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  1. I was looking at getting that scope for when I feel like doing some longer shooting at a range and taking of my reddot. For the price and there quility you can't go wrong..
  2. Well on there site it says . " The company was ranked #211 on the 2007 Inc. 500 — Inc. magazine’s annual ranking, by revenue growth, of privately-held, independent, U.S.-based companies." maybe some of the prounducts might be made up of some china stuff but even usa mad cars are like that at least they have some USA in them I guess thats better than some others... But yea there bags are great, back on topic real well made and have plenty of space to put alot more pouches and other goddies on the molle system . My favorite for bags and cases but others may have different fav's.
  3. You need to go with 5.11 tactical great bag real tuff and USA all the way heres a link to one of my fav. places to shop for gear.. I have the 36" Blk. and love it got it and a dbl. mag pouch for $105 W/ free shipping the 42" Dbl. gun is more but worth it . The quility is great, spend a little extra it's worth it in the long run.. http://www.lapolicegear.com/5ta42dorica.html
  4. Was going to get a voodoo but that 36" 5.11 , you say I'll be much happier with that bag.. Then I'll take your word for it and jump on a 36" blk. 5.11 and take another sale away from a non us maker (voodoo)... USA.....all the way.....
  5. I have a stark se1 grip and love it. no need for a trigger guard and cutting your finger open on that gap. they also have a real cool dark earth camo color and looks real cool.. the grip places your hand at the perfect spot just a real good grip.. love the look too..
  6. yea I was checking out that stock to ...I live in ct and ethier need to pin my stock but those are pretty cool something different i like...
  7. It's like being 10 years old and trying to fall asleep christmas eve. try being here in CT and before I got my CT permit I had to wait 14 days for a back round cool down period man that sucked.. Thats 13 christmas eve nights..lol
  8. Thats the best feeling in the world getting a call from your ffl letting you know a package is there just thinking about it gets me excited... happy to see any palkns on anything adding to it...
  9. Hi just was wondering if the ar pistol's are legal in ct I know I need my CT permit have that.. but wasn't sure thx's all..
  10. A pof for $1300 were did you see that deal is it new... I really like the 6.8 pof 415-14" but $2000 is $500 over my limit. The pws mk114 is my choice. But if I just save 1 more month and get what I'll be more happy with (pof 415-14" 6.8 ) maybe waitin 5 weeks more ,is the smart choice any ways....... get what you want not what the magazines and everybody tells you what you like and do your own reaserch and have fun...
  11. shultz in fairfield or southport just type in shultz gunsmith in ct. and see if it comes up the best...
  12. Yea I live in Bpt. and can't find a outdoor range that's less then 45. min but' thats good to know if I reall want to shoot and don't mind driving over an hour to get there. Is it a nice place.. thxs Brian
  13. Hey welcome I'm getting my first in 2 weeks I ordered the pws mk114 talked to stacey on the phone several times and was very impressed with all the help he was to me. A great piston driven 6.9lb. AR for 1500 you cant go wrong .Thats what im getting and dont even want anything else even in the 2500 dollar range I would rather stick with a pws.. good luck ..Brian
  14. I use those 10/30 and 10/20's in CT too, there great for that 30rnd. mag look for me in ct. anyone ever have trouble with those mags in the ar those 10/30's..... with law enforcement
  15. I'm in CT to and getting the new pws mk114. Talked to them on the phone lots of times . The muzzle brake is allready attached perm. and there pinning the stock at there factory before they send it out . Can't wait til it comes then the stupid wait. But theres so many good ar's at K-5 in milford 3 walls plus full of pof , lwrc, and lots more go check them out.. And there are no ranges near me im in bridgeport. Here damn gunshoots everynight in the summer and spring with my window open damn gang bangers...lol well good luck with the build..Brian
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