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  1. Tombak

    6.8/SR-556 WHAT

    The Hornady match seems to be erratic to me but it was getting dark... I was holding two inches below center so it was roughly climbing 4 inches @ 100 yards. The Hornady Vmax shoots awesome that's holding dead center @ 100 yds That group has scope adjustment in it to bring it to the centerline. This is a 6.8 1:10 with a 20" barrel
  2. Tombak

    6.8/SR-556 WHAT

    How did the primers look on the Hornady Match ammo after you fired it? I shot two rounds in mine today. Completely flattened the primers. Not good
  3. Tombak

    Hello Everyone :-)

    Thanks for the Welcome everyone
  4. Tombak

    Hello Everyone :-)

    Sure do. I have a 6.8 slapped together waiting on a scope mount to get here. This one sure does look kinky to me ! http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/deta...;product_id=580
  5. Tombak

    Parts online

    I like to use the word Inexpensive rather than Cheap
  6. Tombak

    Hello Everyone :-)

    Nothing real long range. Maybe some 400-500 yard plinking. Other than that I'm just shooting deer
  7. Tombak

    Hello Everyone :-)

    well.. not really sure. I kinda want to see what all is available on the market. Just really looking for a decent drop in unit that is adjustable.
  8. Just signed up here Looks like a awesome site packed full of info! Where are some threads with info on triggers ? Eric