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  1. I belive they would like to call themselves the State of Jefferson.
  2. REO 54

    LH BCG

    So with this epic election cycle there seems to be a run on many popular AR parts items these days. I have noticed the of avalible LH BGC. Some say like 6 weeks out! Any one else have such experience?
  3. REO 54

    Watched the BBC Last Night

    No cable tv, rabbit ears only. I get a network called MHz. It has news broadcasts from Europe ( France,Germany ) SE Asia , S Korea , China and Japan all in English. Definately refreshing to see, all taken with a grain of salt mind you. I discovered how biased our media was in 94' when I in was S Korea around Inchon. That was when they had that helicopter crash across the DMZ. What the US news feed from AFN reported and what actually happened there were two different things practically. I've been on the path of healthy skepticism ever since.
  4. REO 54

    Read any good books lately?

    "Going Home" series of books by Angery American. http://angeryamerican.net/content.php?s=d9c6e19cf496bcbdedb11e10f0199c49
  5. REO 54

    HELP ME HELP ME! (Bark bark!)

    Ruger. Wife's says Barkley
  6. REO 54

    Active shooter Skagit County Cascade Mall

    Yes. We are an open carry state too. Can carry unless otherwise posted as such not to. We can conceal carry with reciprocity among other states, like Utah. I don't think Cacscade mall was off limits for leagal concealed carry. Open carry, not a good idea IMO. Meanwhile..... Arrested in Oak Harbor, WA. Graduated from high school there. Also home to Whidbey NAS. Oak Harbor is our local area Fighter Town. A radicalized loner teen who never fit in........down the rabbit hole we go... Plus,this event will be leveraged for all its worth,like the Marysville school shooting was a couple of years ago which led to I-594 law. Background checks between grandpa and grandson exchange of an heirloom gun for crying out loud! With the current crap in the works of our legislators ( illegal to own high cap mags, ban semi auto guns...) Washington is swirling down the bowl like California. Hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.
  7. REO 54

    US, Israel sign massive military aid deal; $38B, 10 years

    We are a nation that is almost 20 trillion dollars in debt. Does anybody really understand the scale of this? Very few do. How can we afford this logically? Here is a visaulation of our debt. It's astounding what our government ( Fed reserve really) has been allowed to do unchecked by congress. http://money.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-size-u-s-national-debt/
  8. REO 54

    Ubl Sensei

    He's still living in Eugene Ore, with his wife Susan. He is my "Uncle". He and my mom grew up together as kids. Unfortunate I never got the opportunity to train with him. However later in life we have connected and have enjoyed many stories about his days in Japan and about Nishyama. He and I both share a history being in Japan but at different times. I can pm you a contact if you wish.
  9. REO 54

    Ubl Sensei

    Small world. Nakayama san of Shoto Kan karate style, of Okinawa ? Does the name Robert Graves, former Marine ring any bells? He started a karate program back in 1969 at the U of O when he returned from Japan, learning from Nakayama. The program is still running....
  10. REO 54

    Houthi forces incursion into Saudi Arabia.

    Got a link for this?
  11. REO 54

    Navy Seal Settles!

    Really? So he was allowed to print and sell all that he did without the DoD being aware of it? Doesn't pass the smell test....
  12. REO 54

    AR assembly tools

    Thanks for the thread S cat. I too have been looking at tools for a build in my retirement. Here's what I found for example... https://www.streichers.com/defender-gear-ar15-armorers-tool-kit http://www.exploreproducts.com/wheeler-delta-series-ar15-armorers-professional-gun-maintenance-kit-156555.htm I'm also not a fan of the beam torque wrench. Already have a click torque. These kits are more spendy for sure, but I'm interested in a one stop shop. And if you really want to spend some $..... http://www.gunbroker.com/item/556746165 Comments?
  13. REO 54

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Sorry but Mr Saturday Nite so Special has got'em. Great band. Good times.
  14. REO 54

    Autistic girl nails the National Anthem

    That was moving and impressive. God bless her.
  15. REO 54

    Open carry of an AR15 is retarded

    I see a couple of members have responded to you question. It's more than a tactic, it's a a lifestyle, for which you fully understand. For those they may not.....FYI.... An example: http://www.itstactical.com/intellicom/mindset/gray-man-strategies-101-peeling-away-the-thin-veneer-of-society/