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  1. *ARFAN*

    AR magazines

    They moved from Ct. to Fl. and should be back up and running soon.
  2. Anybody deal with Valhalla tactical supply? Their prices seem real good.
  3. *ARFAN*


    SWEET I can't wait to get my BHW barrel. Ordered mine at the end of January so it should be in soon.
  4. *ARFAN*

    Skill Set: Loading AR Magazines

    I have no problem seating my full 30 round pmags on a closed bolt.
  5. *ARFAN*

    Power Pistol by Alliant?

    The Hornady book starts at 4.8 grns. with a 115 .355 Hornady bullet. Max for same bullet is 6.7 grns. I use Power Pistal with Horandy's 124 grn. fmj-fp with good results. Hope this helps.
  6. *ARFAN*

    Some General Advice for the New AR Buyer

    Thanks TJ,great info