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  1. Had a late shipment thanks to our plating company on an OEM contract last week. Relieved to get the parts in and shipped out. Used customers UPS account number and shipped the box which was wrapped up like Ft. Knox. Box gets to the customer with very visible damage. 260 parts sent, 14 remained in the box upon arrival. UPS informs me they must send someone to inspect the box, which of course the company pitched after taking pictures of it, and what contents were left. Needless to say, due to the late shipment and only 14 parts arriving, we lost the contract for now. So the plating company is now fired, UPS will not see another package with our name on it, and the world continues.
  2. I believe you may have seen a Seekins lower on a rifle there. Their billet lowers have a integrated trigger guard that has holes on the side as well.
  3. The rifle may be great, but the marketing is completely worthless. That is where they have failed over and over again. It is actually quite mind numbing how they have went about getting this rifle out to the public. They spent everything, time and money on that contract, and still have not ramped up marketing. They got hosed when the market stabilized after the last scare BS and distributors started canceling orders after production was already complete. They need better leadership in the marketing department, and I have told them as much.
  4. They are a customer of ours, and have been for a few years now. The rifle is indeed something of greatness. Mike Brown designed a real work of art with this rifle. Have put a good number of rounds through what is now called the Adcor A-556 Elite formally the B.E.A.R. which stood for Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle. The recoil impulse change is quite noticeable when first fired. The entire redesign of the BCG and piston system is nothing short of ground breaking in my opinion. They were kicking the hell out of the competition while in running for the M4 contract which was canceled by congress, which is another story. They broke a record for lack of malfunctions in a 10,000 round string and still ran at 1MOA. This is one of those rifles where the price tag is due to innovation.
  5. Arctic Trigger Guard first run group buy for the Armory folks. I have them on the site without a picture but you can purchase them at 33% off using the coupon code FIRSTRUN. Told Neil you guys were getting first crack with a discount. For the life of me, can't remember my file hosting site, so I have a link from our Instagram account with a photo of that guard. Also have the standard NoMar Plate 50% off right now, and NoMar QD plates back in stock. Been a tough road after SHOT getting slammed with orders, so sorry for the delay. Growing pains....... Link to photo and website below: www.blackwidowarms.com Photo: https://instagram.com/p/yfnWrAoSoT/ Head up, and down range -- Eric
  6. The Sound of Madness brake from Rifenbark Armory I have been able to try and it did a great job.
  7. Can't wait to see the picture of the finished product.
  8. The EoTech is a great sight choice. Best for close in work that is on the market today.
  9. Got a 16" 1/7 CM barrel from Chad over there about 6 months ago and used it on a build for a buddy. It has worked quite well. --Eric
  10. I like the idea of the 1 to 2 point transitions slings such as the VTP I mentioned above. This way depending on the task, I can adjust my sling accordingly. I use the one point when walking to my blind durring white tail season for example. But when I drag a deer out, I throw it in the 2 point and tighten it up.
  11. Let me get ahold of them and see if they would be willing to do a group buy for the Armory. I had a number of the older L5 mags and yes, that material was not happy with deet at all, but they did run great. The new magazines I have a few of and have not run through the ringer yet. But the hardened steel feed lips are a huge bonus.
  12. How many of you have had a change to run a Lancer magazine? I first had my hands on one years ago when they first released. They sent me a small box full to T&E. The hardened steel feedlips really turned me on to the magazines. I do have standard GI mags, and Pmags, but I have to say I am much more impressed with the Lancer. What do you folks think? Eric
  13. Big fan of the Tarinco VTP sling. Run them on both my rifles at home.
  14. Grabbed a patch panel watch cap from Mil Spec Monkey and digged it. Merican made, and I bought 3 total. I plan on also getting a hold of you guys on some work for Black Widow. Glad you guys are doing well, keep it up! Head up, and down range! Eric
  15. http://www.facebook.com/BoycottCheaperThan...=ts&fref=ts
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