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  1. b/smith

    A good ar book

    New ar owner. Always like getting more information than I need on a new hobbie. I would like a book on break down, cleaning,accessories,mods,history of the ar, I read The Manuel that came with it explains a lot but wanted more, any suggestions? By the way I bought a stag model 1 Thanks
  2. b/smith

    new guy questions

    The reason for the 4 power is my eyes are not what they were.And 300 yards would be max and that would be rare.thanks i may wait and not get in a hurry and read up. How about a good sling? pictures are coming i am doing this on a iphone
  3. b/smith

    new guy questions

    Finally bought my first Ar15. It’s a Stag model 1 with removable handle thought I would get on board here to get advice from some experts. I wanted a scope to replace the handle when needed. Something with a 1” tube 4 power at less and thought of the pepr scope mount. I wanted something to remove if shooting iron sights. I was looking for a scope around $200 is that possible and also need a good sling to. Thanks for your advice
  4. b/smith

    Stag Arms

    Just bought a stag model1 and shot about 200 rounds without a flaw