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  1. I'm not sure why I can't edit the post but I'm dropping the price to $900 for the Kimber and accessories or $1000 with the ammo as well (To in state purchasers)
  2. Thanks man! You always have a nice thing to say to everyone. I appreciate that!
  3. Located near Milwaukee Wi Kimber Pro Crimson Carry 2 (4" barrel) Have the carrying case, all the stock components that originally come with the firearm, 2 extra Wilson mags, Wilson metal rear hand strap and iwb leather holster. Has the red dot grip sight. I also have 5 boxes (250 rounds) Federal 230 grain fmj ammo and 1 box (50 rounds) Blazer Brass 230 grain ammo that I will sell with the Kimber if you are local. EDIT WITH PRICE CHANGE: >>> Dropping the price to $900 for the Kimber and accessories or $1000 with the ammo as well (To in state purchasers) I will sell to out of state purchasers through an FFL transfer or to Wisconsin purchasers with a signed bill of sale and copy of your drivers license for my own personal records.
  4. This is a pretty specific trade ad. I have a brand new Young Manufacturing Full auto national match BCG that I have never even taken out of the bag I received it in (from Young). I am in need of a Magpul PRS stock for an ar15 in black and a bipod. I would take both used for an equal trade for the BCG, or a new PRS and I'll pay a little bit for a bipod for the BCG, OR trade the BCG for a PRS with money on your end. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. Or I would take $225 for the BCG shipped. $25 plus shipping less than buying from Youngs
  5. Shoot, you're right, last time I checked it was $125. Price adjusted. Thanks.
  6. KA Tactical Billet upper. Bought from a local shop and made by a local guy. Awesome quality but with a slightly different finish than what you normally see. I was going to have it coated with a lower but never got around to it. Mega Billet upper with just a small blemish where the forward assist pin drives in. On the underside of the upper BCM blemish forged upper. Not really sure where the blemish is as it looks perfect. SOLD The BCM and Mega have forward assists but no port door. The KA Tactical is stripped completely. All 3 have extended feed ramps and mate perfectly with at least a Seekins billet, mega billet, seekins forged and Addax billet lowers. I would take $150 shipped for the Mega and $110 shipped for the KA Tactical Brand new Young Manufacturing National Match Full Auto BCG. Never even taken out of the plastic bag they shipped it in. Looking for $225 shipped. Brand new Seekins forged lower with palmetto state lower parts kit and Magpul stock. Looking for $250 picked up. I will sell all 2 uppers with the YM BCG for $450 shipped I will sell everything picked up for $675
  7. Thanks guys, yeah it feels good to finally get one (pretty much) done. But now I'm staring at these other 3 and cringing about my bank account!
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