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  1. In 1991 our department let us carry any sidearm the Sheriff approved. He approved my 1006. I have fixed sights and like that better because it is less likely to snag. I paid $500. I wish I had bought a few.
  2. The owner switched out the front site, so I am trying to find one now.
  3. I bought brass, he sent brass. And at a decent price.
  4. Ok, so I had to save up for this one and call in my birthday presents early, but I really couldn't pass on this deal. $800 and it has everything that came from the factory, including the factory casing, etc. Guy said he put 300 rounds through it and it looks like it. In perfect condition.
  5. Welcome, but I would caution you against using that name when trying to meet women.
  6. The 686 was never chambered higher than .357 Magnum. So maybe a Model 29 is more in order for a 10mm conversion.
  7. I bought bullets, he sent bullets. Pretty simple.
  8. I bought bullets; he sent bullets. We also spoke on the phone and he's a nice guy.
  9. http://hera-arms.com/#/start/
  10. If I can't buy one, can I make one? Is it possible to get a 10mm chamber and barrel and put it on a 686 and have my own 610? Is a 686 as robust as a 610 such that is could handle the 10mm cartridge? If not, what about a Model 29? That carries the .44 Mag. That could handle a 10mm. How much do you think the parts would cost? Do you think S&W has the parts necessary? Would the Frankenten have the same accuracy as the 610? Thanks in advance.
  11. I wondered the same thing. Can we just buy a 686 and a new barrel and chamber. Anything else we'd need? Would it be as inherently accurate as the 610?
  12. His loss was my gain.
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