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  1. mike128

    FN Scar 16s VS. ACR

    I'm actually watching it right now. I still can't decide however. Just seeing if anyone else on here had info on either.
  2. I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death but I'm just curious to what you guys thing of the two. I plan to get rid of my 7.62x39 Bushmaster AR this weekend and replace it with one of these.
  3. It's been a few weeks but I finally got around to finishing up my gun. Tell me what you guys think!
  4. mike128

    Who wins the BCS title?

  5. Here it is.. plus one. I guess two is better than one so why not. I might update again when I finish with the 870. It's getting a Mesa Tactical SureShell sidesaddle and a SureFire 618LM light. The 1300 is staying stock.
  6. Yes, 00 may but my AR is not a 5.56 either. It's a 7.62x39. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/93837-my-762x39-ar/ I understand what you are saying and appreciate the info. I know I can't rely on the sound alone and never will.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion guys. I think I'm going to go pick up a Remmington 870 Express Tactical with a Surefire 318LMG to go with it. Does anyone have an suggestions for a good sidesaddle to go along witht my setup?
  8. Yeah, that was what I was most worried about since my gun was not locked up at the time. Good thing they had only been inside for a moment. I say that because I'd rather have a shogun in hand than my AR shooting bullets through walls. Just what I think would be better for home defense. I'm sure nothing would scare an intruder more than the sound of a pump shotgun.
  9. Like the title states, which one is your favorite? I'm looking at either a tactical Remmington 870 or Mossberg 500 at the moment. Reason being is because it's not practical to run around the house with my AR and about two hours ago I caught someone inside my house when I left to go the store. Long story short he/she left as soon as they saw me pull into my driveway. **Added pics of my purchases on page 2**
  10. mike128

    My 7.62x39 AR.

    No, the magazines I have are not C-Products. I ordered them directly from the Bushmaster website and haven't had any problems with them. They did jam when I tried to shoot cheap Wal-Mart Russian ammo but I switched to Brown Bear HP and it's been smooth ever since. And centerthought, the bullets don't touch the magnifier when it's flipped. It does flip to the right side but I usually never flip it over anyways. Thanks for all the compliments guys. Recently took off the stock sling I got with it for an A.R.M.S swan sling. It's very nice if anyone was looking at them.
  11. mike128

    Alexander Arms dealers in GA?

    Does anyone know of any around Cobb or Gwinnett county? I've looked on their website and contacted a bunch of the listed dealers but they tell me they don't carry them at all.
  12. mike128

    .308 vs Grendel

    I understand that both can hit 1000 yards, but which can do it better? This will be a general hunting/range rifle. There's no specific animal really, but mainly deer here in Georgia.
  13. mike128

    Finally got around to this.

    haha, i remember seeing that a few days ago.
  14. mike128

    My 7.62x39 AR.

    I'm not sure if they are the same. Never used C Products, I just ordered magazines from the Bushmaster website. I heard the C products have some issues though.
  15. mike128

    .308 vs Grendel

    Since I just finished my 7.62 AR, I'm looking to build a new rifle. But I'm having trouble deciding against a .308 vs 6.5. This will be my long range/hunting rifle. I'm not a big fan of the standard bolt action and want a tactical rifle instead. Any input would be helpful, thanks.