and it goes bang. That's a nice looking rifle up there, looks like lots of fun to shoot.
  6. Just one thing. The trigger is probably less than $300. The Jewel on my Custom gun was only around $180-$240, lots of precision shooters use Jewel HVR or Timney triggers. Those are in the $200 range and a little more
  7. All my Reps/Senators are Ds....I have no hope. McConnell made a huge mistake when he said that out right, despite Reid saying the exact thing when Bush 43 was in his last year, and there wasn't even a appointment on the horizon. O will nominate someone who can answer questions in a way that joe schmoe will think they are reasonable, and the R's will lose one way or another....they are the Stupid party for a reason
  8. First of the quarter of beef I bought. Slow cooker chuck roast, steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes and sautéed baby Bella mushrooms. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
  9. Got this thawing for dinner on Saturday, trying to decide how to prepare it. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
  10. Grass fed or whatnot doesn't matter a whole lot to me, it's nice, but that's it. Organic I don't care about. I paid about the top I'd be willing to pay for beef at $3.50 a pound for the 1/4 I bought.
  11. Totals are: 33# of ground beef (after giving my mom 2#) 2 Arm Roasts 5 Chuck Roasts 4 Round Steaks 3 Sirloin steaks 1 Rump Roast 4 T-Bone steaks 2 Porterhouse steaks 2 Sirloin tip roasts 2 packages of short ribs 3 packages of rib steak 2 packages of soup bone Time to get planning/cooking
  12. As soon as my 1/4 cow is processed. I guarantee I'll be grilling steak, sub zero temps or no
  13. Meatloaf turned out great Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
  14. meatloaf is the same, so is cream based chicken soup, beef stew. Basically anything with fat in it that can combine with the spices more than once, the flavor really sets in.....like I know the meatloaf I'm cooking now will be even better tomorrow
  15. Last night was curry spiced pork chops, brown rice and broccoli. Tonight is Meatloaf french fries and broccoli
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